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1.Who's your math teacher?Mr Zhao.

2.What's he like?He's thin and short.He's very kind.

3.Who's that young lady?She's our principal.

4.Is she strict? Yes, she is.

5.Is she active?No, she isn't.She's quiet.

6.I have a new math teacher.Her class is so much fun.

7.What day is it today?It's Monday.

8.What do you have on Wednesdays?

9.We have English, science, computer and P.E..

10.What do you do on Saturdays?

11.I often do my homework.

12.What about you? I do my homework too.

13.What would you like for lunch? I'd like some tomatoes and mutton.

14.What do you have for lunch today?

15.I have eggplant and tomatoes.

16.It's tasty.It's my favourite.

17.What's your favourite food? Fish.

18.I don't like grapes.They're sour.

19.Are you helpful at home?You're helpful.

20.What can you do?I can sweep the floor.

21.Just do it!

22.Can you set the table? Yes, I can.No, I can't.

23.I have my own room now.

24.What's it like?

25.There is a big closet, a new air-conditioner and a new mirror.

26.There are blue curtains.

27.Where is the trash bin? It's near the table.

28.There is a forest in the nature park.

29.Is there a river in the park? Yes, there is.No, there isn't.

30.There are many small houses in my village.

31.Are there any bridges in your village? Yes, there are.

32.Are there any tall buildings in your village? No, there aren't.


1.do, when, you, dinner, eat (?)

2.which, do, season, like, best, you (?)

3.is, when, birthday, your (?)

4.what, they, doing, are (?)

5.he, playing, is, chess (?)

6.eat, at, I, the, in, evening, dinner, 7:00 (.)

7.usually, at, I, get, 12:00, up, noon (.)

8.the, weekend, what, do, on, do, you (?)

9.visit, I, my, sometimes, grandparents (.)

10.do, like, why, you, summer (?)

11.in, swim, I, lake, the, can, because (.)

12.Bill's, is, June, Uncle, birthday, in, too (.)

13.her, is, in, birthday, June (?)

14.cooking, is, mom, dinner, the, in, kitchen (.)

15.in, study, he's, writing, e-mail, an, the (.)

16.is, she, what, doing (?)

17.are, climbing, they, trees (.)

18.eating, the, are, honey, they (?)

19.are, you, doing, what (?)

20.winter, I ,best, like (?)

21.fall, but, my, is, season, favourite (.)

22.watch, and, go, TV, shopping, I, usually (.)

1.When do you eat dinner? I eat dinner at 7:00 in the evening.

2.When do you get up? I usually get up at 12:00 noon.

3.What do you do on the weekend?

4.Usually I watch TV and go shopping.Sometimes I visit my grandparents.

5.I often play football.Sometimes I go hiking.

6.What's your favourite season?Winter.

7.Which season do you like best?Fall.

8.It's always sunny and cool.

9.I can play with snow.

10.Why do you like spring? Because I can plant trees.

11.When is your birthday? My birthday is in June.

12.Is your birthday in June, too? No.My birthday is in December.

13.It's October 1st, our National Day.

14.Who has a birthday in October? Me.

15.What's the date? It's October 1st.

16.What are you doing? I an doing the dishes.

17.What is your father doing? He's writing an e-mail.

18.This is Nina.Can I speak to your mom, please?

19.Please hold on.There's a call for you.

20.I see the mother elephant.

21.What is she doing? She is walking.

22.What about the baby elephant?

23.What is it doing?It's running.

24.What are the elephants doing? They're drinking.

25.What is Mike doing?He's watching insects.

26.What are you doing? I'm watching my classmates.

27.Where are they?They are in the woods.

28.Are they catching butterflies? No, they aren't./Yes, they are.

29.Where is Zhang Peng? He's in the woods.

30.Is he taking pictures? Yes, he is./No, he isn't.


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