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第二学期__4B英语 科目月测测试卷

学生姓名:________ 年级 ____ _ 授课教师:__ ____学管师:_______ 注意事项:本试卷满分为100分,附加分为20分,考试时间为60分钟.


一. 听录音,找出相符的中文,并标上序号。(10分)

( )那个女孩是谁?

( )宴会我们迟到了。

( )你是医生吗?

( )不,我不是。我是一名厨师。

( )欢迎到我们学校。

二. 听录音,根据所听内容, 完成下列对话。(10分)

1、A: Can I you? B: Some ____ , please.

2、A: What jobs? B: They’re .

3、A: Look at B: They’re .

4、A: What you like ? B:I’d like some



( )_______1. th______ ty A. irs B. ris C. sir

( )_______2. w____ter A. ei B. ai C. oi

( )_______3. doct____ A. or B. ar C. er

( )_______4. h______ A. air B. ari C. ria

( )_______5. f____mer A. ri B. ai C.ar


1.That ______________(女人) is his mother.

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2.He wants to be a______________.(警察)

3.My brother is a ___________________.(厨师)

4.They’re __________________________, I think.(香蕉)

5.His _______________________ is very old. (奶奶)


1.我的朋友们____________________ 2. 一些桃子______________________

3.一名公交车司机________________ 4. 他母亲的职业__________________

5. 三千克 ____________________ 6. 几岁______________________

7 Let’s hurry .__________________ 8. Welcome to our class.___________.

9. It’s hot today,isn’t it ?__________ 10. the boy in the tree. ____________


1.boy(对应词) 2. oranges (单数) 3. I(宾格) 4.come (反义词)

5. eye (同音词 6.man(复数)

7. you (复数 8.who’s(同音词)

9.let us (缩写形式) 10.wrong(反义词)


( )1. _______ your father a doctor ? Yes , he is .

A. Who’s B. Are C. Is

( )2. Excuse me , are you a new student ? ___________.

A. Yes ,she is . B. No, I’m not . C. Yes , they are .

( )3. What are _______________? They’re farmers .

A. his job B. her job C. their jobs

( )4. How many _______ do you want ? One ______, please .

A.kilos , kilos B. kilo , kilos C. kilos , kilo

( )5. What are those ? _______ mangoes .

A. Those are B. They’re C. It’s

( )6. Who’s the girl with ______? She’s my sister .

A. long hair B. big ear C. small nose

( )7. How old is your grandfather ? ________ sixty-two.

A. I’m B. He’s C. She’s

( )8. What’s ______ job ? A policeman , I think .

A. you B. her C. his

( )9. Is that ______ apple ? Yes , it is . It’s _____ big apple .

A. a , a B. an , an C. an , a

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Xueda Personalized Education Development Centre

( )10. Is he your brother ? Which one ?

The one ______ the blue sweater .

A. with B. in C. on


Whose, How old, How many, What, Who, How much, What time, Where

1.___________ is your name ? I’m Jack .

2. ___________ is the old man ? About eighty .

3. ___________ is the woman in the yellow jacket ? She’s my aunt .

4. ___________ pineapples can you see ? Seven .

5. ___________ are they ? They’re six yuan .

6. ___________are the students ? They’re in the classroom .

7. ___________ shoes are they ? They’re Helen’s .

8. ___________ do you go to bed ? At eighty fifty .


1.you, are , a , nurse (?)


2. are, how, you, old (?)


3. your, boy, brother, is, that (?)


4. job, what’s, your (?)


5. trees, don’t, again, climb (.)


6. with, small, ears, man, who’s, the(?)


八.按照正确的顺序排列下列句子。(6 分)

A. She’s a nurse.

B. Who’s the woman in the blue coat ?

C. I’m fine , thank you . And you ?

D. She’s Mrs Black .

E. Thank you . Goodbye !

F. Good morning , how are you ?

G. I’m fine ,too.

九.阅读理 (20分)


A:Let’s go to Nancy’s birthday(生日) party,Mike .

