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四年级 月份,星期,来自英国老师,笔袋,打电话,天气怎样

容易错的单词:student, hungry, thirsty, dolphin, teacher, always, whose, August, Wednesday be afraid of, welcome to, be angry with, dive drive, skateboard horse, house, shorts, shirts 注意’s代表什么:It’s a cat.(is), He’s a dog.( has), Let’s go. (us), Ginger’s. ’s表示谁的 Whose ball is this? It’s Peter’s. Whose 和How many一样,直接跟名词,谁的。 物主代词指谁的,my, your, our, their, his, her, its, Peter’s, Ginger’s.

复数物主代词s’ :单数teacher’s office, 复数teachers’ office

friend elephant cake case eight help pick the flower they, hamburger, insect, lion, biscuit, butterfly, watch, draw, man, men, woman, women, policewoman, policewomen 发音易错:eleven, elephant, coffee, thirteen, swim, fast, aunt, teacher, jeans, coat, gloves 发音辨别 five, fine swim, swing write, white three, tree, train Mrs, Miss, Mr room, noon, moon books, box dogs, bag plane, plate grey, green ball, doll, door red, read, road sheep, ship blue, balloon kite, cat there are 和 they are

hear, hair hard, hand thin, swim, sing sit, swing

a an the 都是特定的东西的时候用,指一类东西一般是复数,词组里面一般不用a 重点: 可数名词复数

bee bees sheep fish deer he they I we mouse mice child children man men

peach peaches box boxes class classes butterfly butterflies

boy boys money moneys family families baby babies

不可数名词 也可以用SOME water milk bread paper 复数划掉

不可数名词可以加量词 two bottles of water a packet of sweets

gloves = 复数 ***可数名词也可以加量词 a pair of gloves = 单数

There is a loaf of bread. There are three bars of chocolates. 复数加在量词上面。


a cup of milk 不要忘记有of 这样就可以变成可数了 a bowl of noodles

*介词:in, on, under, above, beside, next to, down, up, with, at, behind, in front of, near *介词填空要区分:turn on, turn off, put on, put off, 先要看清中文意思

*日期的介词:in spring, in June; on Children’s Day; at six o’clock;

同音字too,two,to high,hi hear,here for,four write,right 词组:play cards play basketball

Give to look at 因为是词组play 后面没有 a 表示运动或本领 tie to; go skating go swimming ( go doing)去干什么

区别 slide swing seesaw sweet和orange可以是名词或形容词 fly飞,苍蝇 Short和shorts不一样 写单词和字母要注意大小写 不要漏the

反义词 girl cold long young fat big warm stand up dirty

Smooth rough soft

常用词汇:and和,but但是,both都,then然后,sometime有时候, too也 ,now现在 介绍用语:(使用一般现在时的be动词句型 Sb be sth. )

This is my sister. Her name is Sally. She’s thirteen. Her student number is sixteen. And this is my brother. His name is Tom. He is only eleven years old.

问候用语:Nice to meet you. Nice to meet you too. You are welcome.

习惯用法:What about you? What can you do? Are you afraid?

How do you feel? I’m happy. We’re tired. How does Kitty feel? She is hungry. hard tall short sweet bitter How does Danny feel? He is sad. How does Ginger feel? It is thirsty. 感觉怎么样 Who’s that man? That’s my father. What does your father do? He is a firefighter.职业 Welcome to fire station. 看到welcome后面一定跟介词to be afraid of ; be angry with



主语:I, you, we, she, he, it, they

一般动词:like, want, have BE动词:am, is, are 助动词:can后面直接加动词原型

*一般动词的句型:肯定句:Sb do sth. 否定句:Sb don’t do sth. (包含like, want, have) I like peaches. You like cola. We like eating peaches.

John likes his toy cars. 注意第三人称单数和不可数名词 She likes the peach.

动词第三人称单数形式和名词复数形式相似:注意ch, sh, s, x, y, o结尾

watches, stays, flies, goes, does, has,

Bryan likes ice cream. He puts some ice cream on the bread.

疑问句:Do sb do sth? Yes, sb do. No, sb don’t.

Does he like to play his toy cars? Do you like eating peaches?

