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1. Poor Man!

Look at this man. What is he doing? He’s carrying a very big box. The box is full of(充满) big apples. He wants to put it on the back of his bike and take it home. Can he do that? No, I don’t think so. Why not? Because(因为) the box is too full(满) and too heavy(重). Look! What’s wrong? He drops the box. Poor man!


A. Read carefully and write “T” for True and “F” for False beside the statements.

( )1. The box is not very big.

( )2. The box is full of apples.

( )3. He puts the apples in the bag.

( )4. He can carry the box home.

B. Choose the best answer, A, B, C or D, to these questions.

( )1. What is the man doing? He is _________.

A. eating some apples B. carrying a box

C. riding a bike D. making a box

( )2. What’s in the box?

A. Some books. B. Some bikes.

C. Some apples. D. Some boxes.

( )3. Can he carry the box?

A. Yes, he can. B. Yes, he is.

C. No, he can’t. D. No, he isn’t.

( )4. Is the box full or empty?

A. Yes, it is. B. No, it isn’t.

C. It’s empty. D. It’s full.

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2. A new student

Kate is a new student. She is twelve. She is from America. She can speak English very well and she can speak a little Chinese. She is in Nanjing. Her parents are doctors. Kate is studying in a school near her home. She has classes from Monday to Friday. On Saturdays and Sundays, she often plays games with her Chinese friends. She loves China and her Chinese friends. Exercises:

A. Read carefully and write “T” for True and “F” for False beside the statements.

( )1. Kate’s hometown is in England.

( )2. Her father is not a doctor.

( )3. Her school is not far from her home.

( )4. There aren’t any lessons from Monday to Friday.

B. Choose the best answer, A, B, C or D, to these questions.

( )1. Kate is________.

A. a new student B. a Chinese girl

C. a doctor D. a driver

( )2. kate can _____________.

A. speak a lot of Chinese B. speak English well

C. speak a little Japanese D. speak little English

( )3. Kate often studies___________.

A. from Monday to Friday B. in Beijing

C. on Saturdays and Sundays D. at home

( )4. Her parents _____________.

A. are working in a school B. have classes on Mondays

C. often play games with Kate D. are doctors

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3. Can You Find Bob?

Hello, Betty. Please meet Bob at the station at nine o’clock tomorrow morning. Go to the big clock. Carry a green bag and wear a white hat. He’s not very tall but quite fat. He has short black hair and brown eyes. He also has glasses. He likes

wearing(穿) blue trousers and a red sweater. Can you find him, Betty?


A. Read carefully and write “T” for True and “F” for False beside the statements.

( )1. Betty wants to find Bob at the station.

( )2. Betty wears a green hat.

( )3. Bob is tall and fat.

( )4. bob likes red trousers.

B. Choose the best answer, A, B, C or D, to these questions.

( )1. What time will Betty and Bob meet?

A. At one o’clock. B. At nine o’clock tomorrow morning.

C. At the station. D. Near the big clock.

( )2. What colour are Bob’s eyes?

A. Red. B. Blue.

C. Green. D. Brown.

( )3. Betty carries ___________.

A. a bag B. some glasses

C. a white sweater D. some black trousers

( )4. Who likes wearing red sweaters?

A. Bob. B. Betty.

C. Yes, he is. D. No, he isn’t.

4. my room

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This is my room. Near the window there is a desk. I often do my homework at it. You can see some books, some flowers in a vase, a ruler and a pen. On the wall near the desk there is a picture of a cat. There is a clock above(在…上面) the end of (尽头,末尾)my bed. I usually put my football under my bed. Of

course(当然) there is a chair in front of the desk. I sit there and I can see the trees and roads(路) outside.


A. Read carefully and write “T” for True and “F” for False beside the statements.

( )1. There is a vase on the bed.

( )2. A cat is near the desk.

( )3. There is a clock above the bed.

( )4. I often do my homework in my room.

B. Choose the best answer, A, B, C or D, to these questions.

( )1. What can you see on my desk?

