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九年级英语What a large population课件2

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Topic 2 What a large population! Section A

继续学习含有just,already,yet,ever 和never的现在完成时态。



be(been) to Tian’anmen Square travel(traveled) by plane



see(seen) the sunrise

eat(eaten) dumplings 揭阳爱维艾夫医院

shopping center

Activity ? Activity 1 Listen to the dialog carefully.


? Activity 2 Answer the questions according to 1a.

1.Where has Kangkang just been? He has just been to a shopping center. 2.What happened to Kangkang and Michael ?
They got lost and couldn’t find each other. 3.Has Kangkang found Michael yet? No, he hasn’t. 4.Does Maria like going shopping? No, she doesn’t.

Kangkang: I really hate to go shopping. Maria: So do I .

1.Jane is a girl, Kate is a girl,too. is Kate. Jane is a girl, so __ 2.They can swim, we can swim,too. can we. They can swim, so ____ 3. I study hard, she studies does hard,too. I study hard, so _____ she.

提示: So+be/助动词/情态动词+主语(倒装句)

Activity ? Activity 3 Practice the dialog in groups .

Pay attention to the words and sentence:

just ,never,yet,before So do I. call—called—called be—was/were—been find—found—found



返 回

? Activity 4 Fill in the blanks with the given words and then practice the dialog with your partner.

just already yet ever never ever been to France? A:Have you ____ never B:No,I’ve _____ been to any European just countries. But Michael has ____ come back from France. never
He likes it very much.He says he has _____ yet seen such a beautiful country before. already A:Have you seen him ___ ? B:Yes, I have seen him _______ .


? Grammar
Go on learning the present perfect tense with “ just , already, yet , ever, never ”. ? So+be/情态动词/助动词+主语

? Test 1
Choose the right answers. 闯过语言难点关(共30分)

1.My mother is a worker, so ___ A my father. A. is B. are C. do C they. 2.We like watching TV, so ___ A. can B. like C. do B I. 3.He must finish the work, so ___ A. am B. must C. do

? Test 2 Fill in the blanks with words “just,never,ever,
yet,already”. 闯过综合技能关(共30分)

ever seen the film? A: Have you _____ yet already B: No,I haven’ t ___ . Peter has _______ come back from the cinema. He likes it very much. He never says he has ______ seen such a wonderful movie before. yet A: Have you seen him ____? just seen him. B: Yes, I have _____


? Finish the study plan for Section B.

? Recite dialog 1a on Page 9 .

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