We like swimming very much. Do you like swimming? Yes, I do.

特殊疑问句What does she want? She wants a cake with cream and berries. Like的句型:I like to eat peaches. (like to do) = (like doing)

Want的句型:I want to play football. She wants a small dog. (want to do)

Have的句型:(have是动词原形,has是have的第三人称单数形式,相当于does) 肯定句:Sb have sth. 否定句:Sb don’t have sth.

I have shorts in summer. He has an aunt. She doesn’t have an uncle. 一般疑问句:Do sb have sth? Yes, sb do. No, sb don’t.

Do you have any brothers and sisters? No, I don’t, but I have a cousin.

Does Kitty have any aunts and uncles? No, she doesn’t, but she has a brother.

What do you have for summer? 优先用for 如果没有for 选择 in。


*Can的句型:跟动词原形。肯定句:Sb can do sth. 否定句:Sb can’t do sth. I can play cards. He can swim well, but he can’t skip.

Can一般疑问句:Can sb do sth? Yes, sb can. No, sb can’t.

Can you play football? Can Kitty swim? 动词不用看主语

Can your pony sing? No, he can’t. Can your sister count to three? Yes, she can.

What can you do? Can you swim? (can后面跟动词原形)

*Be动词句型:肯定句:Sb be sth.

I am a girl. We are girls. They are teachers. He is my father. It is a cat.

Be动词一般疑问句: Are you a farmer? Is She your mother?


Let’s句型:Let’s go home. Let’s fly a kite. Let’s have some mooncakes. (let’s动词原形) Let’s go running. Let’s go skating. Let’s go doing. Do后面的动词要加ing

命令句型:Come in, please. Have some water then.

Don’t的句型:Don’t run on the road. Don’t play with fire. (Don’t用动词原形) * 一般现在时还有be动词的句型: is are am 看前面主语,以前面为准。

* There is are 看后面靠近的为准,注意不可数名词

There is some water and three eggs. Here are three sheep and a cup of water.

现在进行时句型:Sb be doing sth. They’re wearing jackets today.

动词的现在分词形式:直接加上ing:jumping skiing reading

结尾双写:running swimming hopping 去掉不发音的e再加ing:writing skating 打算句型:Sb be going to do sth. We are going to the park.(准备打算去公园)


特殊发音:many, busy, elephant, coffee, bottle, robot, orange, eleven



2. 一个字母可能发短音,两个字母可能发长音。

3. 有r在后面,发长音。


*u发音 长音[ju :] 长音[u :] full, June, ruler u短音[?] duck, bus, lunch, jump, button, hungry, under, umbrella, u短音[i] busy很少 *oo发音 长音[u :] cool, moon, school, hoop, roof, room, smooth, zoo, noodles, afternoon, , oo短音[u] cook, book, foot, football, look, good比较少 背

*o的发音 o短音[?] 中间 o短音[?] o长音[u :] o长音[?u] , ’t, pony

* ow 长音[?u] ow长音 [au]

* ou 长音[au] ou 短音[?] cousin, rough, young, country 比较少 背

*a发音 短音发[?e] magic, man, map, camera, cap, lab, lamp, jam, bag, 都在中间 thank, sad, has, bad, van, and, fat, stand, hand, cat, dad, 特殊have, apple

a短音发[?都是w 开头

a长音发 [ei] 结尾是不发音的e

a长音发 [a :]


e短音发[e] best, every, dress, red, pencil, pen, egg, desk, wet, bed, let, net, yes, 中间 单词包含两个e a发[e] many, 比较少

e长音发[i :] 结尾是不发音的e ee发长音[i :] see, tree, canteen, meet, feed, bee, feet, between, sweet, feed, street, green, * ee发短音[i]: e发短音[i]:between, beside, behind

ea发短音[e] bread, head, weather, sweater, pleasure, 背

ea长音[i :] each, teacher, jeans, clean, meat, read, please, sea, eat, dream, peach, leaf, beach, i短音发[i] dish, litter, city, crisp, six, pig, pink, big, his, him, Jim, swim, with, is, thin, sit, sing, swing, chick, live, think, pizza, 中间

