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Unit 1 The first day at school(在学校的第一天)
? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? 单词: day 天,白天 all所有的,全部 any任何的,一些 (用于疑问句、否定名) sure有把握的 garden花园 house房子 住宅 flower花 swing 秋 千 slide 滑梯 词组: reading room阅览室 table tennis room 乒乓球室 computer room 电脑 室 isn't = is not不是 aren't =are not不是 there's = there is 单数有 the first day 第一天 all the students所有学生 the new term新学期 at school在学校 the first day of the new term新学期第一天 how many classrooms多少个教室 the first day at school在学校的第一天 how many多少(问数量) on the plate 在盘子里 not sure 不能确定 each other 彼此 互相 go and see 去看看 a new building一幢新大楼 look at 看 a lot of rooms许多房间 two reading rooms两个阅览室 in the building 在大楼里 Let me see.让我看看。 play table tennis 打乒乓球 have a look看一看

? a lot of flowers and trees许多花和树 near your house在 你的房子附近 ? good idea好主意 a small one 一个小的 (这里指公园) ? in the street在街上 go and play去玩 ? on the table在桌上 on the plate在盘子里 ? 1. I'm not sure.我不能确定。 ? 2.Is there a computer room in the school? Yes ,there is. ? 3. Is there a table tennis room in the building ? No, there isn't. ? 4.Are there any song books in the bookcase? Yes , there are . ? 5.Are there any swings in the garden? No, there aren't. ? 6.How many toilts are there in the garden? There are six. ? 7.How many computers are there in the computer room? There are twenty.

? ? ? ?

8.How many teachers are there in the school? 9.How many doctors are there in the hospital? 10.Shall we go and play there? 11.On the table,there are some cakes and grapes on the plate.

Unit 2 A new house (一间新房子 )
? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? 单词: live居住、生活 study书房 bedroom卧室 large大的 parten 父 母 wall墙 bed床 door门 lamp 台灯 mouse 老鼠 world 世界 under在…下面 behind在…后面 near 在…附近 beside在…旁边 词组: a new house一间新房子 near my bed 在我的床附近 live in a new house住在一间新房子里 on the bed 在床上 near her school在她学校附近 on the wall在墙上 three bedrooms三个卧室 under the chair在椅子下 a large study一个大书房 behind the door在门后 in your bedroom在你的卧室里 under my desk在我课桌下面 in the cat's mouth在猫的嘴里 on my chair在我的椅子上 her parents她父母亲 little mouse小老鼠 very much非常 some dolls 一些娃娃 a map of the world 一张世界地图 a map of China 一张中国地图 in the black hat戴着黑色的帽子 in your bedroom 在你卧室里 father's study 爸爸的书房

? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

句子: 1.

What's in the basket? There's a dog in the basket. 2.What's under the bed? There's a football under the bed. 3.What's on the table ? There are some glasses on the table. 4.What's behind the door? There are some umbrellas behind the door . 5.There isn't a pencil.Here's a pencil for you. 6.There isn't a lamp. Here's a lamp for you. 7.There aren't any chairs .Here are some chairs for you. 8.The rabbit in the black hat looks very happy. 9.Do you like my house?

Unit 3 At a music lesson(在一节音乐课上)
? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? 单词: lesson课,功课 song歌曲 play玩,演奏 learn学,学会 make做,制造 ride骑 词组: sing a song 唱一首歌 ride a bike骑自行车 头上 two o'clock两点整 learn the song学歌 listen to the song听歌 in the afternoon 在下午 play the violin演奏小提琴 have an ice-cream吃个冰淇淋 make a puppet 做一个木偶 listen to me 听我说 sing and dance 唱歌跳舞

sing唱歌 listen听 put放,摆

dance 跳舞 swim 游泳 can能够

make a plane做一架飞机 put a book on your head把一本书放在你 have an English class上一堂英语课 in the classroom在教室里 at a music lesson在一节音乐课上 in the music room在音乐教室里 follow me 跟着我 ride a horse 骑马 make a model plane 做一个模型飞机 learn English 学英语

? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

句子 : 1.I can dance. What can you do? I can ski. 2.The girl can dance, but the boy can't.He can sing. 3.Can you put a book on your head? 4.Can you have an ice cream? 5.Who can find him? 6.We often dance and play basketball after class. 7.We can sing and dance. 8.I can ride a bike. 9.What can you do? What can you sing? 10.Let's sing it together.

