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1.______ good girls they are!

A. How B. What a C. What D. How a

2.Let me ____ you ___ the airport.

A. drive ...to... B. drive ...at... C. drive ...in... D. drive ...for...

3.I have _____ got my passport.

A. yet B. just now C. already D. also

4.We _____ stay there for two hours.

A. have B. have to C. having D. has

5.Shall I ____ the window?

A. open B. opens C. opened D. opending


1.C 这里是感叹句 What + 可数名词复数 + they are!意为:她们是多么好的女孩啊!

2.A 这里用 drive sb. to + 地名,意为:“开车送某人去某地”

3.C 这里 already“已经”用于现在完成的肯定句中,放在行为动词前。

4.B 这里 have to + 动词原形意为:不得不...,必须。

5.A Shall I + 动词原形 + 其它?(询问意向) 我....好吗?


Is it possible to send messages to someone anywhere in the world without putting a stamp on it?It’s easy to do so. Using computers you can send e-mail quickly and easily. If you have an e-mail address, you can write, send and receive messages.

E-mail is the most inexpensive way to communicate. You can send messages at any time to people all over the world without paying for a long-distance call. Many companies use e-mail for people in their offices or in other offices to communicate with one another. You can send the same message to fifty people or more. It doesn’t matter if your friends are in bed when you send e-mail to them, or you are seeing a film at the cinema when they send e-mail back. Many schools and universities give e-mail addressed to their students. E-mail addresses are becoming as common as phone numbers, but it can also make our lives more complicated.

1.What do you need to send and receive e-mail?

A. A computer. B. An e-mail address. C. A computer and an e-mail address. D. A calculating machine.

2.Which is cheaper and faster to send messages, by e-mail or by post?

A. By post. B. By e-mail C. Both of them. D. Neither of them.

3.When and where can e-mail be sent?

A. Any time and in the school. B. Anywhere and in the morning. C. Any time and anywhere. D. Nowhere.

4.E-mail addresses are becoming as common as phone numbers, but it can also make our lives ____

A. happier B. simple C. more complicated D. happy.

5.Do you think it’s helpful to use e-mail? Why?

A. I think it’s helpful. Because it’s the most inexpensive way to communicate. B. I don’t think it’s helpful. Because it’s the most expensive way to communicate. C. I don’t think it’s helpful. Because it’s the most necessary way to communicate. D. I think it’s helpful. Because it’s the most expensive way to communicate.


1.C. 收发电子邮件需要计算机和电子邮件地址.

2.B. By e-mail. (通过电子邮件发放信件既便宜又快)

3.C. 任何时间与任何地方都能发送邮件.

4.C. 电子邮件变的像电话号码一样的普通, 但是它使我们的生活更复杂.

5.A. 用电子邮件是有用的, 因为它是最便宜的交流方式.


Now computers can do a lot of __1__. It is widely used in factories, __2__,and banks. A computer can report, decide, and control in almost every field. Many scientists are now thinking of __3__ the computer “think” like a man. With the help of a person, a computer can __4__ pictures, write music, talk with people, translate languages and so on. Perhaps computers will one day __5__ think and feel. A. bring B. brings C. take D. takes

1. A. thing B. work C. some things D. some works

2. A. houses B. homes C. house D. home

3. A. make B. made C. making D. to make

4. A. draw B. paint C. look D. watch

5. A. real B. really C. true D. fact


1.B. do a lot of work意为 “做许多工作.”

2.A. It is widely used in factories, houses and banks. 意为 “它被广泛运用于工厂, 房子和银行.

3.C. think of doing something 意为 “想到做某事.”

4.A. draw pictures 意为 “画画”.

5.B. really 意为 “真正地”.



J___ i_ g___ a_ E______.


J___ i_ p___ a_ C______.


W__ w__ h_ l___ f__ s______


I w___ w___ h___ u____ M_ L_ c____ b___.


M____ t___ a__ i_ t__ t______________ n__.



Jack is good at English.


Jack is poor at Chinese.


Why was he late for school?

4.我将等在这直到李先生回来。 I will wait here until Mr Li comes back.

5.现在他们也许是在老师的办公室。 Maybe they are in the teachers'office now.

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