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Unit 2 词组和句子汇总

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37. discuss it with your classmates 38. all right 好吧

1. talk to her 和她交谈 39. on the internet 在网上 2. in Garden City 40. reuse shopping bags Unit 2 I have a good friend

3. go out at night 4. Ocean Park 5. a little dog 6. North City Park 7. good friends 8. Water World 9. be together 10. walk to school 11. all the things round us 12. share their food 13. help each other 14. learn from each other 15. be late for school 16. get angry 17. be never naughty 18. air pollution 19. water pollution 20. land pollution 21. put rubbish into rubbish bins 22. almost every day 23. help me with my English 24. help (to) do housework 25. help my mother (to) do housework 26. never tell lies 27. lie to me 28. live in the USA 29. look after the environment well=take good care of the environment 30. pollute the environment 31. pick up rubbish 32. leave rubbish 33. tell people not to leave rubbish 34. tell me to go to bed early 35. promise to keep the environment clean 36. promise not to pollute the earth

41. keep our class room 42. for the first time 43. on Sunday 44. on the morning of National Day 45. get angry 46. wok hard 47. be hardworking 48. be kind to=be friendly to 49. walk to school together 句子 1.They like to be together. 她们喜欢在一起 2. They like to share food together 她们喜欢一起分享食物 3. They like to help each other 她们互相帮助彼此 4. We want to be friends of the earth. 我们想要成为地球的朋友 5.She is always/never late for school. 她总是\从不上学迟到。 6.He always /never tells lies. 他总是\从不说谎 7.I have not been to Beijing yet 我尚未去过北京。 8.What about Water World? ……怎么样? 词性

help—helpful---helpless pollute—pollution friend----friendly use ---reuse---useful----useless---used discuss---discussion

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