A. Some books. B. Some flowers.

C. A ruler and a pen. D. A, B and C.

( )2. Where is the picture? It’s _________.

A. on the desk B. on the wall

C. above the end of the bed D. under the bed

( )3. What’s under the bed?

A. A ruler. B. A football. C. A cat. D. A clock.

( )4. Are there any trees outside?

A. Yes, they are. B. Yes, there are.

C. No, they can’t. D. No, there aren’t.

5. The park

There is a new park near my house. It’s a fine day today. My family and I are in the park now. On my left, there is a cafe. On my right, there is a big lake.

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There are many fiowers and trees near the lake. There’s a small hill behind

thelake. Near the lake, there is a sign. It says,“Don’tswim in the lake!”There is a playground in the middle of the park. There are some small shops near the gate. The park is so beautiful. We like it very much.

Choose the best answer, A, B, C or D, to these questions.

( )1. The park near my house is _____.

A. new and beautiful B. old and beautiful

C. clean and new D. old and clean

( )2. Is there a cafe in the park? ______

A. Yes, there isn’t. B. No, there isn’t. C. Yes, there is.

D.No, there is.

( )3. Peopie can’t _______in the lake.

A. swim B. fish C. boat D.play

( )4. The shops in the park are4 not _______

A. small B. big C. good D.pretty

( )5. -Do we like the park? -________

A. Yes, we do. B.No,we do. C.Yes, you do. D. No,we don’t

阅读短文,判断下列句子是否符合短文内容,符合的打“T”,不符合的打“F” 6.

Hi, I am Susan. I am from the U.K.(英国). But now I’m studying(学习) in China. I’m going to do many things(事情) in the winter holiday. First, I’m going to finish my homework. Then I’m going to take a trip. I’m going to Beijing. It’s snowy in Beijing. There is white snow everywhere (到处). So I’m going to make a snowman. I can ski. My parents will come to China and go with me. We are going to fly there. We are going to have a nice trip.

( )1. Susan is from China .

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( )2. Now Susan is in England

( )3. There is white snow everywhere in China.

( )4. Susan is going to play with the snow in Beijing.

( )5. They are going to Beijing by plane


Jim lives in a city with his wife. He is a car designer(设计者). He works in a car company. It is not far from his home, so he goes to work on foot every day. His wife is a worker, she works in a factory. It’s far from her home, she goes to work by car. When she drives the car, she is very careful. When the light is red, she stops. When the light is yellow, she waits. She won’t go

until the light is green. She always says that we must obey the traffic rules.

( ) 1. Jim and his wife live in a city

( ) 2. Jim and his wife are workers.

( ) 3. Jim goes to work by car.

( ) 4. Jim’s wife goes to work by car.

( ) 5. We must obey (遵守)the traffic rules.


It was Saturday. I got up early. I sometimes stay in bed until lunch time. I looked out of the window. It was dark outside. “What a day!” I thought. “It’s raining again.” Just then, the telephone rang. It was my aunt Lisa. “Let’s go to the park,” she said.

“But I’m still having breakfast,” I said.

“Dear me,” she said. “Do you always get up so late? It’s one o’clock!”

1. ( ) The man gets up early on Saturdays.

2. ( ) It was a beautiful day last Saturday.

3. ( ) It was raining outside.

4. ( ) Lisa is his aunt’s name.

5. ( ) The man had breakfast then.

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My name is Lily. This is my house. There are five rooms in my house. This is my father and mother’s room.

There are three pictures on the wall. There is a desk near the window. There are two chairs behind the desk.

On the left of the room, there is a toilet. On the right, it’s my room. There are four pictures and a poster on the wall.

( )1. This is Lily’s house.

( )2. There are four rooms in the house.

( )3. There are three pictures in Lily’s room.

( )4. There are two chairs and a desk in father and mother’s room.

( )5. The toilet is on the left of my father and mother’s room.

