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四年级英语 (2)

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1.Copy the following sentence(在四线三格中正确抄写句子) 6分

on chinese new year’s eve families have a big dinner together

2.Read and write(根据例词写同类词)10分

3.Read and judge(辨别划线部分发音是否相同,相同的用T表示,不相同的用F表示)6分 ( ) ( ) ( ) ( ) ( ) ( )

4.Read and choose(选择最合适的答案,将字母代号写在括号里)16分

( )1. ____is the first day of a week.

A.Sunday B.Monday C.Saturday

( )2.He is helping _____.

A.she B. I C.me

( )3.In _____autumn,boys like to play ______football in the park.

A./,the B./,/ C.the,the

( )4.I often go to the park with my family______weekends.

A.on B.in C.at

( )5.What is the bird doing?It’s ______.

A.singing B.sing C.eat

( )6.David is blind,but he can ______.

A.see B.look at me C.feel

( )7.We eat ______at the Mid-autumn Festival.

A.mooncakes B.dumplings C.noodles

( )8.______is it?Half past six.

A.What B.What time C.How

5.Rewrite the sentences(根据要求写句子)12分

(1.)I’ve got some bread in the bag.(改成一般疑问句)

(2.)Peter can run fast in the park.(改成现在进行时)


(4.)Please open the door.(改成否定句)



6.Read and choose(根据情境选择句子,完成对话)8分

A.Look,is that your pencil case?

B.They are my books.

C.Are they your books,Peter?

D.Your bedroom is too dirty.

E.Where is it?

Mum:Whose thin books are these?(1)______

Peter:Yes,they are.Mum,I can’t find my pencil case.(2)_______

Mum:Is it on your desk?

Peter:No,it isn’t.

Mum: (3)_______It’s under your desk?

Peter:Yes,the old one is mine.

Mum: (4)_______Please keep your tidy,Peter.


7.Read and write(用所给词的适当形式填空)8分

(1).__________(be) there any orange juice in the bottle?

(2).Can we _________(walk) on the grass?No,you can’t.

(3).How many toys _______(have) your brother got?

(4)What are you_________(do) now?We____________(watch) TV.

(5)Look,there is _________(a) old teacher in the office.He_______(write).

(6)Bob,_____________(not run) in the classroom.

8.Read and choose(阅读短文,选择最合适的答案,将字母代号写在括号内)10分

This is our school library.It’s a busy place.It’s open from 8:30 to 11:30 in the morning and from 2:30 to 4:30 in the afternoon.

Our school library isn’t very big.Only three assistants work there.In the library we can find all kinds of books.But few of them are English.We often come here and borrow or return books after class.

When we borrow books,we must obey the library rules.We can borrow only one book at a time and keep it for two weeks.If we can’t finish it in time,we may come and renew it.There is a reading room in the library.It’s bright and clean.We can read magazines and newspapaers there,but we can’t take any of them out.

( )1.The school library closes at _________very afternoon.

A.11:30 B.2:30 C.4:30

( )2.The library is open about _________hours a day.

A.two B.four C.five

( )3.The student can keep the books for ________.

A. two weeks B.about a week C.two days

( )4.Is the reading room clean and bright?_______.

A. No,it’s clean and bright.

B. Yes, it’s clean and bright.

C. It’s clean and bright..

( )5.How many books can a student borrow at a time?_______.

A.One B.Two C.Three

9.Read and judge(阅读短文,判断句子,相符的用T表示,不相符的用F表示)10分

There is a big old tree near my house.A black bird lives in the tree.Every morning I take some food to the tree.The bird sees me and comes down.The food is in my hand.The bird comes to my hand and eats the food.After that it goes back to the tree.

I give some food to this bird every day.And so the bird knows me.I like the bird and the bird likes me ,too.We are good friends.

( )1.The tree near my house is young.

( )2.I like the bird but the bird doesn’t like me.

( )3.Every day I give the bird some food.

( )4.The bird comes to my home and eats the food.

( )5.The bird is my good friend.

10.Think and write(将题目补充完整,并写一段话。要求:至少五句话;三种不同的句型;至少30个单词)10分+2分整洁分

My favourite ____________(fruit,sport,pet,room)

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