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深港版 新深圳学生 七年级复习题

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1. There are many 2. You should care about your 3. I (usual) get up at 6:30 in the morning.

4. May I have two (battery),please.

5. Remember (turn) off the TV if you don’t watch it .

6. What is the (high) of the tree?

7. Tom changed his clothes (quick).

8. Mr Green is a (patience) man.

9. At the (begin) ,I found it hard to understand.

10. I (use) to get up early in the morning.

二. 选择题。

1.---Must I finish the work today?

--No, you finish it tomorrow.

a. mustn’t;must b. needn’t;may c.can’t;may d. can’t; need

2.Little Tom is short reach the top.

a. so;that b. too;to c. so;as d. such;that

3. Look! The bird in the sky!

a. flies b. flew c. to fly d. is flying

4. Let’s in the playground.

a. to clean b. cleaning c. clean d. cleaned

5. a. To speak b. Speaking c. Spoken d. Speaks

6. ---- Don’t forget to turn off the lights if you are the last one to leave. --- a.Me neither b. I won’t c. Me too d. I will

hot it is today! Let’s go swimming.

-----Good idea!

a. How b. What a c. How a d . what

a nice day!

-- a. how, so it is b. What; so is it c what; so it is

9. The stars diamonds.

a. look like b. look after c. look up d. look into

10. a. what a b. What an c. How a d. How

三. 翻译

1. 人们有可能在未来开着飞机去上班。

2. 老师上课的时候,经常让我们做一些有趣的游戏。

3. 你有实际吗?时间上,我想让你见见王先生。

4. 在电影一开始,那个男人就死了。

5. 天上 的那朵云看起来像匹马。

6. 我相信如果我努力学习,就能实现自己的梦想。

7. 我是在乡下长大的

8. 我决定去北京度假。

9. 这场考试持续了一个小时。

10. 谁是最后一个教室的?

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