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____b____ ____D____ ____G____ ____h____ ____ K ____


( )1.Mike : Good morning. John: _____________.

(A) Nice to meet you. (B) Good morning.

( )2.Sarah: What’s in the classroom? Wu Yifan:_________.

(A) One blackboard, one TV, six lights. (B) It’s nice and clean. ( )3.Chen Jie :Let me help you. Amy: _____________.

(A)Thank you. (B) Hello.

( )4.门是橘红色的。

(A)The door is orange. (B)What’s on the door? ( )5.我们有一间新教室。

(A)I have a pen. (B)We have a new classroom. ( )6.A: Where’s the computer? B:_____________.(在窗户旁边)

(A)It’s near the window. (B)It’s near the desk.

( )7.我喜欢我的教室。

(A)I like my classroom. (B)The classroom is so big. ( )8.A:Hello! B:______!

(A) Nice to meet you. (B) Hello.

( )9.A: Where is the blue pencil box ? B: _______.(在地板上)

(A) It is on the floor. (B) It is under the teacher’s desk.

( )10.让我来擦黑板吧!

(A)Let’s clean the window. (B) Let me clean the blackboard.


( )1、你想问同学你的教室里有什么,你应该说:

A. What’s in the classroom?

B Where’s the classroom?

C What is the classroom?

( )2、你建议Zhang Peng去看一看,你应该说:

A. May I have a look?

B. Let me see.

C. Let’s go and see.

( )3、你向别人介绍你们的新教室,应该这样说:

A. This is my new seat.

B. Our classroom is beautiful.

C. This is the new classroom.

( )4、建议同学们打扫教室时,应该说:

A. Let’s clean the classroom.

B. Let me clean the windows.


C. We have a new classroom.


( ) ( ) ( ) ( ) ( ) ( )

(A).Turn on the light . (B).Clean the floor . (C).Open the door.

(D).Clean the blackboard. (E).Put up the picture. (F).Clean the window.


1 We have a new classroom.

2 Let’s go and see. 3 It’s so big.

4 Where is it? --------It’s near the window.

5 Let me clean the teacher’s desk.

6 Let me help you. 六、连词成句。

1. and the Let's classroom clean


2. me the Let desk clean teacher’s


3. up picture Put the


4. classroom What’s the in


5. near window the It’s



Hi! I'm Sarah. We have a new classroom. It's very big. You can see two blackboards, one computer, six fans, many desks and chairs. Three pictures are on the wall. They're nice. The windows are blue. The floor is purple. The door is yellow. My seat is near the window. I love my classroom.

( ) 1. Sarah's classroom is small.

( ) 2. You can see six fans.

( ) 3. The windows are yellow.

( ) 4.There are two blackboards in the classroom.

( ) 5. Sarah's seat is near the door.


( )1、A.door B. floor C. window D. near

( )2、A. blackboard B. fan C. light D. computer

( )3、A. classroom B. light C.blackboard

D. picture


( ) 4、A on B in C. teacher’s desk D. near

( )5、A.teacher’s des B. pupil C. student D. teacher


( ) ( ) ( )

( ) ( ) (

三、从方框里选择句子把对话补充完整 (只填序号)。(4分)

A: We have a new classroom?

Let’s go and see.

C: It’s so big! But it’s dirty(脏的).



A: Let me clean the teacher’s desk.


B: .

C: thank you. A. Let me help you. B. Let’s clean the classroom. C.Let me clean the windows.


( )What’s this? A.Really?

( )Where is it? B. It’s a bee.

( )1.We have a new classroom. C. It’s in a desk.

( )2.Where is it? D. One TV, many desks and chairs…

( )3.What’s in the classroom? E. It’s on the wall.


( )1.Chen Jie :Let me clean the board . Amy: ______________.

A. Thank you. B.Hello. C./

( )2.教室里面有什么?

A.What’s in the classroom ? B. What’s on the wall ? ( )3.我们有一间新教室。

A. This is a new classroom. B.We have a new classroom .

( )4.A: Where’s my book ?B:________________.

A. It’s near the door . (B) It’s a book.

( ) 5.让我们一起擦玻璃吧!

A. Let’s clean the windows . (B) Let me clean the windows. 3 )

( )6. —Let’s clean the windows. —

A. Yes. B. OK. C. Sorry.

( )7. Let clean the floor.

A. my B. I C. me

( )8. Mike: Miss White: Thank you!

A. Let me clean board. B. Let’s clean the board. C. Let me help you.

( )9. —in the classroom? —A board, two lights, many desks and chairs.

A. Where B. What’s C. How many

( )10. This my classroom

A. am B. is C. are


( ) ( ) ( ) ( ) ( )

A. Turn on the light . B. Sweep the floor . C. Open the door.

D. Put up the picture. E. Clean the window.


1.in, classroom, the, what’s(?)

3.near, window, it’s, the(.)

5. computer, the, green, is(.)

八、短文阅读,对的写“T”,错的写“F”。 (10分)

This is my classroom. It is very big. The wall is white. You can see a teacher’s desk, a computer, four pictures, five windows and six lights. The computer is black. It’s on the teacher’s desk. The pictures are on the wall. The windows are yellow. The lights are green. You can see many desks and chairs. They are blue.

( )1. The classroom is small.

( )2. The six pictures are on the wall.

( )3. The windows are yellow.

( )4. The computer is on the teacher’s desk.

( )5. The desks and chairs are blue.


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