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2014年八年级英语Unit 3 课件

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Unit 3 What are you doing for vacation?
Section A

Lead in
What are you doing for vacation ?

bike riding

going fishing

going camping

going hiking

going to the beach


playing volleyball

Listening practice
Listen and fill in the blanks:
Who? Hector Sumi Molly What? visiting cousins When on Friday

going to sports camp
going to the beach

on the 11th
this weekend

What are you doing?


What are you doing for vacation?

What are you doing for vacation?

I’m babysitting my sister.

What is she doing for vacation? She is going fishing.

What is he doing for vacation? He is going hiking.

What are they doing for vacation? They are playing volleyball.

Video II

Fill in the chart after listening
Tony Ada Tibet

Where are they going? How long are they staying?

Hong Kong

four days

a week

Make conversations using the information below and the conversations in listening practice. Dave cousin’s house a week Tomoko San Francisco Friday-Tuesday Mary beach five days Mike sports camp 11th-22nd

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