i长音发[ai] idea, China, icecream, hi, tiger, behind, climb, driver, bicycle,

beside, bite, dive, five, nine, kite, nice, like, white, write, rice, slide, 结尾是不发音的e igh发[ai] light, right, high, fight, bright,

y发长音[ai] my, dry, July, fly y发短音[i] sunny, cloudy, rainy, windy, Jenny, Tony 天气

元音加上r的发音:ar, or, oor, oar, our, er,

ar长音发 [a :] bar, far, farm, garden, card, scarf, hard, large, star, sharp, park, jar, [?al长音[?:]

or长音[?:] [? [?背 er短音[?] father, driver, brother, mother, sister, fighter, teacher, paper,结尾,

ir长音[?:] bird, girl, shirt, skirt, thirsty, thirteen, third, nurse, 在中间 发长音[?:]

[e?] pear, pair, there, their, 很多 [i?] ear, here, hear, near, fear, year 比较少 背ear为主



th清辅音[θ] s, think, thank, thirteen, thin, thing, thirsty, thick, throw, theatre 开头 both, path, mouth, north, tooth, bath, health, 结尾

th浊辅音[e] z, this, those, there, them, these, that, they, their, 开头

with, either, weather, father, clothes, 中间和结尾

s或ss 发音[s] see, six, some, seven, bus, us, horse, nurse, glass, grass, miss, address, this s发音[z] is, his, those, these, Chinese, Japanese, 比较少 背

sh发音[?] dish, fish, wash, splash, swish, wash, fish, shoe, sheep, shirt, push, brush开头结尾

ch发音[t?] chair, change, China, teacher, each, catch, watch, ch发音[k] school, Christmas wh发音[w] what, when, where, which, white, wh发音[h] who, whose 比较少 背 sp辅音[sp] wasp, crisps,

st辅音[st] toast, post, postman,

sk辅音[sk] desk, mask, ask,

sn辅音[sn] snake, snow,

sw辅音[sw] swim, swing,

sl辅音[sl] slide, sleep,

br辅音[br] bread, Bryan, brown, brother, brush,

cr辅音[cr] cream, cry, crow, crisps,

dr辅音[dr] dress, dream, drink, drive, dry

fr辅音[fr] fruit, from,

gr辅音[gr] green, grapes, grandpa,

pr辅音[pr] princess, prince, pretty,


tr辅音[tr] tree, trousers, trouble, trip,



Part 1 Listening (听力部分):40%

Ⅰ. Listen and choose(选出听到的单词或词组,将字母代号写在题前的括号内) Ⅱ. Listen and choose(选出听到的句子,将字母代号写在题前的括号内)

Ⅲ. Listen and choose(听音选出正确的应答句,将字母代号写在题前的括号内)

Ⅳ. Listen and choose(根据听到的内容和问题,选择正确的答案,将字母代号写在题前的括号内)听的时候要注意单数还是复数1. A. It’s nice. B, The. They are nice. Ⅴ. Listen and fill in the blanks(听一听,填入所缺的单词,完成短文)


Ⅵ. Listen and judge(听音,判断下列句子与听到的内容是否一致,用T或F表示) 注意:如果没有听清,可以通过上下文猜答案,事先划出题目的关键字:

( ) 1. We are in the park.

( ) 2. We like the animals.

( ) 3. The parrot is red and yellow.

( ) 1. Ben likes ice-skating. 划出关键字

( ) 2. Eddie is sitting beside the umbrella. 划出关键字

Part 2 Reading and writing(阅读和写作部分)60%

Ⅰ. Copy the words and sentences(正确抄写下列句子,注意大小写和标点符号)

a.先念一遍,判断陈述句,一般疑问句还是特殊疑问句,注意标点是句号还是问号。 b.句子开头,姓名第一,节日,I要大写,地址,特定地名,学校,公园,特指。 c.不要漏抄s,注意标点符号,注意’s。语气强烈用!