Unit 4 Halloween(万圣节前夕)
? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? 单词: family家庭 thing东西 things东西(复数) vase花瓶 horse 马 chicken鸡 duck鸭子 pig猪 need需要 work工作,劳动 candle蜡烛 evening晚上 词组 : his family 他的一家 would like to 想要(做什么) need some chocolate 需要一些巧克力 need some flowers需要一些花 how much多少钱 look at 看 a bus driver 一位公共汽车司机 like horses喜欢马 like swimming喜欢游泳 like cooking 喜欢做饭 in the evenings在晚上(泛指) our friends我们的朋友 like reading喜欢看书 buy things 买东西 these zebras这些斑马 a tiger mask一个老虎面具 my parents我的父母亲 your change你的找零 watch TV看电视 listen to music听音乐 buy some masks买一些面具 pumpkin lantern南瓜灯 buy a pumpkin买一个南瓜 a good idea一个好主意 in the sitting -room在客厅里 a Halloween party一个万圣节晚会 on Saturdays 在星期六 on Sundays在星期天 play table tennis 打乒乓球 with our friends和我们的朋友们 Ben's family 本的一家 my family 我的家庭

? 句子 ? 1.What do you like ? I lik

e .... Do you like ....? ? like : ① 后面加定冠词the ,this ,that ,表示特指,喜欢某一件物体。 I like this car. ? ②后面加可数名词复数,表示喜欢某类物体。I like tigers. ? ③后面加动名词,即动词+ing They like swimming. ? 2. play the piano play the violin play the guitar play basket play football ? 3. We like playing table tennis with our friends. ? 4.Thay don't work on Saturdays adn Sundays. ? 5. There is not a lamp. He cannot read the book. ? 6. What do they need ? What do we need ? What do you need ? 7. What else do you need ? Here's your change. ? 8. What masks do you like ? What animals do you like ?

Unit 5词组

? open the door开门 write the new words写新单词 read the book读书 draw a picture画一幅 画 drink the water喝水 this red vase这个红 色的花瓶 in the picture在图片里 eat the noodles吃面 条 put the flowers in the vase把花放在花瓶里 a tape recorder一个收录机 put the vase on the desk把花瓶放在课桌上 play computer games打电脑游戏

Unit 6 Doing


? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

四会单词: morning早晨,上午 help帮助help…with帮助……做…… Maths(口语)数学 sleep睡觉 jump跳跃 walk步行;散步 home家 at home在家 三会单词: housework家务劳动 ring(钟铃等)响 sweep扫,扫除floor地面,地板 homework家庭作业 stand站;立 sit坐 See you.再见 wash洗涤,冲洗 wash clothes洗衣服 clothes(复数)衣服 speak说话 词组: help …with帮助(某人)…做 (某事) wash clothes洗衣服 do housework做家务 sweep the floor扫地 come and help me过来帮我 make a cake做一个蛋糕 help me帮我 eat it 吃它 See you.再见。 See you this afternoon.今天下午见。 come and help me with my Maths来教我数学look good看起来不错 do my homework做我的家庭作业 this afternoon 今天下午 clean the windows and the doors擦窗和门 how about…怎么样 at home在家 Sunday morning星期天早晨

? ? ? ? ? ?

? ? ? ?

现在分词的构成: (1)一般在动词末尾加ing,如: think → thinking stand → standing (2)以不发音字母e结尾的动词,先去掉e,再加ing,如 skate → skating make → making dance → dancing write → writing have → having ride → riding come → coming (3)以重读闭音节结尾的动词,中间只有一个元音字母,词尾只有一个辅音字母,应 双写末尾的辅音字母,再加ing, 如: put →putting run-running swim → swimming jog → jogging sit → sitting 动词集 合: ride watch play skate sing eat write have climb row cook listen wo rk make swim jog buy ski dance drink copy read come go fish do help 1.What are you doing? I'm reading. 2.What are you doing?We're sweeping the floor. 3.Where's Liu tao? He's in the bedroom. What is he doing ? He's sleeping. 4. Let's put the re

d vest on the bed.

Unit 7 After school
? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? 四会单词: after在┅┅之后;在┅┅后面 class课;(学校里的)班 after class下课后 look for寻找 join参加,加入 study学习;攻读 newspaper报纸 picture book图画书;画册 play with拿┅┅玩;和┅┅一起玩 三会单词: over结束 after school放学后 I'll=I will我将;我会 magazine杂志 chess棋 card纸牌;卡片 yo-yo游游拉线盘(一种小玩具) game游戏 词组: after class课后 after school放学后 play cards打牌 play chess下棋 run after追赶 look for寻找 in the evening 在晚上 in the office在办公室里 play with a yo-yo玩溜溜球 in the playground在操场上 dance on the dog's head在狗的头上跳舞 sit under the bed坐在床下 go to the playground去操场 read a newspaper看报纸 read a picture book看画册 read a magazine看杂志 jump on the bed跳到床上 the five tigers on the kite风筝上的五只老虎 join them 加入他们 eat the dog's food吃狗的食物 sit on a volleyball坐在一个排球上 make a model ship做一艘模型船 study in the library 在图书馆学习 play basketball打篮球 clean the library打扫图书馆 Classes are over . = School is over . 放学了。 cry 哭 -- laugh 笑

? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

句子: 1. Are they playing cards? No, they aren't. They're playing chess. 2. Is he making a model plane? No, he's not. He's making a kite. 3. Is she reading a newspaper? No, she's not. She's reading a ma gazine. 4. Mr Black is reading a newspaper in the bedroom. 5. Nancy is watching TV in the sitting room. 6. Miss Li and her students are cleaning the desks and chairs in the library. 7. Mike and his friends are playing basketball in the playground. 8. The dog is crying and the mouse is laughing. 9. What am I doing ? Guess! Are you playing a computer game ? 10. We like the five tigers on the kite.

