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1. Junk food is not good for our h________ .

2. Yao Ming is one of the best basketball p_______ in the world.

3. My teacher is very a_________ with me because I'm late again.

4. What's the m______ with you, madam?

5. You don't look well. How about s________ at home this morning?

6. I want to cook something d__________ for my parents.

7. I always wash the d_______ after supper.

8. Do you want a______ cake? Yes, please. I usually eat a lot when I am hungry.

9. Jim is b______ than Tom at English.

10. There a______ two apples and a banana on the table.


( ) 11. My mother is a worker, but she wants to be _____ engineer.

A. a B. an C. the D. /

( ) 12. Danny cleans his room _____ Saturday afternoon.

A. in B. on C. at D. about

( ) 13.Gina is looking for her CDs, but she can't find them _______.

A. somewhere B. everywhere C. anywhere D. nowhere

( ) 14. Allan cut the big birthday cake _____ small pieces.

A. as B. to C. in D. into

( ) 15.-- ______ do you eat peas? ---Twice a month.

A. How often B. How long C. How far D. How much

( ) 16. Mike is ______ in my class.

A. the oldest B. oldest C. older D. the older

( ) 17.-When did you _______the book to the library? -Yesterday afternoon.

A. borrow B. lend C. give D. return

( ) 18.My hobby is ______all kinds of coins. And now I have about 200 coins.

A. to collect B. collecting C. to pick up D. picking up

( ) 19. Do you like _______ Talk Show on TV?

A. reading B. looking C. watching D. taking

( ) 20.I don't like snakes but my sister like _____ very much.

A. they B. them C. it D. that

( ) 21.He is too old to ________ the name of that book.

A. pick up B. think of C. come up D. fill in

( ) 22. ---When do you _______ Beijing? I'll pick you up at the airport.

---On February 15.

A. get B. arrive in C. arrive at D. reach to

( ) 23.How many ______ do you need?

A. pairs of socks B. pair of socks C. pair of sock D. pairs of sock

( ) 24.There _______ two boys and one man waiting at the bus stop.

A. have B. has C. is D. are

( ) 25. --How long ____it ___to go there by train? --For about three hours.

A. do, take B. does, take C. does, spend D. does, play

( ) 26. My hair is longer than _____.

A. she B. her C. hers D. she is

( ) 27. ---What would you like ______? ---Coffee, please.

A. to drink B. drinking C. to eat D. eating

( ) 28. ___________ shirts are quite different. They are in different colors.

A. Tom's and Ben's B. Tom and Ben's

C. Tom's and Ben D. Tom and Ben

( ) 29. We can't go there by plane. They can't, ______.

A. too B. either C. also D. neither

( ) 30.Do you know where ______ from?

A. he come B. did he come C. he comes D. does he came Ⅲ完形填空

Football is, I think, the most popular game in England. One must go to one of the big to watch for one side or the To a stranger(陌生人), one of the most surprising things about football is that even the shouting boy knows it. He can tell you the names of the most of the important teams. He has of them and knows the results(结果)of many matches. He will tell you who he will win the match, and grow up, but others .

( )31.A.cities B. matches C. teams D. buildings

( )32.A.waiting B. looking C. asking D. shouting

( )33.A.other B. same C. team D. player

( )34.A.China B. Canada C. England D. the USA

( )35.A. a little B. little C. many D. A lot

( )36.A. players B. cities C. countries D. matches

( )37. A. maps B. pictures C. clothes D. balls

( )38. A. says B. asks C. plays D. hopes

( )39.A. all B. both C. some D. no

( )40.A.do B. don’t C. are D. aren’t



For our holidays we went to Arizona(亚利桑那)in the USA. It was sunny. We walked in the hills. We did some boating and we did some horse-riding. It was a great holiday, but it was too short.

The food was fine. There was a lot of meat at every meal. We didn’t eat it all. There was too much meat and not enough fish. There wasn’t any fruit. There were cakes for supper every evening.

We went on a river trip one day. That was great. We want to go again but there's not enough time.

( ) 41. The weather in Arizona was___________ when we were on holiday there.

A. snowy B. sunny C. humid D. wet

( ) 42 We went to ____________ for the trip.

A. Canada B. Australia C. America D. Sydney

( ) 43. Which sentence is right? _________.

A. The food was awful so they didn’t eat it all.

B. There was a lot of food but they didn’t have any fruit.

C. They had fish for dinner every evening.

D. They had nothing to eat.

( ) 44. The trip was ___________. We had fun.

A. boring B. pretty good C. not bad D. terrible

( ) 45.Did they enjoy their vacation? ____________.

A. Yes, they did. B. No, they didn’t. C. We don’t know. D. Yes, they do.


Sleep is important for us. We are busy with our work or study in the daytime. So we need to have a rest at night. Sleep is the best way to rebuild ourselves. It's necessary for everyone to get enough sleep during the night. For the young, sleep means more than rest. It is a way to grow. If we can not get to sleep for a long time, we will fall ill or even die.

We need to sleep 8--10 hours every day. sleep for a short time. Many people fall into a habit of staying up late into night. It's very bad for our health. If you take a nap at noon, you'll feel much better and do your work better in the afternoon.

Remember, good sleep makes you fit and happy. So, just have a sound sleep at night.

( ) 46. Who need to get enough sleep during the night?

A. Only old people. B. Only young people.

C. Everyone. D. Some of us.

( )47. Why is sleep important?

A. Sleep is the best way to rebuild ourselves.

B. The more we sleep, the healthier we are.

C. We need to sleep more than 10 hours every day.

D. If we sleep more, we can work less.

( ) 48. If we get enough sleep, we may feel________.

A. tired and sleepy. B. fit and happy

C. tired and angry D. sleepy and hungry

( ) 49. What does "nap" mean?

A. 熬夜 B.坏习惯 C. 困倦的 D.打盹儿

( ) 50. 翻译文中划线的句子。

_________________________________________________________________________ Ⅴ情境交际:

A: Peter, you look unhappy. (51)________________________

B: My mother's birthday is coming. I don't know what I can give her as a gift.

A: (52)__________________________________

B: My mother never wears runners.

A: (53)__________________________________

B: She likes taking photos.

A: Then you can send her a camera.

B: (54)______________________________ I don't have much money.

A: (55)______________________________

B: That's a good idea. I can make a birthday cake for her.


Tom经常如何过周末?请你阅读下面的表格, 根据Tom所做的事情以第三人称写一篇60词左右的


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