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One time
singer:Justin Bieber

Time [ taim]
? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? 时间 The philosopher speculated about time and space. 这位哲学家在思索时间和空间问题。 次, 回 He told the same style old jokes I've heard fifty times before. 他讲的老笑话, 我已听过五十遍了。 时代, 时期 复数times It doesn't meet the requirements of the times. 它不适应时代的要求。 时机, 做某种活动的时候 This time is ripe for action. 采取行动的时机已经成熟。


Me plus you ? I‘ll tell you one time ? 我和你 ? 我要告诉你

? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? (表示运算)加, 加上 minus multiply by didive What's seventeen plus nine? 17加9等于多少? (表示数目)在零(度)以上, 正 加号, 正号 He seems to have mistaken a minus for a plus. 他似乎把负号误作正号了。 adj. 正的 Three is a plus quantity.

One Time 一次 When I met you girl my heart went knock knock ? 当我看到你时,我的心就砰砰直跳 Now then butterflies in my stomach won’t stop stop 直到现在我仍紧张不已 无法停止 And even though it‘s a struggle love is all we got 尽管为了这份爱 我们要去努力

So we gonna keep keep climbing till the mountain top 我们要努力 直到最后胜利

Keep doing sth


? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

Your world is my world 你的世界 就是我的世界 And my fight is your fight 我的斗志就是你的斗志 My breath is your breath 我的呼吸就是你的呼吸 And your heart 还有你 的心 I got my 我得到了我想要的 You‘re my One love你就是我的爱 My one heart我唯一的爱


? ? ? ? ?

My one life for sure 我的生命 Let me tell you one time 让我告诉你 一次 girl I love girl I love you 女孩我爱你

? out of breath 喘不过起来 breath in 呼进 breath out 呼出 breath again 宽心 deep breathing 深呼吸

? ? ?

? ?

You look so deep 你看起来如此深不可测 You know that it humbles me 这让我深受打击 Your by my side and troubles them don't trouble me 你站在我身边,让我困惑不已 Many have called but the chosen is you 许多人约我,但我的选择是你

? ? ? ? ?

Give you everything you need down to my last dime 给你所有你需要的,直至一无所有 She makes me happy 她让我开心 I know where I'll be 我知道我将会在哪里

? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? [bai] prep. (表示位置)在…近旁; 在身边 On a cold evening it is pleasant to sit by the fire. 在寒冷的夜晚坐在炉火旁边很舒服。 (表示时间)不迟于; 在…时候 Be here by four o'clock. 四点钟之前到这儿。 (表示方向)从…中经过 They came in by the back door. 他们是由后门进来的。

? by the sea adv. 在海边 by the day 按日 ? by the time 到…时候为止 ? by air 乘飞机; 航空邮寄(信件) ? We can now travel b

y air. 现在我们可以坐飞机旅行。

? by the way
? 顺便地, 附带说说 ? By the way, what time is it? ? 顺便问一下, 现在几点了? ? by themselves by myself ? 全靠他们自己 ? They did it all by themselves. ? 他们全靠自己完成这事。

herself ourselves

? (表示方式)搭乘, 通过; 抓住…; 靠, 采取; 就…而论; 以…称呼方式; 以…的名义; 凭着 ? Are you to go there by bike or by bus? ? 你骑车还是坐车去? ? (表示原因)随…而来 ? The meeting will be held in the school hall, by permission of the headmaster. ? 由于有校长的准许, 会议将在学校大厅举行。 ? (表示方位)偏于 ? The steamer will go west by north.
? 这艘轮船将向北偏西方向航行。

? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? 困难, 忧虑, 麻烦 The old lady told me all her troubles. 这个老太太把她的烦恼都告诉了我。 困境, 险境 The new company did well at first, but then ran into trouble. 这家新公司最初办得还不错, 但后来就陷入困境了。 麻烦, 费事 The trouble is that he doesn't have enough money. 麻烦在于他缺钱。 动乱, 纠纷 She had no hand in this trouble. 她没有参与这次纠纷。

? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? 【str?ɡl】 vi. 搏斗; 奋斗; 努力 The thief struggled desperately. 那匪徒拼命挣扎。 n. 打斗, 搏斗, 战斗, 斗争 Three people were hurt in the struggle. 有三人在搏斗中受了伤。 努力, 奋斗 It was a hard struggle to get my work done in time. 为使工作按时完成, 我做了一番努力。

? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? adj. 谦逊的, 谦虚的 In my humble opinion, he will win the election. 依我拙见, 他将在选举中获胜。 低下的, 卑微的 He is a man of humble birth. 他出身卑微。 简陋的, 低劣的 We live in a humble cottage. 我们住在一所简陋的小屋里。 vt. 使谦恭, 使卑下 The examination results humbled him. 考试成绩挫了他的傲气。

? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? 尊重, 敬重 One must show honour to one's parents. 人人都应该尊敬父母。 名誉, 信用, 荣誉 Her honour was discredited in the newspapers. 她的名声被报纸败坏了。 被引以为荣的人物 He is an honour to his country. 他是祖国的光荣。 荣幸 It has been a great honour your coming to visit me. 您来看我, 不胜荣幸。 各种荣誉称号 He received many honours from many cities, colleges and societies. ? 他享有许多城市、大学及学会所授予的荣誉称号。

? ? ? ?

vt. 尊敬 We all honour courageous people. 我们都尊重勇敢的人。

? 承兑, 执行 ? We demand that they honour this contract. ? 我们要求他们执行这份合同。

? ? [?n?r?bl] adj. ? 诚实的, 正直的 ? These businessmen are both competitive and honourable. ? 这些商人

既有竞争性又很诚实。 ? 尊敬的, 高尚的 ? He is descended from an honourable family. ? 他是名门望族的后裔。


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