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一、 反义词:

1. 动词(组)

open-- stand up-- turn on-- come--

( ) ( ) ( ) ( )

2. 形容词:

big-- tall-- new-- long-- good— fine-- right-- right-- white--

3. 方位:

up-- in-- behind-- on-- here—

Material 4 Name

一、介词:(表示地点和时间的“在”, 有些是固定搭配,和其他动词形成词组,) at, in, on, behind, beside, with , about, for, of, like(表示像的意思时),by, from to…

1. 时间:

表示在几点:at seven o’clock, at a quarter past four, at eleven twenty等。 表示在早晨,下午,晚上:in the morning, in the afternoon, in the evening.. 表示在具体某一天:on Monday, on Saturday, On Children’s Day, on that day on June 22, 2006,

“在星期天的早晨”这一类应用on Sunday morning

2. 表示地点:

in 在…里 in the desk, in the classroom, in the playground, in London, in China…

on 在…上on the sofa, on the Internet, on the table…

behind 在…后面 behind the tree, behind the door, behind Jim

beside\near 在..旁边,在…附近beside the window, near the school..

in front of 在…前面 in front of the cinema, in front of him,

under 在…下面under the bed, under the tree,

3. 有独立意思的:

1)with 和…一起 并列的成分分开使用时用with

I went to the garden with Tom.

Liu Tao is going to visit his grandpa with his parents.

with 带有 The boy with big eyes is David.

The school with 34 rooms is over there.

The boy with a book in his hand likes reading.

with 用 Touch your head with your hands

2)of 的


the first day of the new term , a photo of Jim’s family

the name of the school

of 量词里运用

a glass of , a cup of , a bottle of ,

3) from ..从,来自, 向

Tom is from the UK.

The students learn English from me.

4)about 关于(谈话的内容,故事的内容,)

They are talking about the weekends.

The teacher tells a story about a policeman.

I like reading books about animals

5) 固定词组:

look for look after on duty look at listen to of course get …for stay in bed write an e-mail to.. talk about… talk to… from… to… on foot

Material 3


一、 名词的复数(动词的第三人称单数形式)

1、 以s,x, ch, sh结尾的加es。box—boxes, watch--watches

2、 以辅音加y结尾的去y变i加es。strawberry—strawberries,

3、 以fe,f结尾的,把fe,f变成ve,加s。knife—knives, wife—wives,

4、 一般情况加s。boy—boys, chair--chairs

5、 不可数名词只有单数 rice, water, milk, bread, juice, food,

6、 特殊词 man—men , woman—women , foot—feet, tooth—teeth,




class party family firefly day card tooth foot bread finger bus


go come watch visit turn do have play spend take


形容词修饰名词,副词修饰动词,如 a beautiful woman, dance beautifully

1.beautiful—beautifully 2.careful—carefully 3.quiet—quietly 4.



5.real—really 6.loud—loudly 7.fast—fast 8.high—high


(good, well)

1.He is a basket player. 2. Pingping plays basketball (quiet, quietly)

1. The classroom is very 2. The boy is sitting in the classroom.

三、 动词---名词

1.teach—teacher, 2.work—worker, 3.swim—swimmer, 5.play—player 6.speak—speaker 7.write—writer

小学英语辅导网http://www.jhyingyufudao.net/ 4.drive—8.run-runner

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