Yes和No简单回答要用逗号。Yes和No后面完整句子回答, Yes和No后面用句号。


mary is this an ant

yes it is(简单回答)

is that an ladybird on the flower tom

no its a butterfly(完整句子回答)

(语气强烈)look im tall and fat who am i youre danny

can supergirl paint a picture

hi kitty this is our cat

martin where do you live near our school

welcome to rainbow primary school(注意大小写)

our school is at no 126 garden street (注意大小写)

how much is eddies sweater its fifty yuan

please dont walk on the grass and dont pick flowers


no she cant but she can run fast(but特殊) her names ginger

Ⅱ. Read and judge(判断下列各组单词划线部分的发音,用“T”或“F”表示) 注意:一个单词有2个相同的字母,看清前面还是后面, 字母不同不一定发音不同。 *( **(

* ( *( *( * ( ) * ( ) *( * (

( )

( )



( ( ) ( ) ( ) ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( (


( ( ( ) ( ( ( )

( ( ( ) ( ) ( ) ( ) ( ( ) ( )

( ( ( )

( ( (

( ( (

( ( ) (

( ( ( ( ( ) ) (

( ( ) ( 11

( ( ) ( )

( (

Ⅲ. Read and write(读一读,写出相应的单词,每线一词) ) ( ) ’t


1. Hello, I am only one year old. I can’t _____, but I can _____ . (我只有一岁) and a pair of _______ for winter. (冬天,shorts不能用) and __________.

(注意冬天,尽量写冬天的运动,skiing, hopping, ice-skating, jumping, like加现在分词)

* 6. There ______ a computer in the classroom. I like ________ in the classroom. * 9. What insects do you know? _______, ________ and ________.

10. Do you like this chair? I want to get a _____ one.

11. Is Sam ______ of the ladybird? No, he’

12. The dog is chasing the cat. The dog is ___ the cat. (介词)

13. Don't bring the dogs here. Please bring them____ the park. (介词)

14. Today is my mother's birthday. I'm painting a picture _____ her. (介词)

15. Where is my book? It's _____ the pencil and the ruler.(介词)

16. Tom is my desk mate. He is sitting _____ _____ me.(介词)


IV. Choose the best answer(选择填空,将字母代号写在前面的括号内)

先仔细读一遍句子,包含问句和答句。注意句型,注意单复数,注意冠词。’s是什么 *1. Those are ______ computers.

A. Tom’s and Alice B. Tom’s and Alice’s C. Tom and Alice’s

*2. That is ______ computer.

A. Tom’s and Alice B. Tom’s and Alice’s C. Tom and Alice’s

*3. There is a pair of ______ in the bag.

A. sock B. two socks C. socks

*4. ______ windows? There are eight.

A. Count B. Find C. How many

*1. A packet of biscuits ______ nice.

A. is B. are C. has

*2. Do you like ____ ?

A. swim B. swimming C. swiming

** 3. Alice ____ eat the meat.

A. likes to B. likes C. like

4. What's in your hand? ______ some flowers.

A. They're B. The C. There are

5. That is a kite. It's ______ kite.

A. Alice and Mark's B. Alice and Mark C. Alice's and Mark's

6. She is angry ______ him.

A. on B. with C. of


* 7. Your father ____ five cakes.

A. are B. has C. have

* 8. My parents ____ meat .

A. like B. have C. likes

9. ____ flower is beautiful. I like ____ .

A. The, flowers B. This, flowers C. These, flowers

10. I like ____ tiger. I don’t like ____ lions .

A. these, those B. this, these C. those, that

11. How ____ the ice-creams feel?

A. are B. do C. does They’re sweet and cold.

12. The mouse is afraid ______ the cat.

A. to B. with C. of

13. Tim’s _____.

A. one-year-old B. one years old C. one year old

14. How many story books do you have ? _____ three.

A. There are B. They are C. I have

15._____ in the room? A cupboard.

A. What B. It C. What’s

16. Look, that’s _____ umbrella, ______ uniform is near it.

A. a, an B. an, an C. an, a

17. There are some _______ on the plate, but there isn’t any ________ in the bottle.

A. bread/milk


B. fish/biscuits C. sweets/milk

18. Mike _______ an English teacher. She _______ very nice.

A. is, is B. has, is C. has, has

19. _______ the tape to _______ the string.

A. Draw, use B. Stick, use C. Use, stick

20. ______ do you do before swimming?

