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2014-2015学年六年级下牛津英语期中模拟卷 鹏程101辅导学校

一、 请你写出下列英语的汉语意思(12分) 姓名 成绩

north south-east Thailand capital January travel dumpling toothache magic trousers playground double-decker

二、 读一读,根据中文的意思选择适当的英语句子(18分)

1、 想告诉他人,太原是在北京的西南面,应该说:

A.It is south-east of Beijing. B.Taiyuan is south-west of Beijing

C.Beijing is south-west of Taiyuan


A.How long does it take to travel from Taiyuan to Beijing by train?

B.How far is it from Taiyuan to Beijing ?

C.How can we travel from Taiyuan to Beijing?


A.How long does it take to travel to Beijing by plane?

B.How far is it from Nanjing to Beijing ?

C.How long does it take to travel from Nanjing to Beijing by train?


A.There are about 8million people in Bangkok.

B.There are more than 8 million people in Bangkok.


C.There are 8million people in Bangkok.


A.You can find a lot of tall buildings in Beijing.

B.There are many museums in Beijing.

C.There are many palaces in Beijing.


A.He likes travelling to Beijing by plane.

B.It takes about one hour to travel to Beijing by plane.

C.I enjoy travelling to Beijing by plane.


1.Taiyuan is of Beijing.

A.south B.north-east C.south-west

2. does it take to travel from Taiyuan to Beijing?

A.How far B.How many C.How long 鹏程101辅导学校

3. are we going to Taiyuan this Sunday? -At eight in the morning.

A.How B.Where C.What time

4.Which festival is June? -Children’s day.

A.in B.on C.at

5.I don’t like sweet rice dumpings beans because they are sweet.

A.with so B.with too C.without to

6.What can you ,Kitty? -I can swim.

A.like B.Doing C.do


7.Can you puzzles with me ? Yes,I can.

A.enjoy B.do C.have

8.Sally is a baby , and she is only centimeters .

A.tall B.high C.taller 鹏程101辅导学校

9.In summer , many students like in the library. Because it is .

A.studying air-conditioned B.studies air-conditioned

C.study air-conditioned

10.What will our city in ten years’time? I think it will be beautiful.

A.like many B.be more C.be like more


1.go on a picnic A.做一架模型飞机

2.play the piano B.擅长于踢足球

3do morning exercise C.进行一次野餐

4.make a model plane D.弹钢琴

5.be good at playing football E.一些人

6.make sike people better F.他们中的大多数

7.all of them G.使病人更好

8.most of them H.他们中的所有人

9.some people I.做早操


1、We are going to visit some big (city)in Asia.

2、It is about 1400 (kilometre)from Shanghai to Beijing.


3、I (live)in Taiyuan for five years.

4、What are you (doing).

5、Peter (buy)a new T-shirt last week.

六、想一想,回答下面的问题(8分) 鹏程101辅导学校

1、What are you good at? .

2、What are you poor at? .

3、Who is your best friend ? .

4、What’s your favourate subject? .


1.shool 2.box 3.child 4.foot

5.baby 6.scarf 7.map 8.library

9.dish 10.mouth 11.leaf 12.sandwich

13.bus 14.traffic light


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