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九年级英语What should I do Learning focus课件1

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What should I do

Learning focus

Teaching aims:
Master the important words and expressions.

Main and difficult points:
1.To pronounce the new words correctly. 2. To use the phrases and expressions in proper way.


1. question n. 问题 ask /answer a question vt.质询,问 question sb about sth eg: The policeman questioned me about the accident. vt.怀疑 question sth eg: Don’t question my words. questioner: n. 提问人 questionable: adj 可疑的,有问题的 eg : The questioner is questionable.

2.accidently adv. 偶然地,意外的 As I turned around, I hit him in the face accidentally. accident n. 意外事故 It is an accident. by accident 偶然的= by chance eg. I met him by accident accidental adj.意外的 an accidental death

3.guilty adj.有责任的,感到内疚的 --guiltier /guiltiest (more guilty/ most guilty) a guilty man I felt guilty about having told a lie.
guilt n. 犯罪感,内疚 He has a feeling of guilt.

He has a guilty look on his face.

4.change v . 变化
He’s changed a lot since I saw him last. Please change these pounds into dollars.

Vt. 改换…, 交换 Let’s change the topic.
Shall I change seats with you?

I’d like to change this dress for another.我想换一 件相同款式的衣服.

vi.vt. 换乘(车辆等交通工具)

I changed from the subway to a bus.

change n. 变化
There is no change in my hometown.

n. (u)找给的零钱, 硬币
The shop assistant forgot to give me the change.
I have no change.

5.bully n. 仗势欺人者(bullies)
He is a school bully.

v. 胁迫 ,恐吓,伤害
bully sb into doing sth胁迫某人做某事 He bullied me into signing my name. 6.tease v 取笑;=make fun of I was just teasing Don’t tease the dog, it will bite you.

7.note n. 笔记 make a note = take notes 纸币 a 100-yuan note 短信 she left a note to me. v. 注意 eg Note how the animals walk .
a nine-year-old girl an eight- hundred-word article a one-hour meeting a sixteen-day-long Olympic games

8.manage vt. (成功地)完成(困难的事) eg. In spite of his disappointment ,he managed a weak smile. vi.能解决,能应付 eg. Don’t worry about me, mum. I can manage without help. ( how) deal with/ ( what) do with 处理 manage 成功处理

? I tried to do with it, but I failed. ? I managed it, but I failed.



9. offer v .主动提出 ,主动给予 He offered some useful suggestions . n. 主动提议,建议 Thank you for your kind offer for help. 10.advise v. 建议,忠告,建议 advise sb to do sth 忠告某人做某事
eg. The doctor advised him to stop smoking. = The doctor advised him that he should stop smoking.

advise doing 建议做谋事 advise (sb.) against sth/doing sth 建议(某人)不做 某事 advise that sb (should) do sth. 建议…

1.Could you advise me about some places to visit. 2.They advised going out. 3.I strongly advised against going out on your own. 4. I advise that you (

should) buy the tickets in advance.

advisable adj 明智的,可取的 adviser n 顾问, 忠告者

advice (U)n. 建议 a piece of advice

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