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班级 姓名(中文)


1._____ (He/I) is my father. 2. _____ (She/They) are Tom’s grandparents. 3. _____ (We/I) am Jim’s new friend. 4. Look at that white dog. _____ (They/It) is my brother’s. 5. Where are _____ (you/he from? 6. Do you like collecting stamps? Yes, _____ (you/we) do. 7. _____ (He/I) am a student at Heyang Primary School. 8. _____ (You/They) are my brother’s English teacher.


1.I ______ a boy. ______ you a boy? No, I _____ not. 2. The girl______ Jack's sister. 3. The dog _______ tall and fat. 4. The man with big eyes _______ a teacher. 5. ______ your brother in the classroom? 6. Where _____ your mother? She ______ at home. 7. How _______ your father? 8. Mike and Liu Tao ______ at school. 9. Whose dress ______ this? 10. Whose socks ______ they?


Mr.White looks out of his window.There is a boy at the other side of the street.The boy takes some bread out of a bag and begins eating it.There is a very thin dog in the street, too.The boy says to it, “I’ll give you some bread.” The dog is hungry and goes to the boy, but he does not give it any bread.He kicks the dog.It runs away, and the boy laughs.

Then Mr.White comes out of his house and says to the boy.“I’ll give you a shilling (先令).”The boy is happy and says,“Yes.”“Come here.” Mr.White says.The boy goes to him,but Mr.White does not give him a shilling.He hits him with a stick. The boy cries and says, “Why do you hit me? I do not ask you for any money.” “No,” Mr.White says,“And the dog does not ask you for any bread,but you kick it.”

( )1.Where is Mr.White at first?

A.He is in the room B.He is in the street.

C.He is in front of the house.D.He stands close to the boy.

( )2.Why does the dog go to the boy? Because__________.

A.it wants to eat B.the boy asks it to do so

C.the boy is the dog’s owner D.the boy is friendly to it

( )3.Why does the dog run away? Because__________.

A.the boy gives some bread B.the dog doesn’t like bread

C.the dog doesn’t like the boy D.the boy kicks the dog

( )4.Why does Mr.White tell the boy to come up to him? Because he wants to__________.

A.give him a shilling B.give him a good lesson(教训)

C.give him some more bread D.help the boy

( )5.What kind of man do you think Mr.White is? He is a __________man.

A.cruel (粗鲁的) B.sympathetic (富有同情心的)

C.Friendly D.polite (有礼貌的)


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