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(精品)小升初英语单项选择题100题精选(含答案和详细讲解)! 2

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( )1.It's cold today. You must _____the coat.

A. take off A. one

B. put on B. other B. have B. say

C. take down D. put in C. the other C. is there C. Listen to C. Which C. any

D. others D. are there D. talk D. When D. many D. Every D./ D. he D. doing D. spell

( )2.I have two pencils. One is green, and _____is red. ( )3.How many eggs _____in the bag?

A. has A. Listen A. Whose A. some ( )4.____me, please.

( )5.---______day is tomorrow? ---It's Tuesday.

B. What B. a

( )6.Would you like _____tea? ( )7.______morning she gets up at six.

A. Every day B. On every C. In every

( )8.Don't _____late next time! A. is

A. you

B. are B. your B./

C. be

( )9.Oh, it's ____. How are you?

C. yours C. do

( )10.Mary doesn't _____her homework after lunch. A. does

A. say

( )11.---How do you _____Tuesday? ---Er, T-U-E-S-D-A-Y.

B. speak B. it down in B. talks B. am

C. talk

( )12.Write _____ your exercise-books.

A. down it in A. writes A. is

C. down it on D. it down on C. says C. are

D. speaks D. be

( )13.The shop___ "Closed".

( )14.My favourite school days ___Friday and Saturday. ( )15.Do you have any coloure pens?

Sorry, I don't have_____. I think he has_____. A. any, any

B. some, some C. some, any D. any, some

C. English

D. England

( )16.Where is London? It’s in_____.

A. America B. Japan

( )17.Are they from ____?

A. Australian B. English A. friends are

C. American D. Canada C. friends is D. friend are


( )18.One of my _____from Hangzhou.

B. friend is


( )19.You can _____she likes bananas a lot.

A. look

A. she B. watch C. see D. to see ( )20.You are a teacher. What about ____? B. Li Pin brother C. her

B. is, breads D. your ( )21.There____much_____ on the table. A. is, bread

A. do, likes

A. to his C. are, bread D. are, breads D. does, likes D. from his ( )22.What ______his friends ______doing? B. does, like C. do, like B. from him C. from he

B. the other boy

D. other boys

C. watch C. Her

C. of...in D. say D. She's D. of...at ( )23.His son goes to a different school______. ( )24.One of the boys is English. All ______are Chinese. A. the others boy C. the other boys A. look A. His ( )25.I can't _____ the words(单词).They are too small. B. see B. He's ( )26.______Alice's brother. ( )27.The map _____China is _____the wall. A. on...of

A. is B. of...on B. are

B. to ( )28.Some postcards ______in the box. C. there is D. there are C. at D. and ( )29.Mr John is working ______Jack. A. with

A. to...on

A. works

A. to

A. and

A. Mike and I ( )30.Our teacher often talks _____ us ____ English. B. with...on B. studys B. for B. but BI and Mike C. with...in D. to...at C. working D. studying C. of C. for D./ D. or D. Me and Mike ( )31.Who______hard in your class? ( )32.It's very nice ______meet you. ( )33.Is the blue cup yours ______ mine? ( )34.______are good friends. C. Mike and me

( )35.It's _____bus.

A. red's B. green C. a blue

( )36.Are ______here today?

A. all we B. all of we C. we all 2 D. yellow a D. all of boys


( )37.Could I have_______?

A. full one B. a full ones

C. full one bottle D. a full one

( )38.Please give ___ a bottle of___.

A. me...oranges B. she...orange

C. him...orange D. her...oranges

( )39.I want to put ______in the basket.

A. this things

C. that things

A. too...too

C. too...to B. these things D. those thing B. to...too D. to...to ( )40.The car is ______full ______ move.

( )41.Jim, please come______.

A. there B. to here C. to home D. here

( )42.It's time to ______games. We all like ______ games.

A. playing...playing B. play...play

C. playing...play D. play...playing

( )43.Let______. He must go to school.

A. he go

A. to eat B. him go C. he to go D. him to go D. drink

D. you, too ( )44.I'd like ______ a cup of tea. B. to drink C. eat B. All right

( )45.---Thanks very much.---______. A. No thanks A. in C. You're welcome D. with

D. ride

D. Where

D. to there

D. by my

D./ ( )46.Linlin, what's that ______ English? B. at C. for C. riding C. Who C. to here C. by the C. is ( )47.Can he ______a bike? A. to ride B. rides A. What B. How ( )48.______are they? They are at home. ( )49.She often gets ______ late. A. to home B. home A. in the A. are

( )52.On______way to school she often helps the old man.

A. his

( )50.I go to school ______bike every day. B. on my B. be ( )51.School______over at four in the afternoon. B. she C. my D. her 3


( )53.Don't______late for class.