B:OK,Ben,Who’s the boy with big ears?

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Xueda Personalized Education Development Centre

A:He’s my brother, David..

B:Oh,look at the girl in the white skirt.Is she Su Yang?

A:Yes,she is. .And the short boy is Wang Bing.He is twelve.

B:Oh,I see.

A:Now it’s six o’clock.Let’s go.



( )1.David is the boy with big ears.

( )2 Su Yang is in the white sweater.

( )3.Wang Bing is short.

( )4.Mike is twelve.

( )5. It’s seven o’clock.


Mike is a new student , he is short and thin . He likes apples and oranges very much .Jenny is tall . She likes apples .She is a nurse . Jack has blue eyes and brown hair , he is a cook .Jack likes watermelons . Zhou Bing is a waiter . He has big eyes and a big mouth . He likes peaches .

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( ( ( ( (


A) 用am, is, are, have, has填空:

1. ---What __________ I? ---__________ you a waitress?

2. ---I some bread for my mother.

3. ---Here some milk for you. I think , you’ll like it!

B) 用my, your, his, her, our填空:

1. ---The girl in red is happy. ____________ name is Alice.

2. ---Old MacDonald has five chicks on ____________ farm.

3. ---____________ mother is a good nurse. I love her.

4. ---Today is ____________ birthday. Happy birthday to you!

C) 用what, who, where, how many, how much填空:

1. ---_______________ is your T-shirt?

3. ---_______________ is a teacher?

---100 yuan. ---There are 100. ---Our father is. ---He’s a student. 2. ---_______________ dresses are there? 4. ---_______________ does your brother do?


( )1. What’s the time, please? A. This is five thirty. B. It’s five thirty. C. At five thirty.

( ) 2. — —No, I _______.

A. doll,do B.dolls, don’t C. dolls , not

( ) 3. —What’s one and one?.

— _______.

A. Eleven B. Ten C. Two

( ) 4. She _______ so funny.

A. looks B. look C. looking

( ) 5. My coat is very _______, but I like it.

A. nice B. short C. pretty

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The boys and girls are playing in the park. The girls are singing and dancing under a big tree. The boys are playing football near the big tree. There are many flowers and trees in the park. The flowers are colourful(五颜六色). They’re beautiful. The trees are green. They’re big and strong. There is a woman there. She has a red dress and a pair of white shoes. Who is she? Oh, she’s Miss Wang, the children’s teacher. She is looking at the girls. She has a smiling face(笑脸). All the people are having a good time.

( )1. The girls are singing and dancing in the park.

( )2. Mr. Wang has a pair of white shoes.

( )3. The trees are strong, but they are small.

( )4. The children and their teacher are very happy.


Hello, I am Tom White. I’m a pupil of Garden School. I have got two black pencils. They aren’t long. They are in my hand. Now I am in the classroom. My classroom number is 315. This is Miss Green. She’s my English teacher. She’s got a pair of glasses on her nose. She’s in the classroom, too. That is Miss Wang. She is a Chinese teacher. She is short, but she is nice. Now she’s in the school garden. We love our teachers and they love us, too.

( ) 1. _______________ is a Chinese teacher

A. Tom White B. Miss Wang C. Miss Wang A. short B. not black C. in the pencil box ( ) 2. Tom’s pencils are _______________. ( ) 3. The pair of glasses is _______________. A. Tom White’s B. Miss Green’s C. Miss Wang’s A. in Classroom 215 B. in the school garden C. in Classroom 315 ( ) 4. Miss Green and Tom are ____________.

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第二学期__4B英语 科目月测测试卷


一、1. Are you a doctor?

2. Who’s that girl?

3. No, I’m not. I’m a cook.

4. Welcome to our school.

5. We’re late for the party.

二、1、A: Can I help you? B: Some apples , please.

2、jobs? B: They’re

3、. B: They’re

4、you like ? B:I’d like some 附加题:


二 A 1 am; Are 2 have 3 is

B 1 Her 2 his 3 My 4 your

C 1 How much 2 How many 3 Who 4 What



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