Unit 8 A camping trip
? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? 四会单词: children [复数]孩子们,儿童 hill小山 show给……看,出示 fish鱼;鱼肉 fat胖的;肥的 thin瘦的 三会单词: camping trip野营旅行 camping site野营营地 tent 帐篷 tin罐头 tin-opener开罐器 a tin of …一罐…… pot锅 blanket毛毯,毯子 stove(供烹饪用的)火炉;煤炉;电炉 telescope望远镜 towel毛巾 elephant 象 词组: their teachers他们的老师们 near the hill 在小山附近 a big tent一个大帐篷 sit beside her tent坐在她的帐篷旁边 a tin of chicken一罐鸡肉 in the fridge在冰箱里 a box of chocolates一盒巧克力 small eyes小眼睛 over there在那边 some tins of fish一些鱼罐头 two blankets两条毯子 some fruit一些水果 a lot of toys许多玩具 long hair长头发 big ears 大耳朵 a camping trip一个野营旅行 at a camping site 在一个野营营地

? ? ? ? ?

? ? ?

? ? ? ? ?

重点句子: 1. Show their things to each other. 互相展示各自的东西 动词show后面的代词用宾格代词us 而不是we,介词to也是! help、fnd也跟宾格。 主格:I you he she it we you they 宾格:me you him her it us you them 2. What do you have? I have… What do they have? They have… What does Mike have? He has… What does he / she have? He / She has… have has 选择: 一般现在时的肯定句中,主语是第三人称单数用has 。这类主语有 He She 外还有类似 Miss Li My brother Liu Tao The doctor It The cat等。如 果是复数就用have 如:My brothers \ Liu Tao and Mike \ My parents \ Tom's sisters等! 3.The milk and the fish in the fridge are for me. 在冰箱里的牛奶与鱼是给我 的。 4. You have a pot and I have a stove. 5. I have a vase . What does she have ? She has some flowers. 6. We have a tent . What do they have ? They have a puppet . 7. Tom's brothers have six dogs . They can jump and run. We all like o ur toys.

Unit 9 Shapes
? 四会单词: ? shape形状 teach教,教书 fly飞;放(风筝、飞机模型等)us [作宾语用]我们 ? sun太阳 moon月亮 star星形,星形物;星 year年 paper纸 ? Happy New Year! 祝你新年快乐! know知道,懂 only仅仅, 只 ? 三会单词: ? square正方形 rectangle长方形 circle圆圈 forget 忘 记 about关于 ? diamond菱形;菱形的;钻石 triangle三角形;三角形的 then 然后 ? grandparents祖父母;外祖父母 grandpa口语爷爷;外 公 grandma 口语奶奶;外婆

? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

词组: 到黑板上来come to the blackboard 买一张贺卡给我buy a card for me 忘记写forget to write 一节美术课an Art lesson (学科名词要大写) 教英语teach English 和她一起玩play with her 做一个风筝make a kite 在纸上on the paper 在我后面的女孩the girl behind me 把你的新包给我看看show me your new bag 多少个长方形how many rectangles 五颗星five stars 看月亮look at the moon 教我们英语teach us English 画一座房子draw a house 给我一些纸give me some paper 什么形状what shape 制作一张卡片make a card 在地图和床之间 between the map and the bed 怎么画一个风筝how to draw a kite 上一节语文课have a Chinese lesson how to make a card 怎么做一张卡片 buy a New Year card 买一张新年贺卡 show us how to do it 给我们看怎么做 teach her students about shapes 教她的学生(有关)形状 1.How to draw them. 怎么画他们(注意用宾格代词不用they) How to +动词原形 How to ride a bike 怎么骑自行车 How to sing this song 怎么唱这首歌 2.This is the sun. 这是太阳 (太阳月亮世界 等独一无二的名称单词前要加定冠词the) 3.What shape is this clock ? It's a circle. What shape are these clocks? They are circles. 4.Draw a house. Use only recta

ngles, squares and triangles.画一个房子,只用长方形。。。 5. How many triangles are there? There are four triangle. 有多少三角形?有四个。 6. Don't forget to write 'Dear Grandma and Grandpa'. 不要忘了写"亲爱的爷爷奶奶" 7. Go and open the old box on the sofa. 去打开在沙发上的旧盒子。 8. How I wonder what you are.

?Thank you

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