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第6讲 副词

1.Do you think the fish tastes____?—She cooked it .

A. good,good B. well,well C. well,good D. good,well

2. Jim is listening to the report ____.

A. careful B. carefully C. care D. careless

3. I got up ____ the day before yesterday.

A. later B. more lately C. lately D. late

4. Amy is always ____to others.

A. friend B. friendship C. friendly D. friends

5. The girl works hard ____ to pass the exam.

A. enough B. too C. still D. yet

6. Can I help you?

No, thanks. I’m ____ to carry the box myself.

A. busy enough B. strong enough C. enough strong D. enough busy

7. It was ______ late to catch a bus after the party,

so we took a taxi.

A. too very B. much too C. too much D. far

8. He speaks English ____ his aunt.

A. as good as B. as well as C. as better as D. as best as

9. He drives ____ than Tom.

A. more carefully B. more careful C. the most carefully D. the most careful

10. Which do you like ___, skating, swimming or fishing?

A. well B. good C. better D. best

1.----Can you hear me? ----No. Would you please speak________?

A. clear enough B. too clearly C. clearly enough D. enough clearly

2. She writes____than I.

A. more careful B. much careful

C. much more carefully D. much carefully

3.It was so dark that we _____see anything.

A. could hardly B. hardly couldC. could hardly not D. couldn’t hardly

4.Bob never does his homework _____ Mary. He makes lots of mistakes.

A. so careful as B. as carefully as

C. carefully as D. as careful as

5. Jane didn’t do____ in this exam results are ____than last year’s.

A. well, better B. bad, worse C. well, worse D. good, better

6.The night was very ___, so he had to take off his shoes ___.

A. quiet; quietly B. quite; quickly

C. late; quick D. quite; quietly

7. I got up ____ today.(lately/late).

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