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第二讲 情态动词


三、例题1. 选择题 题目:My pain apparent the moment I walked into the room, for the first man I met _____ asked

sympathetically:” Are you feeling all right?”

A. must be B. had been C. must have D. had to be


选题意图(对应知识点):情态动词+have done 的用法及含义

解题思路:此句表过去时,对过去发生事情的肯定推测,故用must have done


例题2. 选择题

题目:Mary_____ my letter; otherwise she would have replied before now.

A. couldn’t have received B. ought to have received

C. has received D. shouldn’t have received


选题意图(对应知识点):情态动词+have done 的用法及含义

解题思路:此题也表对过去的推测 解法与答案:Mary不可能收到我的来信了,不然他早就给我回信了。选A

例题3. 选择题

题目:______ you continue your effort and succeed!

A. must B. can C. should D. may





例题4. 选择题

题目:— What does the sign over there read?

—No person________ smoke or carry a lighted cigarette, cigar or pipe in this area.

A. will B. may C. shall D. must



解题思路:shall用于第二、三人称中表示“命令、允许、警告”,此处表示“警告”。 解法与答案:C

例题5. 选择题

题目:You ______ washed so many clothes, we’ll have a washing machine tomorrow.

A. must have B. needn’t

C. needn’t have D. couldn’t have


选题意图:考查needn’t+have done 用法

解题思路:needn’t have washed 表示本不必洗,暗含此动作多此一举的意思。

解法与答案: C

课堂训练题 选择题

1. I ____like to make a suggestion. (A类)

A) could B) would C) must D) might

解析:would like to 想要做…, 故选B

2. As it turned out to be a small house party, we ______so formally. (B类)

A. needn’t dress up B. did not need have dressed up

C. did not need dress up D. needn’t have dressed up


3. You____ the cleaning! I will do it for you.(B类)

A) needn't have done B) shouldn't have done

C) must not have done D) can not have done


4. I can't find the recorder in the room. It ____ by somebody.(B类)

A) may have been taken away B) may leave

C) may take away D) must have been taken away

解析:对过去发生事情的肯定推测 must have done,“一定是被某人拿走了”。故选A 5. ___ you continue in your efforts and achieve new and greater successes.(C类)

A) Would B) Will C) May D) Should




1. You____ all those clothes! We have a washing machine to do that sort of thing

A) needn't have washed B) shouldn't have washed

C) must not have washed D) can not have washed

2. John's score on the test is the highest in the class; he____ last night.

A) should study B) should have studied

C) must have studied D) must have to study

3. The room is in a terrible mess; it ____cleaned. (CET-4)

A) can't have been B) shouldn't have been

C) mustn't have been D) wouldn't have been

4. Nobody knows how people first came to these islands. They ____ from South America on rafts.

A) must have sailed B) can sail

C) might have sailed D) should have sailed

5.Mary was not in her bedroom yesterday afternoon. She ____ in her classroom.

A) should have been B) must have been

C) must be D) should be

6.Bob said he was going to join our club but he didn't. He ____ his mind.

A) can't have changed B) wouldn't have changed

C) must have changed D) shouldn't have changed

7.You____ to town to see the film yesterday. It will be on TV tonight.

A) needn't go B) had better not go

C) should not go D) needn't have gone

8.We____ the letter yesterday, but it didn't arrive.

A) must receive B) ought to receive

C) must have received D) ought to have received

9. With all the work on hand, he____ to the cinema last night.

A) mustn't go B) shouldn't have gone

C) could not go D) couldn't have gone

10. Eve was late for class again. She ____earlier.

A) should get up B) must get up

C) need to get up D) should have got up

11.I am feeling sick. I____ so much chocolate.

A) needn't have eaten B) couldn't have eaten

C) mustn't have eaten D) shouldn't have eaten

12. Walking alone in the deserted village, John was scared. He thought he____ Tom to go with him.

A) might have asked B) should asked

C) must have asked D) should have asked

13. When I got to the cinema, the film had already started; I____ there earlier.

A) ought to get B) ought to have got

C) must have got D) must get

14. The road was muddy. It___last night.

A) must rained B) must have rained

C) must be rained D) could have rained

15. I know things are hard with you, but you ____try to get over the difficulties.

A) can B) may C) must D) ought

16.You should bear in mind that he is not so strong as he____.

A) was used to be B) used to be

C) was used to D) use to

17.---We didn't see him at the exhibition yesterday.

---He ______ it.

A) mustn’t visit B) can't have visited

C) should have gone to see D) may see

18. Mary ____my letter, otherwise she would have replied before now.

A) should have received B) has received

C) couldn't have received D) ought to have received

19. I ____ you a valuable present for your birthday, but I was short of money.

A) would have liked to give B) liked to give

C) have liked to give D) would like to give

20.“Where ____ my umbrella?”

“Somebody ____ it away by mistake.”

A) is, must have taken B) is, must take

C) have been, must take D) is, takes

21.___ you continue in your efforts and achieve new and greater successes.

A) Would B) Will C) May D) Should

22. We ought to help each other in our work, ____?

A) oughtn't we B) should we C) shouldn't we D) ought to we

23. Tom ____ better than to ask Dick for help.

A) shall know B) shouldn't know C) has known D) should have known

24.You ____ your tooth pulled out before it rot completely.

A) had better got B) had to get better

C) had better to get D) had better get

25. When we got to the cinema, the film hasn't started yet, so we ____.

A) needn't hurry B) didn't need hurry

C) needn't to hurry D) needn't have hurried

26.As he had heart attack, he was told that he ____ continue the work.

A) needn't B) may not C) mustn't D) can't

27.I ____like to make a suggestion.

A) could B) would C) must D) might


1-5A C A C B 6-10 DDDDD 11-15 DDBBC 16-20 BCCA A 21-27 CCDDDCB

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