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( )1、A. playground B. canteen C. garden D. many ( )2、A. morning B. afternoon C. evening D. with ( )3、A. English B. P.E. C. Chinese D. Canada ( )4、A. what B. where C. how D. is

( )5、A. breakfast B. dinner C. lunch D. fork


1、What time is it?

It’s ______________ (10点)

2、What time is it?

It’s __________(6点) It’s ____ _____P.E. class.

3、______ ______ ______ _______

It’s four o’clock. It’s _______ _____ home.

4、I _______________(吃午餐)at 12:00.

5、School is over at _______________(4点) pm.


Time for breakfast. Sing and dance

Time for English Drink some milk

Time for music Jump and run

Time for P.E. Read and write


( )1、It’s 7:00. It’s time for___________

A.go to bed B.breakfast C.lunch

( )2、What time is it?

It’s __________. It’s time for home.

A.At 5:00 o’clock B.3:00 o’clock C.there

( )3、It’s 6:30. It’s time for ____________

A.English class B.get up C.dinner

( )4、2+_________=10

A. nine B. eight C. seven

( )5、It’s twelve o’clock. It’s time for __________

A. breakfast B. lunch C. dinner

( )6.-Is this your chair?


A.It’s your desk. B.It’s my desk. C.Yes,it is.

( )7.What time ____________?

A.it is B.is it C.it’s


( )8.__________9:00.

A.It is B.Is it C.it is

( )9.It’s time ____________ get up.

A.at B.for C.to

( )10.It’s time ____________ math class.

A.at B.for C.to

( )11.She has ____________ clocks.

A. B.three C.a

( )12.They have eight _____________ in the classroom.

A.Light B.light C.lights

( )13.-___________time for school?

-Yes.Let’s go.

A.It is B.Is it C.it is

( )14.How many_____________ can you see in the library?

A.computer B.Computer C.computers

( )15.Is this ______________ old bag?

A.a B.an C./


例:It’s a apple. an

1.What time it is? _____________________

2.It’s time to breakfast. _____________________

3.It’s 6:45 o’clock. _____________________

4.Is ten o’clock. _____________________

5.Let’s go school. _____________________



( )1、A. name B. face C. apple

( )2、A. red B. bed C. she

( )3、A. we B. egg C. he

( )4、A. desk B.three C. knee

( )5、A. have B. that C. snake


1、Look, is a clock.

2、 time is it ? .

3、It’s time for class. .

4、You can see two ,five and six .




1、( )It’s time go to school.

A、to B、 of C、for

2、( ) that the art room? No, .

A、Is,is itn’t. B、Is, it isn’t. C、Do, it is.

3、( ) is the computer room? It's the first floor.

A、Where,on B、 What,on C、Where,in

4、( )Look my clock. It’s nice.

A、in B、 at C、on

5、( ) is it? It’s seven o’clock.

A、How much B、 How many C、What time


1、is, time, it, what, now (?) (排列成句)

2、 That is a board. (转换成一般疑问句)

3、Is this the playground? (写出中文意思) 4、现在是9:00。 (译成英文) 5、 It’s 16:30. It’s time for breakfast.(改错句)

五、阅读理解,从AB两个句子中,选择合适的选项,将其编号写在题前括号里。(20分) Hello, my name is Amy. I get up at six forty. I have breakfast at 7:10. And then I go to school. I have four classes in the morning and two classes in the afternoon. I have lunch in the canteen at school. I go home at four fifty. I have dinner at seven o’clock. I go to bed at nine thirty.

( )1、I get up at .

A、6:40 B、6:30

( )2、I have at 7:10.

A、lunch B、breakfast

( )3、I have classes all day.(全天;一整天)

A、four B、six

( )4、I have lunch .

A、at school B、at home

( )5、I go to bed at .

A、seven o’clock B、nine thirty




二、1、ten o’clock 2、six o’clock,time for 3、What time is it? 4、have

lunch 5、four o’clock

三、Time for breakfast. Sing and dance

Time for English Drink some milk

Time for music Jump and run

Time for P.E. Read and write

四、1—5 BBCBB 6—10 CBACB 11—15 BCACB

五、1.What time is it?

2.It’s time for breakfast.

3.It’s 6:00 o’clock.

4. It’s ten o’clock.



二、1、this 2、What 3、music 4、boards,lights,fans

三、1—5 ABABC

四、1、What time is it now?

2、Is that a board?


4、It’s nine o’clock.

5、It’s 6:30. It’s time for breakfast.



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