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一般过去时 (PEP Book 8 Unit 3 Last Week / Unit 4 My


Hello, boys and girls! 今天我们讲一般过去时,分三个方面讲述,大家可要认真听哟!

I. 一般过去时的概念

一般过去时表示过去某个时间发生的动作或存在的状态。常和表示过去的时间状语连用。如:last year, yesterday等; 也可表示过去经常反复发生的动作,常和often, always等频率副词连用。


①I saw him in the street yesterday. 昨天我在街上看见他了。

②Li Mei always went to school on foot last year. 去年李梅总是步行上学。 II. 一般过去时的构成 动词过去式的构成:


①一般在动词原形末尾直接加上-ed。如:look-looked。 ②以不发音的字母e结尾的动词,去e再加-ed。如:live-lived。


④末尾是辅音字母+y结尾的动词,先变y为i,然后再加-ed。如:study-studied。 (2)不规则动词的过去式需特殊记忆。如:am(is)-was, are-were, go-went, come-came, take-took, have (has)-had等。

III. 一般过去时的几种句型

肯定句结构为:主语+动词的过去式+其它。如:He went to the toy store yesterday. 他昨天去玩具店了。

否定句结构为:主语+did not (didn't)+动词原形+其它。如:He didn't go to the toy store yesterday. 他昨天没去玩具店。

一般过去时的一般疑问句的构成: Did+主语+动词原形+其它?如:

1) -Did you go to Beijing last week? -Yes, we did. (No, we didn't.) 2) -Did you meet the businessman before? -No, I didn't. (Yes, I did.) 一般过去时的特殊疑问句的构成: 疑问词+did+主语+动词原形+其它?如:

1) -What did you do last night? -I did my homework. 2) -Where did you go last week? -I went to Shanghai with my parents.


watched TV, washed clothes, played football, cleaned the room,

visited grandparents, went to a park, went swimming, read a book,

went fishing, went hiking, learned Chinese, sang and danced,

took pictures, climbed a mountain, ate good food, bought presents,

rowed a boat, saw elephants, went skiing, went ice-skating.

班级____________ 姓名




⒈He ___________(visit) the Great Wall last year. 2.We____________(have) a good time yesterday. 3.We often __________(go) to school by bus last year. 4.I __________(live)in the village when I was a child. 5.Mike__________(see) a big tiger in the nature park last year. 6.Sam___________ (do) the housework yesterday. 7.________(do) you _________(enjoy) yourself yesterday?

8.________(do)you __________(play) the violin in the artroom yesterday?

No, I didn't. I___________(draw)some pictures there. 9.. I __________ (eat) a big pizza yesterday.

10.There_________ (be) many sheep on the farm last year. 11. I _________ (watch) a cartoon on Saturday. 12. Her father __________ (read) a newspaper last night.

13. We _________ to zoo yesterday, we ___________ to the park. (go) 14. _________ you __________ (visit) your relatives last Spring Festival?

15. _________ he __________ (fly) a kite on Sunday? Yes, he __________. II.选择填空

( ) 1. She watered the flowers ________.

A tomorrow B sometimes C yesterday morning ( ) 2.What ____ Mike do last weekend ?

A do B does C did

( ) 3. I ___ my room last Sunday.

A cleaned B clean C am cleaning

( ) 4. I often help my mother _____ housework.

A does B did C do ( ) 5. _____ you _____ TV last night .

A Do, watch B Did, watch C Did, watched ( ) 6.---Did your father write an e-mail yesterday ? A Yes, he did. B Yes, he does C No, he don’t ( ) 7.They _____ on a trip in February ,2007.

A are going B going C went

( ) 8.We’re going to _____ mountains tomorrow .

A climb B climbed C climbing

( ) 9. ____ he ____ football two days ago?

A Does , play B Did , played C Did , play IV.根据句意,填上合适的单词。 1.-Where you go on your holiday? - I a park. 2.- did you do on your holiday? - I presents.

3.- did you go there?I I went plane. ( ) 10.----Good afternoon, Miss Lee. How does Mike feel?

-----He’s tired . He ____ a lot of work ______ .

A does , this morning B do , this morning C did , this morning


1. did, what, you, yesterday, do.


2.watch, John,did, TV, weekend, last.


3. went, I , to, by, park, a, bike


4. jumped, the, into, lake, he, and, the, to, swam, kite. _____________________________________________________________________

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