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1、Six trees are equally spaced along one side of a straight road. The distance from the first tree to the fourth is 60 feet. What is the distance in feet between the first and last trees?

2、At the end of 2005 Walter was half as old as his grandmother. The sum of the years in which they were born is 3860. How old will Walter be at the end of 2006?

3、The digits 1,2,3,4 and 9 are each used once to form the greatest possible even five-digit number. What is the digit in the tens place?

4、Every edge of a cube is colored either red or green. In order to have at least one red edge on every face of the cube, find the minimum number of edges that must be colored red.

5、When 31513 and 34369 are such divided by a certain 3-digit number, the remainders are equal. Find this remainder.


6、Three signal lights were set to flash every certain specified time. The first light flashes every 12 seconds, the second flashed every 30 seconds and the third one every 66 seconds, the signal lights flash simultaneously at 8:30 am. At what time will the signal lights next flash。

7、There are five balls with different weights.Every ball is less than(少于 )100g。Now weigh(称)every two balls,and you

willget113,116,110,117,118,114,112,121,120,and115g .What is the weight of the heaviest(最重的)ball?

8.Aunt May bought 45 lollipops and 75 bars of chocolate for her niece's birthday party.She wants to pack these two items equally into as many packets as possible.How many lollipops and chocolates must she put in each packet?

小升初英文奥数题 一

班级_______ 姓名_______ 成绩_______

1、In 2004, 16 June falls on a Wednesday. On what day of the week will 16 June fall in 2010?


2、 In a magic square the sum of the numbers in each row, in each diagonal and in each column are equal. In this magic square the value of x is:

3、If half of a number is 30, then three-quarters of that number is____.

4、The sum of the digits of the following product


5、Three positive integers have a sum of 28. The greatest possible product that these integers can have is_____.

6、Jack was trying to tessellate regular pentagons. He managed the

following figure.

The size of angle .a. is______.


7、If the area of the shaded region of the regular hexagon in the diagram below is 36 cm2, the area of the whole hexagon in cm2 is_____.

8、In what follows, □ and Δ are different numbers.

When 503 is divided by □ the remainder is 20.

When 503 is divided by Δ the remainder is 20.

When 493 is divided by □ x Δ the remainder is_____.

9、A lady, her brother, her son and her daughter (all related by birth) played volleyball. The worst player's twin (who is one of the four players) and the best player are of opposite sex.

The worst player and the best player are of the same age.

Who cannot be the worst player(s)?

A) brother only B) daughter only

C) son and daughter only D) lady and daughter only

E) lady only


10、If you continue the given number pattern, in what row and in what

position in that row will the number 320 be?

1 -------------- row 1

2 3 -------------- row 2

4 5 6 -------------- row 3

7 8 9 10 -------------- row 4

The answers are given in the order of row ; position.

小升初英文奥数题 三

班级_______ 姓名_______ 成绩_______

1、An ant covers a distance of 90 metres in 3 hours. The average speed of the ant in decimetres per minute is____.

2、In a certain town some people were affected by a 'flu' epidemic. In the first month 20% of the population contracted the flu while 80% were healthy.In the following month 20% of the sick people recovered and 20% of the healthy people contracted the disease.What fraction of the population is healthy at the end of the second month?

3、Mpho, Barry, Sipho, Erica and Fatima are sitting on a park bench.Mpho is not sitting on the far right. Barry is not sitting on the far left.Sipho is not sitting at either end. Erica is sitting to the right of Barry,but not necessarily next to him. Fatima is not sitting next to Sipho.Sipho is not sitting next to Barry.Who is sitting at the far right?


4、Of the 28 T?shirts in a drawer, six are red, five are blue, and the rest arewhite. If Bob selects T?shirts at random whilst packing for a holiday, what is the least number he must remove from the drawer to be sure that he has three T?shirts of the same colour?

5、In an alien language, jalez borg farn means "good maths skills". Nurf klar borg means"maths in harmony" and darko klar farn means "good in gold".What is "harmony gold" in this language?

6、Five children, Amelia, Bongani, Charles, Devine and Edwina, were in the classroom when one of them broke a window. The teacher asked each of them to make a statement about the event, knowing that three of them always lie and two always tell the truth. Their statements were as follows:Amelia: "Charles did not break it, nor did Devine."Bongani: "I didn't break it, nor did Devine."Charles: "I didn't break it, but Edwina did."Devine: "Amelia or Edwina broke it."Edwina: "Charles broke it."Who broke the window?

7、Did you know? A palindrome is a number which reads the same forwards as

backwards e.g. 35453. Next year 2002 is an example of a palindromic number. What is the difference between 2002 and the number of the previous palindromic year?

8、If a b = (3×b) then the value of 2 (2×a) (3 5) is____.


9、Two ants start at point A and walk at the same pace. One ant walks around a 3 cm by 3 cm square whilst the other walks around a 6 cm by 3 cmrectangle. What is the minimum distance, in centimetres, any one mustcover before they meet again?


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