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Unit 2 I have a good friend

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Unit 2 I have a good friend (period 2)

新市学校 朱澄滢

Teaching Aims:

1. Language focus: Words and expressions: naughty; helpful; works hard; be late for, etc.

2. Ability Aims: To enable the students to talk about their friends.

3. Emotion Aims: To help the students to know how to be a good friend.


1、The multi—media system

2、A recorder and the tape recording of this unit

Teaching procedures:

I. Pre-task preparations:

1. Look and say

(Look at some pictures and make sentences for reviewing the contents of the text)

2. Think and say

Q: Who is your good friend?

What do you always do with your good friend?

II. While-task procedures:

1. Brainstorm: What does’Friend’ make you think of?

2. Look and say

(Look at some pictures and say something about the friends with adj. in the pictures) Vocabulary: naughty,friendly,lovely…

Extended vocabulary: humorous, dishonest…

2. Read and judge

Make students read more paragraphs and identify the good/bad points of students and conform a clear opinion whether to make friends with them.

3. Think and say

T: What kind of person do you like to make friends with?

4. Listen and write

Listen to the descriptions of two students and fill in the blanks with proper words

5. Read and write

Ask students to review the passage and write something about his or her good friend.

III. Post-task activities:

1. Write a passage about your best friend.

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