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Unit 1 作文

Dear Mr Li,

I am a student in Class 6, Grade 7. My name is Frank. I am 12 years old. I want to join the publicity center very much. I am good at drawing different kinds of (不同种类的)pictures on the blackboard and paper. My handwriting(书写) is very beautiful too. I am good with my teachers and classmates. I really want to do something important for (为了) our grade. Can I join it? Please call me at 13800138000.



Unit 2 作文

I have a very happy life.

In the morning, I always get up at 5:50. I get up early because I like reading books for 10 minutes before I have breakfast. After

breakfast, I usually walk to school. Class starts at 8 o’clock, and I have five classes in the morning. I like all classes because I want to learn different kinds of knowledge (知识). After lunch, I never waste (浪费) time. I get back to classroom to read English books. School ends(结束) at 5:30. When I get home, I have delicious dinner with my parents. After that, I usually do my homework for 1

hour. Finally, I take a shower and go to sleep.

What a good life!

Unit 4 作文

Dave’s Rules

There are many rules at Dave’s home. Dave can’t go out on

school nights, see friends on school days, or watch TV in the evening. Every morning, He must help his mom make breakfast. He has to do his homework after school and practice the guitar before dinner. Every Saturday, he has to clean his room. He knows that parents make rules to help him, so he follows the rules.

Unit 6 作文

It’s 4 p.m. now. Different students are doing different activities in our school. Some students in primary school are playing basketball. Some are reading books. Others are going home. Students of Grade 7 are practicing running. Students of Grade 8 are having class.

Students of Grade 9 are taking an exam. Students in high school are doing self study. They are all focus on their own business.

Unit 10 作文

Frank’s Noodle House

Would you like to eat some delicious noodles? There are different kinds of noodles in our Frank’s Noodle House. We have mutton, broccoli (西兰花) and potato noodles. We also have beef, tomato and pea (豌豆) noodles. Would you like a big bowl for 16 yuan or a small one for 10 yuan? We have more delicious meat and vegetable noodles, so come and taste them in our house. On weekends, we have some great specials. The big bowls are only 12 yuan. Welcome to our fantastic (极好的)Frank’s Noodle House!

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