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Unit 8词组和句子

1. What would you like for dinner tonight? 今天晚饭你想要什么?

2. Would you like rice or noodles? 你想要米饭还是面条

3. I ‘d like rice for dinner.晚餐我想要米饭。

4. steamed prawns with garlic 蒜蓉蒸虾

5. What kind of soup would you like?你想要什么种类的汤? 6. Let’s have tomato.让我们吃西红柿

7. It’s my favorite.它是我的最爱

8. fried eggs with bacon 熏肉炒蛋

9. boiled eggs 煮鸡蛋 10. steamed fish 蒸鱼 11. boiling water 沸水

12. buy different food 买不同种类的食物

13. the prices of food 食物的价格

14. in the market/supermarket 在市场/在超市

15. at the vegetable stall 在蔬菜摊

16. in the frozen food section 在冷冻食物区

17. a packet of dumplings 一包饺子

18. my favorite food 我最喜爱的食物

19. fried rice 炒米饭

20. fried chicken wings 炸鸡翅 21. baked potatoes 烤土豆 22. sandwiches 三明治 23. cabbage soup 卷心菜汤 24. fruit salad 水果沙拉 25. dinner menu 晚餐菜单

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