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二、( )1、A. garden B. great C. green ( )2、A. nine B. nice C. night ( )3、A. your B. year C. yes ( )4、A. son B. run C. fun ( )5、A. shirt B. skirt C. short ( )6、A. book B. big C. bike ( )7、A. ball B. tall C. all ( )8、A. play B. pig C. pretty ( )9、A. cold B. cool C. cake ( )10、A. wear B. weather C. welcome


( )1、A.shirt B.T-shirt C.shorts

( )2、A.door B.floor C.wall

( )3、A.eight B.light C.right

( )4、A.computer B.picture C.chair

( )5、A.lock B.clock C.book


( )1、A. We have a new computer room. B. We have a new music room. ( )2、A. That is a board. B. This is a bird.

( )3、A. These are books. B. Those are pens.

( )4、A. Just a munite B. See you later.

( )5、A. It's on the first floor. B. It's on the second floor.


( )1、 A. Yes, it is. B. Yes, I am.

( )2、 A. Here you are. B. You're welcome.

( )3、 A. It's two o'clock. B. It's pink.

( )4、 A. No, you can't. B. No, he doesn't.

( )5、 A. It's on the first floor. B. It's art room.



( )1. skirt pants short jacket

( )2. lunch dinner cake breakfast

( )3. too five one nine

( )4. Chinese English Math class

( )5. green read yellow white

( )6、school shirt jacket

( )7、 jeans whose shorts

( )8、 board gym floor

( )9、 dinner lunch canteen

( )10、 English purple Chinese


( )1、 (那) is your computer.

A、His B、That C、Hat

( )2、Is this a teacher’s desk? ———Yes,

A、it isn’t B、is it C、it is

( )3、What are they? —— .

A、That is a jacket. B、Those are my socks.

( )4、英语询问“现在几点了”:

A、What is it? B、Who is that? C、What time is it?

( )5、Where is the computer room? It’s on (二楼).

A、the third floor B、the first floor C、the second floor ( )6、What is your sister name? name is Mary.

A. Her B. My C. She

( )7、Is this a teacher's office? Yes, .

A. He is B. it is C. she is

( )8、What is it?---It's 4 o'clock.

A. colour B. time C. class

( )9、What colour are your socks? They white.

A. is B. are C.do

( )10、 is my brown jacket? It is on the chair.

A. What B. How C. Where

( )11.It’s 10 o’clock.It’s time ____ go to school.

A.to B.for C.of

( )12.Today is hot,I can wear my ____.

A.jacket B.T-shirt C.coat

( )13.Look at the clock,what ____ is it?

A.class B.time C.can

( )14.It’s 9:45.It’s time ____ music class.

A.to B.for C.of

( )15.It’s cold ____ Beijing.

A.on B.in C.is


( )1、Is this your skirt? A It is Mary,s shirt. ( )2、What time is it? B There are my socks. ( )3、Whose shirt is it? C It is yellow.

( )4、What colour is it? D No,it is not.

( )5、Where are my socks? E It is tow o,clock.


1.your T-shirt is that ( ? )

2. warm it is today (. )

3. it colour is what (? )

4.two it o’clock is ( . )

5.computer my is this ( . )


( )1、当别人帮助了你,你应该说:_______

A Thank you B Yes,you are good.

( )2、当你做错事了,向别人道歉时要说:_____

A OK B I am sorry.

( )3、向他人询问身体情况时,你要说:_____

A How are you? B Are you hungry?

( )4、当你向别人请教问题时,你可以说:________

A Excuse me B What are you doing?

( )5、你想看看某样东西时,你会说:____

A May I have a look? B Sure.Here you are.


I'm Alice. This is our school. It is big. This is my classroom. It's big and clean. Look! That is my desk. It is yellow. My teacher is Miss Li. She is in the classroom. She is a good teacher. I like my teacher.

1、 ( ) My name is Alice.

2、 ( ) My school is small.

3、 ( ) My classroom is dirty( 脏的 ).

4、 ( ) My desk is yellow.

5、 ( ) Miss Li is not in the classroom.

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