A. to be B./

A. does...get C. can't D. be C. does...gets D. do...get

D. friendly to ( )54.What time _____you and Jim _____up? B. do...gets ( )55.He is _____ us. We all like him. A. friend B. friendly

A. are

A. shop B. is C. friend to D. have ( )56.There______only bread and rice. We must go to buy some meat. C. be ( )57.Linlin, get the ______basket! B. shoping C. shopping D. big shoping

( )58._______is this pen?

A. How much B. How many C. What D. Who's

( )59.He doesn't want to ______late for school.

A. is

A. begin

A. has, not B. does C. be D. goes ( )60.The first class ______at eight o'clock. B. is beginning B. doesn't, has

C. beginning D. begins C. don't, has D. doesn't, have ( )61.Miss Gao ______lunch at school. ( )62.She can ______ a little Japanese. A. speak B. say C. speaks D. says

( )63._______bread would you like?

A. Many B. Much

A. an

A. school B. much B. to school C. How many D. How much C. a lot D. a lot of D. to shop ( )64.There are _______old men over there. ( )65.I often buy something to eat on my way_____. C. to home

( )66.Is this ______ watch? Yes, it's_____.

A. your, mine B. yours, mine C. yours, my D. your, my

( )67.Let him ______the kite.

A. to fly B. flying C. flies D. fly

( )68.I have ____to do.

A. many, work B. much, works C. much, work D. many, works

( )69.She is _______English girl.

A. a B. an C. the D./

D. am...are ( )70.How old _______you? I _______ten. A. are...is B. is...am C. are...am

( )71.What's that?______.

A. It is desk B. It is a desk



C. This is desk D. That is a desk

( )72.----What does your father do?---____.

A. work B. docter C. He is working D. He’s a worker

( )73.______. Are you Miss Sue? ——______,I'm mot.

A. Sorry, Excuse me B. Excuse me, Sorry C. Sorry, Sorry D. Excuse me...Excuse me

( )74.________? I'm in Class Three.

A. Are you in Class Three

C. What class are you in

( )75.These are_______.

A. an egg B. a egg C. their egg D. eggs

( )76.I'm in_______.

A. Class Three, Grade Two

C. class three, grade two

( )77.Is this _______ ruler?

A. he B. his C. you D./

( )78.Sorry, I _______ know.

A. am not B. am C. do D. do not

( )79.Is this a car? No, _______.

A. it isn't B. it is C. it's D. this is not

( )80.________old_______she?

A. What...is B. What...are C. How...is D. How...are

( )81.This is a bird. ______ name is Polly.

A. It's B. Its C. its D. It

D. What are ( )82._______this?This is Wang Lin. A. Who is B. Who are C. What is

( )83.Is this a ______pencil-box?

A. she B. her C. your D./

( )84.They are_______.

A.banana tree B.banana trees

C.bananas tree D.bananas trees

( )85.---Is the ship _____ now?---No, it's_____.

A. open, close B. open, closed

C. opened, closed D. opened, close

( )86.Is this ______ruler or ______ eraser?

A. an...a

( )87.Are these ______ boxes?

A. you

B. What class you are in? D. in what class B. Grade Two, Class Three D. grade two, class three B. a...an C. a...a D. an...an B.I C. me D. your 5


( )88._______everyone here?

A. Is

A. in

A. Do B. Are C. Am D./ B. on C. at D. by ( )89.There aren't many people in the shop _____Mondays. ( )90._______she have breakfast at school? B. Has C. Does D. Is

C. sits D. is sitting ( )91.Look, the boy ______ near the house. A. is siting B. sit

( )92.Where_______your father_______?

A. does, from B. come, from C. are, from D. is, from

( )93.Would you give ______ to me, please?

A. them B. they C. their D. they're

C. plays D. is playing ( )94.Do you like _______ basketball? A. play B. playing

( )95.Her sister ______ Japanese at school.

A. study B. studying C. studies D. is study

( )96.Does Wang Kai go to bed _______ten in the evening?

A. at B. in C. for D. on

( )97.Tom______every morning.

A. cleans his bike B. cleans bike

C. clean a bike D. clean bike

( )98.It's time _______ morning exercises.

A. do B. does C. to do D. doing

( )99.Do you want to ______ English with me?

A. ask B. speak C. talk D. say

( )100.Who_______your good friend?

A. am B. are C. is D. does



Keys and explanations:

1.B 天气冷,应该穿上衣服。Put on “穿上”。

2.C one…the other… “一个。。。另一个。。。”其总数只有两个。

3.D eggs是复数,此处用there be句型“are there”。

4.C Listen to 听。。。; Look at 看。。。

5.B 星期几用What day…?来提问。

6. A 以情态动词Would开头的问句,some不变。

7.D Every morning前不用加介词。

8.C “Don’t +动词原形”构成祈使句的否定形式。

9.A you宾格“你”。

10.C doesn’t + 动词原形。

11.D spell“拼写”。

12.D write down动副词组,代词放在中间;写在本子上用介词on.