A. How B. What C. When

21. Mr. black ______ tea with his friend, Miss Green.

A. is having B. is hasing C. have

22. My brother never ______ basketball on Sunday afternoon.

A. play B. playing C. plays

23. We can _____ with our noses and ______ with our hands.

A. taste, touch B. touch, feel C. smell, feel

24. The cat wakes up and ___ a mouse.

A. see B. is seeing C. sees

25. Welcome _____ today’s “Super Time”.

A. on B. to C. at

26. _____ can you see? I can see pink.

A. What B. What colour C. Who *27. Hello, _____ Peter.

A. you’re B. he’s C. this is

**28. Take the cake _____ Grandmother.

A. to


B. in C. for

**29. I have a pair of new trousers. _____ brown.

A. They’re B. They C. It’s

*30. I like _____ in spring and winter.

A. sleep B. sleeping C. to sleeping *31. Count the boys. _____ twenty.

A. They are B. There are C. There is *32. I’m happy. I want _____ a horse.

A. ride B. riding C. to ride

*33. What _____ your father like doing? He likes reading books.

A. does B. do C. is

*34. The leaf _____ and _____ in autumn.

A. falls, falls B. grow, grow C. fall, fall *35. The leaves _____ and _____ in autumn.

A. falls, falls B. grow, grow C. fall, fall *36. _____ do you do on Children’s Day? I go to the park.

A. Where B. How C. What

*37. Can Peter see many flowers? No. He _____ hear some birds.

A. can’t B. doesn’t C. can

38. What can ____ mother do? She can sing.

A. your B. you C. you’re

*39. How many ____ have you got? Two.

A. foot


B. feet C. foots

*40. What can your brother see? _______.

A. Black B. A Black cat C. Cat *41. The pair of shoes _______ for me.

A. am B. is C. are *42. Here _______ some pebbles.

A. am B. is C. are

*43. Can you take the photo ___ Wendy? Yes, I can.

A. for B. of C. to

*44. There is ___ apples on the table.

A. an B. some C. a box of

___ got a camera. *45. What have you got, Mrs. Li?

A. He's B. She's C. I've


C. Who *46. ___ are the sketch books? A. Whose B. Where

*47. ___ this man?

A. What's He's a driver. C. Where's B. Who's

*48. Let's count ____ 4 ___ 8.

A. to, to B. from, to C. for, to *49. She is angry ___ him

A. on B. with C. of

*50. Look at the toys. ____ on the shelf.

A. There are


B. She is C. They're

51. It's Friday afternoon. The sun is shining. It's a ______ day.

A. Friday B. sunny C. Friday afternoon

V. Look and write


1. I see two ________ (aviary) in the park. The birds like ________ (sing) in them.

2. Please _________(keep) quiet in the reading room.

* 3. She ________(make) a fruit salad now.

4. My friends __________ (not like) riding bicycles.

* 5. My mother is a ________(policeman).

6. These ________(teacher) chairs are new.

7. ________(who) pink bicycle is this? It's Mary's.

8. My brother Mike _______(like) toy ________(plane).

9. Show _______(he) that picture.

10. They are ________(he) sisters. They are _________ (policeman).

11. These _____(pony) are ______________ (Alice and Winnie).

Ⅵ. Rewrite the sentences(按要求改写下列句子,每线一词) 注意’s是什么 注意:先判断句型,再圈主语,划线部分提问就是特殊疑问句,小心单复数: how much, how many, what, what colour, how, who, where, which, when does Charlie like?


1. Are they old postmen? (变单数)

2. Fred likes tigers. (否定句) Is ___ ____ old _____ ? Fred _____ not _____ dogs.


3. Does she like singing? (否定回答) _____, she ______.

4. Mr Wang is a bus driver. _______ Mr Wang?

5. Danny has a yellow T-shirt. ______ Danny _____ a yellow T-shirt.

6. These are orange dresses. ______ is _____ orange dress. (特殊疑问句)


9. What’s in your bag? (回答句)

10. ______(there are) twenty boys in your class? (特殊疑问句)


