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深圳 五年级上册 期末复习,全部句型

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1. I am going to

A. Play chess b. Plays chess c. Playing chess

2. Let’s go A. Fishing b. Fish c. Fishes

3. I like chess.

A. Play b. Playing c. Plays

4. He is playing piano, She is playing chess.

A.the,the b.the,/ c./,the

5.She often at the weekend. A. Go b. Goes c. going

6.What is your favourite (hobby)

What are your favourite three ’t,is , don’t) like fishing.

8. He is good at b. Skipping c.skips


1.He (play cards)

Tomorrow next week soon in the future Look! Listen! Now yesterday last week

Your spare time it it’s its


在一般过去时中有2种: 单数用 复数用

Be going to + do to + do

Let’s go +doing sth.

Like doing sth.

Play the + 乐器 play + 其他(不用the)



1.Fridge new, Walls old(am ,is ,are) empty fridge.(a,an,/)

3.The cupboards messy yesterday, but now they clean. A. Was, are b. Were ,are c. Was,is 4. Everything clean this morning. A. Was b. Were c. Is 5. What happened?

以s结尾的名词,为复数。用在现在时,用are.were用在过去时。 单数,或者everything,现在时用is,过去时用was.

认读: messy unhappy tired busy mess

Unit 3

1. be late.

A, is b. Are c. Be

2 the weather like? A. What’s b. What c. How

3.How was the weather? It rainy. A. Was b. Is c. Are B.

A和B,用and A或B用or


Rain 下雨,动词 raining 正在下雨的,ing表示正在 rainy 雨天 an island

Unit 5


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