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一、选出划线部分的读音不同的一项。 ()1、A、apple B、cake C、catch D、had ( ,kkkkklo )2、A、help B、get C、we D、red ( )3、A、kick B、listen C、spring D、rice ( )4、A、stop B、top C、go D、fox ( )5、A、use B、uncle C、duck D、number

二、补全单词。 g____tar Amer____ En _ l ___d g__ __l Sep_____m ___r s___s __n w___term___l___n

A __g___st P____ s f _ _m ch____ n___l

三、按要求写单词: 1、写出表示十二个月份的单词:



__January February March April May June July August September October November December spring summer autumn winter

first second third fourth fifth sixth seventh eighth ninth tenth_eleventh twelfth thirteenth

5、写出下列单词相应的形式: 20(序数词)___________ go(过去式)______ was(原形)______ China(形容词)_________ cool(反义词)_________ Wind(形容词)________ sunny(名词)_______ have (第三人称单数)______ east (反义词)___ north(反义词)__________

四、英汉互译。 1、弹钢琴play the piano_2、打鼓play the drum 3、好主意___good idea_ 4、中国结_Chinese Knots 5、劳动节_May Day 6、玩得愉快__Have a good time 7、跳高__jump high___________ 8、火车站__a railway station_____ 9、kick goals ___________ 10、名胜古迹___a place of interest___ 11、试一试_have a try 12、去吧__go ahead__ 13、足球俱乐部 ______14、擅长于__ 15、 of course __________

16、看电视________ 17、出生_______________ 18、New York ___________ 19、堆雪人______________ 20、电视剧_______________ 21、How are you going to Beijing ? ____________________________________ 22、你来自哪里? __________________________________ 23、寒假马上就要到了。 ____________________________________ 24、你什么时候出生的? ____________________________________ 25/I am interested in music.___________

26、He can jump long. ___________ 27、今天几号了? ___________________________ 28、一年中有几个月? _____________________________________ 29When is your birthday? __ _______________ 30、你会弹吉他吗? ___________________________________ 五、选择填空。 1、( ) ------How do you conme to school? --------______bike. A. by B.on C. At D. By

2、( )London is ___ England. A.on B.of C. at D.in 3、( ) July is in ____ . A.Winter B.Autumn C. hot D.Summer 4、Please turn ____ channel5. A.on B.to C. in D.of 5、How many people are there in your family? —_______ A.There B.Three C.Third 6、I'm going to Hainan _____my holiday. A.to B.for C./ D.at 7、Shanghai is in the east ____China. A.of B.on C. at D.in

8、How many _______are there in a season? ------Three. A.months B.days C. month D.day 9、I'm good ____playing football. A.of B.at C. to D.on 10、School is over .Let's ____home. A.going B.to C. go D./ 六、连词成句。



2/are/four/there/seasons/a/in/year. ___________________________________ 3/on/TV/the/ture/I/may. ___________________________________ 4、/you/ like /best/seasons /do/ which.______________________________
5/singing/an/English/he/is//us/song/for. _________________________________

八、作文。请介绍一下你自己,要求用上我们这 学期学过的句型,如“我的出生年月、我最喜欢 的季节、我会干(兴趣爱好)……,字数不少于三 十个。

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