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1. live near school 住在学校附近

2. live far (away) from school 住在离学校远的地方 3. forty minutes 40分钟 4. go to school by underground 乘地铁去上学

5. go to different places 去不同的地方

6. get to=arrive in/at=reach 到达

7. get there/here/home 8. on Simon’s way to school 在Simon上学的路上

9. on my/our/your/his/her/their way to school

10. some restaurants and hotels 一些餐馆和宾馆

11. go to school by bus= go to school on the bus=take the bus to school 乘公交车上学 12. a few parents 几个家长

13. walk to school=go to school on foot 步行去上学 14. light rail 轻轨

15. quite a few advertisement boards 不少的广告牌 16. department stores 百货商店 17. a housing estate 一个居民区 18. a police station 一盒警署 19. a swimming pool 一个游泳池 20. several banks 几个银行 21. two hours and a half=two and a half hours两个半小时

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