10. Hi, I;m Wu Yi fan. aIm going to have a busy weekend! On Saturday, my father is going to buy some newspapers. My mother is going to go shopping . I’m going to visit my friend,Mike. On Sunday,my father is going to read a magazine. My mother is going to watch TV,I’m going to the boikstore . I’m going to buy some comic books. After that we are going to the cinema.

( ) 1. Wu Yifan’s father is going to buy a dictionary on Saturday.

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( ) 2. Hjis mother is going to go shopping on Sunday.

( ) 3. Wu Yifan is going to visit his friend on Sunday.

( ) 4. Hjis mother is going to watch TV on Saturday.

( ) 5. Wu Yifan is going to buy some comic books on Sunday.

11.I often get up at 6:00 in the morning. I have breakfast at 6:30. I usually go to school at 7:00. Our classes begin at 8:20 a.m.. I often have Chinese,Maths,English in the morning. I have lunch at 12:00. I have other three lessons in the afternoon. I’m very happy at school. At about 4:30 , I go home. I have dinner at 6:00 p.m.. I often watch TV at 7:00. I like “Animal World” very much. I go to bed at 8:30.


Most English people have three names: a first name, a middle name and the family name. Their family name comes last. For example, my full name is Jim Allan Green. Green is my family name .My parents gave me both of my other names.

People don’t use their middle names very much. So “John Henry Brown” is usually called “John Brown”. People never use Mr, Mrs

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or Miss before their first names. So you can say John Brown, or Mr Brown; but you should never say Mr John. They use Mr, Mrs or Miss with the family name but never with the first name.

Sometimes people ask me about my name. “When you were born, why did your parents call you Jim?” they ask.” Why did they choose that name?” The answer is they didn’t call Jim. They called me James. James was the name of my grandfather. In England, people usually call me Jim for short. That’s because it is shorter and easier than James.

1.Most English people have____ names.

A one B two C three D four

2. ____ is Jim’s family name.

A Jim B Green C Allan D James

3. English people use Mr, Mrs or Miss with ____ .

A the family name B the first name

C The middle name D the first name and the middle name

4. The teacher’s name is Mary Joan Shute. Her students call her ____.

A miss Mary B Miss Joan C Miss Mary Joan D Miss Shute

5. People usually call the writer Jim instead of James because _____.

A It’s the name of his grandfather B It’s easier for people call him C It’s the name that his parents chose for

him D It’s more difficult than James

13.On Christmas Eve ----- the night before Christmas Day children are very happy. They put their stockings at the end of their beds before they go to bed. They want Father Christmas to give them some presents.

Mr Green tells his children that Father Christmas is a very kind man. He comes on Christmas Eve. He lands on top of each house and comes down the chimney into the fireplace and

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brings them a lot of present.

Christmas Day always begins before breakfast. The children wake up very early. They can’t wait to open the presents in their stockings. Then they wake up their parents and call: Merry Christmas!’’

Do you know what Christmas means? Christmas Day is the

birthday of Jesus Christ. When Christ was born, many people gave him presents. So today, people still do the same thing to each other.

1. Christmas Eve is _____.

A the night before December 24 B the night after December 25 C.the night of December 25 D the night of December 24

2. Father Christmas often puts the presents_____.

A into children’s hats B into children’s stockings

C under children’s beds D into children’s shoes

3. Father Christmas comes into the house through the___.

A window B front door C chimney D back door

4. On the morning of Christmas Day, children wake up their parents very early and say____.

A Good morning! B Happy New Year!

C Best wishes for you! D Merry Christmas!

5. On Christmas Day, people often ____to each other.

A give money B ask for money C ask for presents D give presents


Mr.Pig and Mr.Cow

Mr. Cow: Hello, Mr. Pig. Why are you sad?

Mr. Pig: Everybody likes you, but nobody likes me.They always

say,“How nice the cow is!”

Mr. Cow: Yes. Maybe I give milk and cream.

Mr. Pig: I give more. Bacon(咸肉),pork(猪肉),ham(火腿)

and ……But they don’t like me,why?

