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People may be __________ (serious) injured in a fire.

1. Don’t throw ___________ (burn) cigarette ends here and there.

2. Many people lost their___________ (life) and homes in Sichuan Earthquake.

3. Water is very _______(use) and limited, so we must stop ___________(pollute) it.

4. We can save water by_______________ (fix) ______________ (drip) taps.

5. When there is a typhoon, people often hold their raincoats_____________ (tight).

6. To keep ________(health), we should brush our__________(tooth) twice a day.

7. Whales are the _______________ (large) animals in the world.

8. When there is a __________wind, the leaves blow_______ (gentle).

9. What can you see at these _______________ (beauty)______________(beach).

10. Sharks are one of the ___________________(dangerous) in the world.

11. Doctors’ job is to make sick people________ (good).

12. The bus ________(conduct) is collecting money from the passengers.

13. Please help me to buy a public_______ (transport) card.

14. The pilots are good at ___________ (fly) airplanes.

15. The ________ are good at __________the bread in the___________(bake)

16. What will _______(travel) in our city be like in fifteen______(year) time.

17. All ___________(pass) must arrive at the airport two hours before the

__________(depart) time.

18. Most of the ___________(drive) are still men.

19. We need _____________ (buy) some seafood first

20. Typhoon blows very_________(fierce).

21. Would you like ____________(salt) rice dumplings with beans or sweet ones.

22. Do you have enough space for your several _______(wool) _________ (scarf)?

23. We should be ___________(care) with fire.

24. This piece of__________ furniture is made of _____________ (wood).

26. We have to practice English___________ (much), or we can’t pass the exam.

27.He will ________________(possible) be an astronaut

28.Our classroom is on the_________(one) floor.

29.He visit his grandmother__________(one) a week.

30. Kitty and Alice have walked around their school to find out where the

_________________( firefight) equipment.

31. Our English teachers always gives us some useful____________ (advice).

32.I’m going to take some _____________ (photo) of the match.

33..There are about 18____________(million)people in Shanhhai.


2.( 3( 1

4.( 5.( ?

6. (

8.( 9.( 10( 11.( 12.( 13. ( III.选择题

( ) 1.He plans ___________with his cousin.

A) plays football B) to play the piano C) cooking D) go shopping

( ) 2. May wants to know what she _________when she wears the new clothes.

A)will be like B) will like C) likes D) like

( )3.Kitty always has ______stomach ache and Alice often have_____ toothache..

A) a: a B)the; the C)a; / D) /; a

( )4.What ____________ if there ________no rain..

A) will happen; is B) will happen; will be

C) happen; will be D) will happen; are

( )5.I don’t like noodles. I’d rather _______some rice dumplings ______ meat..

A) have; of B) to have; with C)have; with D) to have; at

( )6.You often have a headache because you watch _______television programs.

A) too many B)too much C) too little D)too few

( )7.The workers left ____Sichuan and arrived ____ Chengdu airport last night.

A) for; at B)for; in C) /;in D) /; to

( )8.Would you like ______know something _______the Dragon Boat Festival.

A) /; about B) /; for C) to; about D) to; for

( )9.Let’s save the animals. They’re ___________ danger.

A) of B)at C) on D) in

( )10. Let me drive you ______ the airport.

A)to B) at C) in D) for

( )11. Many students are wearing white shirts ____ the short sleeves in summer.

A) of B) on C) at D)with

( )12.Time is very important___________ all of us.

A) with B) to C) for D)of

( )13 ---_______do you practice playing the piano? ---Three times a week

A) How long B) How far C) How D)How often

( )14. My father enjoys __________.

A) to go fishing B) go fishing C) fishing D)to fish

( )15.People make bottles and vases of different sizes________ metals.


A) by melt B) by melting C) to melt D) for melting

( )16.People must be careful_________ fire, because fire is also very dangerous.

A)with B) for C)of D)at

( )17. To keep the environment_____, we must stop___________ our Earth.

A) cleaned; pollute B) clean; polluting

C) to clean; polluting D)cleaning; to pollute

( )18.---Alice __________ any food for the picnic.

A) doesn’t need B) needn’t C)not need D)doesn’t need to

( )19. We can see the kites ___________in the sky.

A) flew B) flying C)to fly D)flies

( ) 20.We use metal______ spoons

A) to make B) for make C)for made D)to making

( )21. People from all over the world provide money and food_____ Sichuanese.

A)to B)of C) at D) for

( )22. What can we get wood _____ forests?

A) for; B) of; C) with; D) from

( )23. Firemen put out fires by ____________ hose-pipes.

A)use B)to use C)using D)/

( ) 24.Dolphins are one of ___________ .

A)the most intelligent animal B) the most intelligent animals

C) most intelligent animals D) the intelligent animals

( )25.The students must queue _______ ________the corridor.

A) in ;in B)up; on C) at ; in D) up; in

( )26. I saw _________ furniture _________ the _________ floor.

A) a ;in ;fifth B)a piece of; on ; fifth C) a piece; in; ;fifth D) an piece of; in fifth

( )27.We should take a shower instead of ______________ a bath.

A) have B)to have C) has D) having

( )28. Miss Guo is thinking __________ what may happen in a fire drill.

A) about B)to C) at D) on

( )29. ---What will Tom possibly be in 15 year’s time

---He will possibly be__________

A) tall and strong B)178 centimetres tall C) thin and tall D) an astronaut IV.根据要求改写句子。(每空限填一词) (对划线部分提问)

_________ _________ you go to school? (对划线部分提问)

you like to be? (对划线部分提问) insects build their homes? ’ time. (对划线部分提问)

will he weigh in 15 years’ time? ’ time. (对划线部分提问) will he be in 15 years’ time? (对划线部分提问)


do your parents go shopping?

7. It’(就划线部分提问) is it from Shanghai to Beijing? (对划线部分提问)

___________ it take you to get there? (对划线部分提问)

children save water? (就划线部分提问)

_________ ________the cotton blouse___________? (对划线部分提问) __________ _________Qu Yuan sad?

12. He has to practice English more. (否定句)

He__________ ___________to practice English more.

13. Heavy objects may fall on cars in the streets.(否定句)

Heavy objects ________ _________ fall on cars in the streets.

14. I have already been to Century Park.(一般疑问句)

_________ you _________to Century Park__________?

15. If there is no water, we will die. (改写成意思相同的句子)

__________ ____________, we will die.

16. In factories, workers use fire to melt metals to make different shapes.(句意相同) In factories, workers use fire_______ __________ metals to make different shapes.

17. We will have no water to drink.(保持原句意思)

We __________ _____________ ___________ water to drink.

18. He has a headache. (否定句)

He_______ ________a headache.

19. I do well in English. (保持原句意思)

I am ________ _________ English.

20. Peter walks to school every day.(保持原句意思)

Peter goes to school every day

21. I’m not good at Chinese. (保持原句意思)

I’m ____________ _________________ Chinese.

22. All of people like watching films at weekends. (否定句)

____________ of people like watching films. (对划线部分提问)

_________ 24This is a woollen scarf.(保持原句意思)

This scarf is __________ _________ wool. (对划线部分提问) _______ will________ if people are not careful with fire ?

26. Play football. Don’t watch television.(保持原句意思)

Play football_________ ________ watching television.

27.They flew kites in the park. (否定句)

They _________ _________ kites in the park.

28. The trees fell down on the ground. (一般疑问句)


___________the trees __________down on the ground? (一般疑问句)


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