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1.You had better _____ your homework now.

A. to finish B. finish C. finishing D. finished

2.She has lunch at school, _______?

A. does she B. has she C. doesn't she D. hasn't she

3.I ______ back in 3 days.

A. will be B. am C. is D. be

4.They ______ in Shanghai a few days ago.

A. arrive B. arrived C. arrives D. arriving

5.What ____ they ____ at this time yesterday?

A. is doing B. was doing C. were doing D. are doing


1.B 这里 had better + 动词原形意为:最好做某事.had better finish 最好完成你的作业

2.C 这里是一般现在时第三人称单数的反意疑问句应该用 doesn't she?

3.A 这里 in 3 days,是3天以后,应该用将来时。所以用 will be back 意为:3天以后将返回

4.B 这里 ago 在...之前,用于过去时。所以用 arrive 的过去式 arrived

5.C 这里 at this time yesterday 是过去进行时“昨天的这个时候”应该用were doing.


All over the world, people enjoy sports. Sports help to keep people healthy, happy and to live longer.

Many people like to watch others play sports games. They buy tickets or turn on their TVs to watch the games. Often they get very excited “their” player or team wins.

People play different games in winter and summer. Swimming is fun in warm weather, but skating is good in winter.

Some sports are so interesting that people everywhere go in for them. Football, for example, had spread around the world. Swimming is popular in all countries near the sea or in those with many rivers.

Some sports and games go back thousands of years, like running, jumping or discus-throwing. But basketball and volleyball are rather new.

1.What is the best game in winter?

A. Swimming B. Skating C. Running D. Walking

2.What sport had spread around the world?

A. Tennis B. Basketball. C. Table tennis. D. Football.

3.What games have a long history in the world?

A. Running and jumping B. Jumping and discus-throwing. C. Running, jumping and discus-throwing D. Running, jumping and playing football.

4.How do sports help people?

A. Sports help to keep people healthy. B. Sports help to keep people happy C. Sports help to keep people live longer. D. Sports help to keep people healthy, happy and live longer.

5.____ and ____are rather new.

A. Basketball and tennis B. Basketball and volleyball C. Basketball and football D. Football and volleyball


1.B. 冬天最好的运动是滑冰.

2.D. 足球传遍了整个世界.

3.C. 跑步, 跳跃和掷铁饼这类运动在世界上有着很长的历史.

4.D.运动有助与人们健康,快乐, 长寿.

5.B. Basketball and volleyball are rather new. 意为 “篮球和排球是相当新的.”


There are all kinds of trains in the world. There are trains to carry people, trains to carry animals or things. There are fast trains and slow __1__. In big cities, the streets are usually very busy. So you can find trains under the ground or on a rail __2__ the streets. They carry people quickly in and out of the city. Can a train run over water? Yes, it can. There are many bridges over the rivers. The trains can easily run over the water. There are also many tunnels under rivers. Trains can go through the tunnels __3__. But it is not easy to build the bridges or make the tunnels. Would you like to __4__an aerotrain in Putong, Shanghai? It is the fastest train in China. Trains are useful to men, __5__ and children.

1. A. one B. ones C. other D. others

2. A. under B. in C. at D. above

3. A. slow B. slowly C. swift D. swiftly

4. A. by B. on C. abroad D. take

5. A. woman B. women C. man D. child


1.B.There are fast trains and slow ones. 意为 “有慢车和快车.”

2.D. above the streets 意为 “在街道上.”

3.D. Trains can go through the tunnels swiftly. 意为 “火车能迅速地通过隧道.”

4.D. take 意为 “乘…交通工具.”

5.B. women 意为 “妇女” (Trains are useful to men, women and children. 意为 “火车对男人,女人,孩子都有用处.)



D___ h___ p_____ i_ m___ w___.


M_ f_____ w____ o_ t__ f___.


D___ h___ t__ p_____ t_ c____ r______.


H___ K___ i_ i_ t__ s____ o_ C____.


W_ c___ p_____ f___ A______, A________.



Dogs help people in many ways.


My father works on the farm.


Dogs help the police to catch robbers.


Hong Kong is in the south of China.

5.我们称来自美国的人们为美国人。 We call people from America, Americans.

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