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A picnic

I had a wonderful picnic yesterday. My mother , my father and I went to the park together .The park was very big and nice. We ate many things . My mother prepared a lot of food for the picnic ,such as bread ,hamburger , sandwiches, apples and so on. I was very happy to eat the delicious food . There were also some soft drinks . I played games with my parents .The weather was fine , so we flew a kite .

We were glad to have the wonderful picnic . I hope that we can have it again.

My healthy diet

I have a healthy diet .Every morning I have some bread , fresh vegetables and milk . At noon , I usually have some fish , vegetables and rice . I never have too much for supper . A healthy diet is very important to us because without a healthy diet , we cannot have a healthy body . And without a healthy body , we cannot work or study . So, to have a good body , we must have a good diet.

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