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我家的厨房很大 My home kitchen is very large. 在厨房里有一个大大的食橱。

There is a large cupboard in the kitchen.


There are many glasses, cups and spoons in the cupboard.

我的妈妈喜欢做饭 My mother likes cooking.

我:妈妈,这些刀锋利吗? Me: Mom, are these knives sharp? 妈妈:不要碰那些刀。 Mom: Don’t touch those knives! 把那些刀和叉子给你爸爸。

Give those knives and forks to your father.

我:好的。 Me: OK.

我:这些是什么 Me: What are these?

妈妈:它们是筷子。 Mom: They are chopsticks.

爸爸:给我一听鱼罐头。 Father: Give me a tin of fish. 我:好。Me: OK.

一杯水 a glass of water 三瓶水 three bottles of water

一杯牛奶 a glass of milk 两杯牛奶 two glasses of milk 一张纸 a piece of paper 三张纸 three pieces of paper 一杯茶 a cup of tea 两杯咖啡 two cups of coffee 一副眼镜 a glasses

他正在通电话。 He is on the phone.

这个妇女正在清洗花瓶。That woman is cleaning a vase. 把那条领带给他。Give that tie to him.

把那些新雨伞给他们。Give them those new umbrellas.

哪个房间是我的? Which room is mine?

哪件衬衫是你的? Which shirt is yours? 把这个空箱子给她。Give this empty box to her. 我感到空虚。 I feel empty. 我感到很伤心。 I feel sad.

这个房间充满了人。This room is full of people. 中国是一个大国。China is a large country.

她是一个伟大的电影明星。 She is a big movie star. 削尖铅笔 sharpen pencil


There is a sharp knife under the box. 盒子里面有一些空瓶子吗?

Are there any empty bottles in the box.


Is there not an empty bottle in the room? 茶杯里有一些茶。There are some tea in the cup.

玻璃杯里有一些水吗?are there any water in the glass. 地板上有一些玻璃。There is some glass on the floor.

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