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Mr. Cow: Maybe you’re too fat. You should do morning

exercises everyday.

Mr. Pig: Oh,no……

1. Mr. Pig is .

A. happy B. angry C: sad

2. The cow give us and cream.

A: milk B: grass C: pork

3. The pigs give us bacon, pork and .

A: cream B: milk C: ham

4. Mr. Pig can’t do everyday.

A: his homework B: morning exercises C: the washing

5. Mr. Pig is too .

A: big B: thin C: fat



Hello! I’m a word . I have three letters. My first letter is in

“soon” but

not in “room” , my second is in “rose” and also in “rise” , my

third is not

in “pencil” but in “paper”, my whole is a place where there is a

lot of water.

I am the twin sister of the word “see”. Who am I?


1.The word is a kind of animal. ( )

2.The first letter is “m”. ( )

3.The second letter is “e”.

4.The third letter is “ r”.


1. The word is a place where there is a lot of .

A: water B: tea C: milk

2. How many letters are in this word?

A: One. B: Two. C: Three.

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3.What’s this word? It’s “ ”.

A: rose B:sea C: see D: glass

4.Is the second letter in “rose”or in “snow”? .

A: Yes,it is. B: No,it isn’t. C: It’s in “rose”. D: It’s in


16. An Old Woman and a Boy

An old woman wants to go to New York to see her son. She

gets up

early and gets to the station at nine o”clock in the

morning .When does the

train come and leave? She is very worried. She stops a boy and

asks him.

The boy looks at the woman and says,”tu: tu: tu: ”. The old


sits in a chair and thinks and thinks. Then she says,”Oh, I see.” 选择填空(6%):

1. The woman gets to the station at in the morning.

2. The train comes at in the afternoon.

3. The train leaves at in the afternoon.

A: 1:58 B: 9:00 C: 2:02

17. A Foolish Dog

A dog has large piece of meat in his mouth. When he is walking on a small bridge, he looks down and sees himself in the water. He thinks it is another dog. That dog has also a large piece of meat in his mouth. He says to himself, “I want to get his meat. Then I can have two pieces of meat.” He opens his mouth to bark the dog in the water ,and his meat falls into water.


1.The dog has a small piece of meat. ( )

2.He wants to get two pieces of meat. ( )

3.He finds another dog in the water. ( )

4.The dog is standing on the grass. ( )

5.He has no meat at last. ( )

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18.A Barking Dog

Dad: My dear, let’s go out for a walk.

Son: Great. ( On their way, a dog is barking nearby.)

Son: Oh, help! A dog is over there.

Dad: Don’t be afraid, Tom. Don’t you know the proverb(谚语)”A

barking(咆哮的) dog does not bite?”

Son: Yes. I know the proverb ,you know the proverb, but the

dog know the proverb?


1. What did the son see?

2. Is the father afraid of the dog?

3. Does the dog know the proverb?

4. What’s the proverb in Chinese?

19.To Catch the Moon

Little Sam: Look ,Dad. There is a moon in the river. How bright it is!

Dad: Yes. It’s beautiful .

Little Sam: Give me a pail, and I will catch the moon.

Dad: Oh, no. The moon is in the sky . Look! The river is like

a big mirror. That is why you can see moon in it.

Little Sam: I see.


1. What can Sam see in the river?

2. Can he catch the moon?

3. Why can’t Sam catch the moon in the river?

20.Tom, Sam, Jim and Jack

Tom, Sam, Jim and Jack live in a building of four floors. They live on different floors. They have different jobs—an engineer, a worker, a teacher and a doctor. Tom lives above Sam, but blow Jim. Jack lives on the third floor. The doctor lives

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above the teacher, but below the worker. The engineer lives on the ground floor. What are their jobs? Which floor does each of them live on?


1. What does Sam do ?

2. Which floor does Jim live on?

3. What does Jack do ?

4. Which floor does Tom live on?

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