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12-13(下)六英Unit 4跟踪测试

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2012-2013学年度第二学期六年级英语Unit 4跟踪测试 Ⅰ. Look, listen and choose 听录音,选出与你所听到的内容意思相符的图片


1._____ 2._____ 3._____ 4._____ 5._____

Ⅱ. Listen and choose听录音,选出适当的答案

( )1.A. Los Angeles B. New York City. C. Washington D.C. E F

( )2.A. Canada. B. Australia. C. France.

( )3.A. Niagara Falls B. Disneyland C. Tower Bridge

( )4.A. Xi’an. B. Harbin. C. Sanya.

( )5.A. Chengdu. B. Hong Kong. C. Shanghai.

Ⅲ. Listen and mark T or F 判断下面的句子意思是否与你所听到的内容相符

( )1.Peter’s family will have a visit to China.

( )2.The first place they are going to visit is Hangzhou.

( )3.They are going to take a train to Hangzhou.

( )4.They will also visit Sanya.

( )5.They are not going to Harbin because they haven’t enough time.

六年级英语练习 第 1 页 (共 4 页)

Ⅳ. Fill in the blanks with the proper words词汇填空

A. Fill with the proper forms用括号内给出的单词的适当形式填空

1.The Great Wall is the _______________(long) wall in the world.

2.There are many interesting _______________(place) in Beijing.

3.They _______________(visit) the science museum yesterday.

4.We _______________(see) the Summer Palace tomorrow morning.

5.Listen! The children _____________(talk) about the famous places in the world.

B. Fill with proper words 根据题意每空填上一个适当的英文单词

1.Big Ben and Tower Bridge are in _______________.

2.Niagara Falls is in ________________.

3.New York is one of the biggest cities in ________________.

4.Sydney Opera House is in ________________.

5.Beijing is the capital of ________________.

C. Put the following into the proper groups after the model仿照例子将下 列词语分别放在适当的组内

Beijing Xi’an Toronto Washington D. C.

New York City Canada America China

Model: the Temple of Heaven

1.the White House

2.CN Tower

3.Ming Tombs

4.United Nations

5.Terra Cotta Warriors ______________ ______________ ______________ ______________ ______________ ______________ ______________ ______________ ______________ ______________

D. Match the words or phrases in GroupⅠ with GroupⅡ 将词义相同和相 近的词语相匹配

(Ⅰ) (Ⅱ)

( )1.Toronto A. a grave

( )2.tomb B. a long way off;not very near

( )3.far C. a great number or amount;many;much

( )4.a lot D. someone whose job is to show a place to tourist

( )5.tour guide E. a big city of Canada

Ⅴ. Choose the right answer 选择正确答案

( )1.--Where is the Great Wall? --It’s _____ the north of Beijing.

A. by B. from C. for D. to

六年级英语练习 第 2 页 (共 4 页)

( )2.The boy usually_____ his homework at school.

A. doesn’t B. isn’t C. doesn’t do D. don’t do

( )3.How _____ the people _____ to get to the West Lake next Sunday?

A. are, going B. is, going C. will, going D. did, go

( )4.I’d like her _____ with me.

A. come B. coming C. to come D. comes

( )5.Look at that picture on the wall. _____ you like it?

A. Can B. Do C. Could D. Are

( )6.--I’m going to visit France during the school holidays. --_____.

A. I’m visiting England. B. Have a good time.

C. You are a visitor. D. What’s wrong?

( )7.-- _____ are you going to work every day? --By bus.

A. How B. Where C. Which D. What

( )8.-- _____? --He’s next to David.

A. How old is Tom B. Where is Tom

C. What’s Tom D. Where is Tom from

( )9. He is going to London _____.

A. by plane B. by air C. by sea D. All of the three.

( )10.We can find many countries in the map of _____.

A. China B. America C. England D. the world Ⅵ. Complete the dialogue完成对话

A: during the holidays?




A: are you going to stay there?

A: I’m sure you’ll have a great time. B: I’m going to visit Hangzhou. B: My parents. B: The West Lake and Lingyin Temple. B: We are going to take a train. B: For about two weeks. B: I will. Thank you. Choose the right answers 选择适当的答案

( )1.A. Where will you go B. Will you go to Hangzhou

C. Where did you go D. How many days

( )2.A. Who will go there B. Who are you

C. Who will go with you D. Who are they

( )3.A. What places do you plan to visit B. Do you want to some places

C. Are you going to visit Beijing D. Where do you live

( )4.A. When will you go there B. What will you do there

C. Why will you go there D. How will you go there

( )5.A. Which hotel B. How long C. What time D. Why not

六年级英语练习 第 3 页 (共 4 页)

Ⅶ.Cloze test 完形填空

At Christmas or at my birthdays I often get a lot of presents, but the presents that I like best are . It can be a novel(小说), a book of poems(诗歌) a book of plays. I them all.

I sometimes books from the library. The librarians(图书管理员) are very and friendly. I buy some books from the bookstores.

I them on my shelves and I can them again and again. I that they are my good and I like them very much. ( )1.A. jeans ( )2.A. so ( )4.A. buy ( )5.A. tall ( )6.A. also

( )3.A. enjoy

B. candy B. but B. see B. sell B. helpful B. too B. bring B. see B. find B. friends

C. money C. or

C. try

D. books D. not D. turn on D. keep D. interesting D. only D. let D. watch D. protect D. neighbours

C. borrow C. thankful C. never C. put C. look at C. tell C. toys

( )7.A. take ( )8.A. read ( )9.A. hear ( )10.A. clothes 补全短文

Ⅷ. Complete the passage with the proper words每空填上一个适当的英文单词

Beijing is a beautiful city. It’s the There are many the Temple of Heaven and the or by you should get up earlier. They are to the you about an hour to get there by car. They are very more about Chinese history.

六年级英语练习 第 4 页 (共 4 页)

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