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一: 按字母表的顺序默写26个字母.

二: 选出不同类的单词.

1: ( ) A: rice B: soup C: light D: bread

2: ( ) A: thin B: long C: short D: sports

3: ( ) A: thirty B: twenty C: pencil D: fifty

4:( )A: picture B: door C: window D: book

5:( ) A: spoon B: water C: plate D: fork


Welcome to my ______ . Look, this is my family photo. This woman is my _____ . She is a ______ . She likes_____ .This is my father, he is a _______ .He likes and _______ .this is my sister. And this is her English ______ Who is this ______ ? It’s me. I like my _____ . Let’s make ______s

四: 句子连线。

1: what would you like? He is a farmer.

2: who is that boy? Yes, she is my teacher.

3: Is she your English teache? I’d like some bread.

4: How many pencils do you have? He is my brother.

5: what’s your uncle? I have 3.

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