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( ) 1. A. sprout B. plant C. plane ( ) 2. A. take B. make C. cake ( ) 3. A. week B. come C. have ( ) 4. A. magazine B. dictionary C. story-book ( ) 5. A. side B. kite C. seed 二、听录音,判断正(T)误(F)(5分) ( ) 1.Zhang Peng goes to school by bike. ( ) 2.The post office is in front of the cinema. ( ) 3.Chen Jie is going to the cinema this evening. ( ) 4. Amy like collecting stamps. ( ) 5.Her mother is a math teacher. 三、听录音,选择正确答案(10分)

( ) 1. Wu Yifan can take the NO bus to the zoo. A. 15 B.5 C.17 ( A. car B. shoe C. air-conditioner ( ) 3. First, we A. put the seeds in the soil.

B. put the pot in the sun. C. put the plant in the soil.

( ) 4. Her home is A. north B. south C. east ( ) 5. Sarah swimming on Sunday.

A. doesn’t go B. goes C. likes



( ) 1. A. tomorrow B. tonight C. today D. this ( ) 2. A. rain B. become C. vapour D. cloud ( ) 3. A. he B. I C. my D. it ( ) 4. A. singer B. worker C. watch D. driver ( ) 5. A. hospital B. cinema C. bookstore D. subway 二、按要求写单词(10分)

1、交通灯(英文 2、know(同音词3、here(反义词 4、dive(现在分词5、teach(三单 6、actor(对应词7、到达(英文 8、write(职业名词9、play(三单 10、foot(复数三、单项选择(15分)

( ) 1. I usually go to school foot.

A. by B. on C. in ( ) 2. , Where is the post office?

A. Excuse me B. sorry C. Thanks ( ) 3. Is it far A. for B. to C. from

( ) 4. If you want to buy a comic book, you can go to the .

A. hospital B. bookstore C. cinema ( ) 5. Does your father

A. watches B. watch C. watching ( ) 6. She cleans streets. She is a .

A. cleaner B. doctor C. dancer ( A. vapour B. clouds C. stream ( ) 8. —are you going?

—This afternoon.

A. When B. What C.Where

( ) 9. —Do you live in Shanghai?

— .

A. Yes, I don’t B. Yes, I do C. No, I do

( ) 10. In China, drivers drive on the side of the road.

A. left B. right C. two 四、连词成句(10分) 1. left, the, at, library, then (.)

2. you, what, do, then, should (?)

3. mother, where, your, does, work (?)

4. I, visit, this, going, my, am, grandparents, weekend, to (.) 5. she, English, teach, does (?)



( ) 1. Thank you very much. A. I’m going to the cinema.

( ) 2. Is there a cinema near here? B. The sun shines and the water becomes vopour. ( ) 3. How do you plant a tree? C. Yes, there is. ( ) 4. What are you going to do? D. You are welcome. ( ) 5. How can the water become vapour? E. First, dig the soil.


就划线部分提问) 2. I usually go to school by bus. (把主语换成He)

就划线部分提问) 4. My pen pal lives in Australia. (变一般疑问问) 5. He likes collecting stamps. (变否定句)


Hello, Everyone! I’m Li Jing. My father is a baseball player. He is tall and strong. He often helps people in trouble(遇到困难). He likes fishing and reading books. My mom is an artist. She is very beautiful. She likes music and she dances well. She often goes abroad by plane. I’m a student. I like playing the violin and reading books. In the evening, my father often reads newspapers. My mother often plays the piano and I do my homework in the study. We go to bed at about ten. On the weekends, we often go to the park.

( ) 1. —What does Li Jing’s father do?

— .

A. He’s a teacher. B. He is a baseball player. C. He is an artist. ( ) 2. Li Jing likes .

A. fishing B. playing the piano. C. playing the violin. ( ) 3. —When do they go to bed?

— .

A. At 9:00 B. At about 10:00 C. At 10:30 ( ) 4. —What do they do on the weekends?

— .

A. They go to the park. B. They go to the zoo. C. They read books. ( ) 5. Li Jing has a family.

A. sad B. happy C. big

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