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E1: 阅读,回答问题。

Mary is one year younger than Sally. But they are best friends. They study at the same school and in the same class. Every morning Mary gets to school at about half past seven and Sally gets there at about a quarter to eight. Both of them have lunch at the school canteen. They have classes in the morning and afternoon. After school they usually take exercises. Both of them like to play ball games. At about half past five they leave school.

Mary Sally’s best friend?


1. He at 2. They .

3. He at 4. He .

5. They .


1. What time do you get up?

2. What time do you go to school?

3. What subject do you study?

4. Where do you have lunch?

5. What do you do after school?

6. How many people in your family?


Sue is Miss White’s

at Rose School in

the piano.

E5: 仿照例子完成句子 1. take medicine three times a day:

2. see the doctor:

3. eat too much chocolate:

4. drink plenty of water:

5. sleep late:

6. watch TV for a long time:

7. drink plenty of Coke:

8. eat some fruit and vegetables:

E6: 仿照例子,转换同义句


It’s time = It’s time It’s time = It’s time 1. It’s time to sleep. =

2. It’s time to do homework. =

3. It’s time for dinner. =

4. It’s time for class. =

E7: 按要求改写句子

1. I like playing tennis. (否定句)

2. He has lunch at home. (否定句)

3. He watches TV every night. (一般疑问句)

4. Jim and Tom play football after school. (一般疑问句)

E8: 选词补充短文

Janet (feel, feels, feeling) ill this morning. (Her, She’s, She) mother is (worry, worried) about her. So she takes (her, she) (see, sees, seeing) the doctor. And the doctor asks Janet some questions. He found that (发现) Janet doesn’t (like, likes) (eat, eats, eating) fruit and vegetables, and Janet (read, reads, reading) (to, for, with) a long time every night.The doctor asks Janet to take a (good, well) rest and take the medicine three (time, times) a day.

E9: 按实际回答问题。


E10: 写出下列单词的比较级。

, , ,

E12: 选词填空

(you, your, yours). 2.Tom is much (tall, taller, tallest) than John. (I, My, Mine) friend Jim is an American boy. 4.This book is for (she, her, hers). 5.Jim can jump (high, higher, highest). (He, Him, His) is my English teacher.

E13: 阅读,判断句子是否与短文意思一致,如一致写“T”,否则写“F”。

Jim and Rich are brothers. Jim is three years older than Rich. Rich is Jim’s younger brother. Every morning Rich gets up at about seven, and Jim gets up at about half past eight. Classes begin at nine and Jim is sometimes late for school. Rich takes exercises every day. He likes sports. Rich studies hard and he hand in his homework on time every day. Jim doesn’t study hard. He doesn’t finish his homework every day. His parents are worried about him. ( ) 1. Jim is older than Rich.

( ) 2. Jim gets up earlier than Rich.

( ) 3. Jim usually gets to school earlier than Rich. ( ) 4. Sometimes Jim is late for school. ( ) 5. Jim studies harder than Rich.

E14: 按实际回答问题。

1.Who is taller, you or your father? 2.Who run faster than you in your class? 3. Does your classroom bigger? 4. Is your mother fatter than you?

E15: 阅读,判断句子是否与短文意思一致,如一致写“T”,否则写“F”。

Ostriches are the biggest birds in the world. An ostrich has two legs and each of the foot has only two toes (脚趾). It can be 2.75metres tall and weigh 100 kilos. And their eggs are bigger than the goose eggs. Ostriches have small wings, but they can’t fly. They have two long legs. They can run very fast. An ostrich can run 60 kilometres each hour. Now people keep ostriches on a farm and they can eat ostriches’ meat like chicken.

( ) 1. Ostriches are the biggest birds in the world.

( ) 2. An ostrich has four toes.

( ) 3. An ostrich can be taller thana man.

( ) 4. An ostrich can weigh 350 kilos.

( ) 5. An ostrich egg is smaller than a goose egg.

( ) 6. Ostriches can fly.

( ) 7. Ostriches run very fast.

( ) 8. Some people eat ostrich meat.

E16: 写出下列单词的最高级。

, ,


E17: 用所给单词的适当形式填空。

1.big, small

Elephants are land.

2.big, fast

Cheetahs run than lions. But lions are than cheetahs.

3.tall, fast

Giraffes are than deer. But deer run than giraffes.

4.long, big

Rabbits’ ear are and than guinea pigs’.

E18: 找出不同类的单词。

( ) 1. A. animal B. fish C. panda D. tiger

( ) 2. A. small B. tall C. fast D. big

( ) 3. A. high B. low C. well D. better

( ) 4. A. best B. fast C. tallest D. most

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