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实义动词 有实在意义的。

I run on the playground.


am, is, are

Andy’s father is a teacher.


She doesn’t like skating. 帮助主要动词的。 Do you have a brother?


You can run. 只能和其他动词一 起使用,表说话人态 May I ask you a question? We must go now. 度

be动词 感官动词 表示状态的词

第一人称 第二人称

I am you are he is

I ’m you’re he’s she’s it’s 缩写 we’re you’re they’re


she is it is

人称 第一人称 第二人称 第三人称

复数be动词的形式 we are you are they are

我用am, 你用are, is连着他,她,它 复数人称全用are

用am,is,are填空 1. Where ___ ___ at home. is your father? He is 2. How _______ your mother? is 3. Mike and I ______ at school. are 4. Whose dress ______ these? are 5. Whose socks ______ they? are 6. That ______ my red skirt. is 7. Who ______ I? am 8. The jeans ______ on the desk. are 9. Here ______ a scarf for you. is 10. Here ______ some sweaters for you. are


look 看起来 taste 尝起来 smell 闻起来 sound 听起来 feel 感到,摸起来

(C )1. _______ everyone here today? A. Be B. Are C. Is D. Am (B )2. Tim is older than I. But he ___ younger than I. A. look B. looks C. looked D. looking ( A)3. It _______ like the singing of my father. A. sounds B. looks C. smells D. tastes

( A)4. This kind of coffee tastes _______. A. good B. well C. to be good D. to be well

(C )5. The children are _____ to see their teacher and look at her ______. A. happy, happy B. happily, happily C. happy,happily D. happily, happy (D )6. This kind of paper _______ nice. A. feel B. felt C. is feeling D. feels

( B)8. Dinner is ready. How nice it _______! A. looks B. smells C. sounds D. feels

帮助主要动词,例如常见的do, does, don't, doesn't, did, didn't 我们各个时 态还会继续学习。 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Do you like coffee? she doesn't have a dog. He didn't go home yesterday. Does Mary get up at 7:00? You don't know.


2、情态动词后必须加动词原形!!! 3. 情态动词的否定,直接在后面加


1, 能 2,推测,有可能性
I can make the bed. 我会整理床铺。 Can I help you? 你能帮帮我吗? That can’t be Sally.那不可能是 Sally t (否定句中当“不可能”讲)

1,请求 2,推测,有可能性
---May May I ask you a question? 我能问你一个问题吗? ---Certainly.当然可能。
Tom may be at home.Tom也许在家。

We must go to school.我们必须去上学。 It must be Sally.这一定是Sally.

We should clean the room. 我们应该打扫房间。

怎么样,好吗 Would you like to have an apple? 你想要吃个苹果吗?

…怎么样,好吗,比would还委婉 Could you give me a pencil? 你能给我一支铅笔吗?



Shall we go to the zoo this weekend?

I have to go to bed at 9:00 tonight. 我今天要9点睡觉。(因为我明天要很早起) I have to look after my little sister. 我不得不照看我的小妹妹。(因为我爸爸不 在家)

(A)1.we _____ see with our eyes. A. can B. shall C. will ( D )2. _____ I try it on? A. Must B. Can C. Will D. should

D. May

( B )3. ____ I go out to play? A. Can B. Shall C. Will

D. May

(D)4. This pencil is not mine. Whose ____ it be? A. must B. shall C. will D. may

? 背:感官动词、情态动词和它们的含义;be动词 用法口诀 ? 复习:第8章动词内容和笔记内容 ? 写:课本练习P61-65 ? 预习:第7章时态

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