13. This is a big gate. (复数句) _____ can the cat ____? _____ can the cat ____? _____ ______ you? _____ ______ you? _____ _____ big gates. _____ _____ they eat? _____ football _____ that? (划线提问) 划线提问)

对划线部分提问) _____ _____ is this? 对划线部分提问)

__________ __________ his friend’s name?

18. It has a big trunk. (句意不变) _____ trunk is big.

19. There are many desks and chairs in the classroom. (对划线部分提问) __________ __________ in the classroom?

1. It’s a monkey. (改为复数句,加some)

2. Are those elephants? (改为单数句,加a或an)


3. (对划线部分提问)

4. The desk is hard. (改为否定句,意思不变)

5. (对划线部分提问,只要do和does的方法)

6. (对划线部分提问)

7. He can hear a tiger . He can’t see it. (合并成为一句)

8. Lisa has a coat. It’s orange. (合并成为一句)

9. I like sweet biscuits.

10. T

11. I want to make a hat.

12. I划线部分提问)

13. There is some water in the glass. (改为否定句)


(I改为my friend) (划线部分提问,只要do和does的方法) (改一般疑问句,作肯定回答)

14. M划线部分提问)

15. M

* Please close the door. ( 改成否定句 )


* Clean the chair, please. ( 改成否定句 )

__________________________________________________ 改为特殊疑问句,对划线部分提问 )


She’改为特殊疑问句,对划线部分提问 )


* There is a book on my desk. ( 复数句 )


Ⅵ. 首字母填空

Every Monday Tom gets up early. He wears his school uniform and a p_____ of sneakers. He has a b____ of milk and a b____ of fried noodles for breakfast. Then he w____ to school.

* I like reading books. I a___ go to the library on Sundays.

* It's eleven o'clock. Tim is h_______ lunch now.

Where is Tony now? He is at h______. (划线部分提问)


Ⅶ. Reading comprehension(阅读理解) 仔细读一遍文章,并画出关键字,找出对应内容

(一). Read and judge(阅读短文,判断正误,用T或F表示)

It’s Sunday today. It’s sunny and warm. Amy, Betty and Adel are in the park. There is a river in the park. It’s not big but very clean. You can see some ducks swimming on the river. They are Mother Duck and four ducklings. There is a mountain in the park too. The mountain is colourful. The trees are green and the flowers are beautiful. You can see red, pink, purple, and yellow flowers. Amy and her friends are on the grass now. Look! Amy is riding a bicycle. She is wearing a red skirt. She likes riding a bicycle. Betty and Adel are playing with a little dog. Adel is wearing a blue shirt. They like dogs very much. They are very happy!

( ) 1. Amy and her three friends are in the park. (friend 一般指的是人)

( ) 2. There are five ducks in the river.

( ) 3. Adel and Amy like dogs very much.

( ) 4. It is winter now.

( ) 5. Adel is wearing a red shirt.

( ) 6. Betty is wearing a blue shirt.

( ) 7. Amy is wearing a red skirt.


(二). Read and choose(根据短文内容选择)

The weather in shanghai is very nice. It is warm in spring. It’s warm. We need a shirt and a blouse. It is hot in summer. We need a T-shirt and shorts. We like autumn. It’s cool. It’s often cloudy and windy in autumn. We can see yellow and brown trees. We don’t like winter. It’s so cold. Sometimes it is snowy. The snow is white and cold. I like white.

( ) 1. How many seasons in a year?

A. four seasons. B. five seasons

( ) 2. How is the weather in spring?

A. It’s warm. B. It’s cold.

( ) 3. What do you need in spring? We need ______.

A. shorts and a blouse B. a shirt and a blouse

( ) 4. We don’t like ______.

A. summer B. winter

( ) 5. In summer, we need ______ and ______.

A. shorts, a shirt B. shorts, a T-shirt

( ) 6. What colour do I like?

A. I like black.

Ⅷ. Write

注意:写作文先划出要素,颜色,气候,人物,要素都要完整,句型数量和单词数量要符合要求。现在进行时,写作文时可以不写。祈使句,BE动词,一般动词,can,There be。尽量用简单的句型和单词。


B. I like white.




Wolf Wolves

单数 复数

come加s come不加s


Here comes the wolf. Here come the wolves.

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