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1.There are forty-two students in our class. There are also two American boys. They are Jack and Mike. They are our good friends. They like watching TV, but they don't like playing basket-ball .They often go to school by bike. And I often go to school on foot. There is one English girl in our class. Her name is Lucy. She likes playing basketball and she also likes swimming. She usually does her homework in the evening. She often watches TV on Saturday afternoons. She is my good friend. All of the Chinese students are Yong Pioneer.


( )1、There are thirty-nine Chinese students in our class .

( )2、There are two American girls and one English boy in our class .

( )3、Jack and Mike are our good friends .

( )4、Jack and Mike like playing basketball .

( )5、Luck often does her homework on Saturday afternoons .

2. My name is Jack. I am a pupil of Grade One. I'm in No.1 Middle School. On weekdays I get up at six o'clock. I have breakfast at seven and then I go to school by bike. We begin our class at eight o'clock in the morning. We have four classes in the morning and three in the afternoon. At noon, I have lunch at home. Classes are over at four fifteen in the afternoon. After class, we often play football in the afternoon. I go home at about five.

I have supper at about six thirty in the evening. I do my homework at seven thirty. At weekend, I watch TV. I often go to bed at ten. I'm very happy.


( )1. Jack is a pupil in ______.

A. Class One B. Grade One C. Class Two D. Grade Two ( )2. Jack gets up at _________ in the morning.

A. five B. six C. seven D. eight

( )3. After class they often play ______ on the playground.

A. volleyball B. basketball C. football D. ping-pong ( )4. Jack often watches TV on __________.

A. Monday B. Thursday C. Sunday D. Tuesday

( )5. Which is true (真实的)? _________ .

A. jack is a good boy. B. Jack has his lunch at school.

C. Jack watches TV every day. D. Jack is not happy.

3. Hello, boys and girls. My name is Kangkang. I'm from Tianjin. I'm No.1 middle school.

My mother works in No.1 middle school. She teaches Chinese. My father is a doctor in a hospital. They both work hard.

On Sunday my mother and I often do some shopping. My mother likes shopping a lot. We will go shopping this Sunday afternoon. My mother says she will buy me a red coat. But I don't like

red. I want a yellow one. My mother says yes to me. I am happy.

My father doesn't like shopping at all. He likes animals best. He often takes me to the zoo. My favorite animal is the panda. I think panda are very cute. This Sunday morning my father will go to the zoo with me.

I love my parents very much. They love me, too. I have a happy family.

( ) 1. Kangkang's mother is a ____________.

A. doctor B. nurse C. teacher

( ) 2. What color does Kangkang like?

A. red B. yellow C. black

( ) 3. ______ likes animals best.

A. Kangkang's mother B. Kangkang C. Kangkang's father

( ) 4. ______ is Kangkang's favorite animal?

A. the monkey B. the panda C. the elephant

( ) 5. There are (有) ______ people in Kangkang's family.

A. two B. three C. four


4. Uncle Lee is coming to have dinner with us. Mum and I go shopping.We don't have any meat (肉). We need to buy some. It's ten yuan a kilo before (以前). But now two kilos are sixty yuan. I say, “Mum, let's buy some fish.” Mum answers, “OK.” Fish is Uncle Lee's favorite food. We buy one kilo and a half. We also buy some vegetables and some chicken, but we don't buy any hamburgers. Uncle Lee doesn't like them at all. Mum also wants to buy me some apples. You know, I like apples very much. But we can't find any. We go home at a quarter to five in the afternoon.

( ) 1. How much is meat now?

A. Ten yuan a kilo. B. Fifteen yuan a kilo C. Thirty yuan a kilo

( ) 2. What doesn`t mum buy?

A. meat B. chicken C. hamburgers

( ) 3. Uncle Lee`s favorite food is __________. A. fish B. chicken C. noodles

( ) 4. The writer`s (作者的) favorite fruit (水果) is __________.

A. apples B. bananas C. oranges

( ) 5. What time do they go home?

A. at 5:15 B. at 4:45 C. at 5:45

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