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Module 77

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Module 7 Planes, boats and trains
? Unit 2 It’s the fastest train.

Which is the fastest?
The bike is

fast. faster.

The car is

The train is

the fastest.

(It’s the Shanghai-Pudong Express 特快列车.)

What can you see in the picture?(照片中能看到什么?)


Ferry terminal





Listen and match the paragraphs with the headings.(听录音判断下面四个标题分别属于听到的那一段描述)
? ? ? ? ? ? (A) British Airways 英国航空公司 (B) The Greyhound Bus 灰狗汽车公司\美国一家长途汽车公司 (C) The Shanghai-Pudong Express 上海-浦东特快列车 (D) The Star Ferry 天星轮





? 1( C )

2(A )

3( D)

4( B )

Read the passage and check(T or F) .
? 1.A taxi from Shanghai Station to Pudong Airport is cheaper than the train for two people.( T ) ? 2.A taxi from Shanghai Station to Pudong Airport takes eight minutes.( F ) ? 3.British Airways uses the Boeing 747 for long journeys.( T ) 4.The Boeing 747 travels longer than Other planes.( T) 5.You can take the Star Ferry from Hong Kong to the islands.( F ) 6.Americans like to travel by bus because it’s safer than going by car.( T )

Try to find them from the passage.(试着 从短文中找出下列最高级形式)
? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?
the fastest / the quickest 1.最快_____________ the busiest 2.最忙_____________ the shortest 3.最短_____________ the cheapest 4.最便宜_________________ the safest 5.最安全_________________ most expensive 6.最昂贵the __________________________ the most popular 7.最受欢迎________________________ the most famous 8.最著名的________________________

Act the dialogue
? ? ? ? ? ? A: Where are you from? B: I’m from___________. A: How do you go home? B: I go by_____.(train/bike/bus/car/ferry..) A: Why? B: Because it’s_____.(the fastest/the safest/the most dangerous/the most popular/the most expensive/the cheapest/the most comfortable…)

We should love China and the world.

( 1)


(2) (4) Chinese are great. People in the world are great ,too.

? 1.把生词在作业上抄写一遍。 ? 2.欢迎把今天表演的对话在作业上展示出来。 ? (以上两题可以任选一题)

?Thank you very much.


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