13.C 商店有个公示牌上的告示内容,用say.

14.C days是复数,用be动词are.

15.D some用在肯定句;any用在否定句和一般疑问句。

16.D London“伦敦”在英国“England”。

17.D Canada “加拿大”是一个国家。

18.C One of my friends“我的朋友们中的一个”,单数用is.

19.C see“看见,明白”。

20.C What about + 宾格。She的宾格是her.

21.A much bread是不可数名词,be动词用is.

22.B 借does还原动词like.

23.B from “从。。。”后面接宾格him.

24.C All the other boys“所有其他的男生”用复数形式。

25.B see“看见”指看的结果。

26. B He’s = He is “他是。。。”因为brother 是男生。

27.B The map of China “中国地图”;on the wall “在墙上”。

28.B Some post cards是复数,后用are.

29.A with“和。。。一起”,表示一种合作关系。

30.C talk with “和。。。交谈”; in English “用英语”。

31.A Who是第三人称单数,works和studies都可以。

32.A Nice to meet you!与本题结构相同。

33.D 选择疑问句,用or连接两个选择答案。

34.A Mike and I 自己放后面以示尊重别人,都用主格。

35.C a blue bus“一辆蓝色的公共汽车”。

36.D all of boys或all of us都是正确地答案。

37.D one是代词,代表一个单数的东西。



38.C give him 动词+宾格; a bottle of orange 一瓶橘子汁

39.B these things “这些东西”都是复数形式。

40.C too…to… 太。。。而不能。。。

41.D here 是副词,前面不用to.

42.D It’s time to + 动词原形; like + 动词ing形式。

43.B Let him go. “放他走”,him用宾格。

44.B I’d like to + 动词原形; 茶是喝的,用动词drink.

45.C You’re welcome 不用谢。

46.A in English “用英语”。使用某种语言用“in”。

47.D Can是情态动词,后面接动词原形。

48.D at home是地点,用Where提问地点。

49.B home是副词,前面不用to.

50.B on my bike= by bike

51.C School is over “放学了”。

52.D On her way to… “在她去。。。的路上”,her是物主代词。

53.D Don’t + 动词原形。祈使句的否定形式。

54.D you and Jim是两个人,复数。

55.D friendly “友好的”

56.B There be句型遵循“靠近原则”,bread是不可数名词,所以用is.

57.C the shopping basket “购物篮”,shopping作定语。

58.A How much “多少钱”,意思上符合。

59.C “want to + 动词原形”意思是“想要。。。“

60.D The first class一般现在时态的第三人称单数,动词用三单形式begins.

61.D Miss Gao第三人称单数,借doesn’t还原动词have.

62.A 说某种语言用动词speak, 情态动词can后面用动词原形。

63.D How much + 不可数名词; How many + 可数名词的复数。

64.D a lot of = some = many后接复数。

65.B on one’s way to…买东西吃,意思符合的是B。

66.A your watch 物主代词+名词。 Mine = my watch 名词性物主代词。

67.D Let sb. + 动词原形。意思是“让某人做某事“。

68.C much work “很多工作” much + 不可数名词。

69.B an English girl “一个英国女孩”。

70.C you和are连用;I和am配对。

71.B 用this或that提问,必须用it来回答。

72.D What does your father do?提问你爸爸的职业。

73.B 问话之前打扰对方用Excuse me. 表示抱歉用I’m sorry.

74.C What class are you in? 你在哪一个班级?

75.D These are eggs.复数匹配。



76.A (1)倒着翻译。(2)每个单词开头都大写。 专有名词

77.B his ruler 物主代词+名词。

78.D know是行为动词,借don’t构成否定句。

79.A 用this或that提问,必须用it来回答。

80.C How old is she?文她的年龄。

81. B Its 它的,放在开头要大写。

82.A Wang Lin是人名,用Who来提问。

83.D 括号前有一个a,不需要再加其他的物主代词了。

84.B banana trees整体是复数,但是banana是名词作定语用单数。

85.B open“开放的” closed “关闭的”。都是形容词。

86.B a ruler ; an eraser辅音开头用a,元音开头用an.

87.D your boxes 物主代词+名词。

88.A everyone “每一个人”强调个体,是单数,用is.

89.B 在星期几之前用介词on.

90.C she是第三人称单数,所以借Does还原动词have.

91.D Look!表明用现在进行时态,is sitting就对了。Sitting要双写字母t.

92.D be from=come from.主语your father是单数,用is from.

93.A give是动词,后面接宾格them.

94.B like + 动词ing形式。

95.C Her sister是第三人称单数,动词study变成三单形式studies.

96.A at ten “在十点钟”。

97.A Tom是第三人称单数,动词用三单形式cleans his bike.

98.C It’s time to + 动词原形。 It’s time for + 名词。

99.B speak English “说英语”。说某种语言用动词speak.

100.C Who is…? 谁是。。。?


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