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box __________ _______ _____ ________ _______ hero ________ ________ ____ ________ _______ _____ ________ ___ ________ _______ _________ _____ _____ I him _________ ______

1.Do you drink much (milk, milks)? 2.I visited (Tom, Tom's) house yesterday.

3.He had two (cup ,cups) of tea. 4.This is (Tom and Mary's ,Tom's and Mary's) house.

5.Give me a (piece of ,×)paper, please. 6.I don't want (a, an)old cap.

7.Look at those (sheep, sheeps ). 8.How many (radioes , radios ) can you see?

9.There are 36 (boys, boies) in my class. 10.That bag is my (father's, father's bag.)

11. Please give me (two /two cups of )coffee. 12. There are a lot of (sheep /sheeps ) on the farm.

13. I’d like some (bread / breads ) and (potato /potatoes). 14. Look! There is a (mouse /mice) in the corner.

15. He bought (a piece of /a piece ) paper. 16. “Where is (Woman’s / Women’s) Room?” asked Susan.

17. (The girl’s/The girls’ )hobby is drawing. 18. Aunt Lucy sent (a child’s /a children’s ) book to me.


1.我的爷爷________________________ 2.杰姆的房间__________________________

2.我奶奶的钱包_______________________ 4.那些学生的书_______________________

5.这些工人的外套______________________ 6.那些小孩的父母_____________________

7.那些男人的帽子____________________ 8.那间教室的窗户_____________________

9.海伦的同学________________________ 10.这些男孩的床________________________

11.汤姆的姑父_________________________ 12.我兄弟的钢笔_________________________

13.那些老师的书桌_____________________ 14.这些医生的杯子________________________

15.那些女孩的座位____________________ 16.那些女人的自行车_____________________

17.那些警察的裤子____________________ 18.那个书包的颜色_________________________


can't_________ I'd_________ aren't________ let's_________ wasn't_______ that's________ don't when's_______ you're_______ he's________ she's________ isn't _________ I've________ shouldn't_______ I'll_________


1.live in this building. (family)

2.. (child)

3.standing near the door. (policeman)

4. on the table. (glass)

5.? (bread)

6.. (sister)

7.8. for supper? (potato)

9.10. on the ground. (leaf)


1.This is a knife. _________________________________________

2.That is a tomato. _________________________________________

3.I have a wish. _________________________________________

4.That child is very lovely. ___________________________________

5.An Englishman stood there. __________________________________


in the garden.



4. It’ with you.

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