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play________ run__________ swim _________make__________ sit ________ begin________ shop___________go_________ like________ write________ _ski___________ get_________

read________ have_________ sing ________ dance_________ come ________ stop_________

put_________ see________ buy _________ love____________ live_______ take_________


1.The boy __________________ ( draw)a picture now.

2. Listen .Some girls _______________ ( sing)in the classroom .

3. My mother _________________ ( cook )some nice food now.

4. What _____ you ______ ( do ) now? 5. Look . They _______________( have) an English lesson .

6.They ____________(not ,water) the flowers now.

7.Look! the girls ________________(dance )in the classroom .

8.What is our granddaughter doing? She _________(listen ) to music.

9. It’s 5 o’clock now. We _____________(have)supper now

10.______Helen____________(wash )clothes? Yes ,she is .


1. They are doing housework .(分别改成一般疑问句和否定句)

2.The students are cleaning the classroom . ( 改一般疑问句并作肯定和否定回答)

3.I’m playing the football in the playground .(对划线部分进行提问)

4.Tom is reading books in his study . (对划线部分进行提问)


1. 我打算明天和朋友去野炊。

I_____ _______ _________ have a picnic with my friends. I ________ have a picnic with my friends.

2. 下个星期一你打算去干嘛? 我想去打篮球。

What ________ ________ ______ ______ ______ next Monday? I _______ ______ _____ play basketball.

What _________ you do next Monday? I ________ play basketball.

3. 你妈妈这个周末去购物吗?是,她要去买一些水果。

_____ your mother _______ ________ go shopping this ___________?

Yes, she _________. She ______ ________ __________ buy some fruit.

4. 你们打算什么时候见面。

What time _______ you _________ __________ meet?

5. Nancy is going to go camping.(改否定)Nancy ________ going to go camping.

6. I’ll go and join them.(改否定)I _______ go ______ join them.

7. I’m going to get up at 6:30 tomorrow.(改一般疑问句)

________ _______ ________ to get up at 6:30 tomorrow?

8. We will meet at the bus stop at 10:30.(改一般疑问句)

_______ ________ meet at the bus stop at 10:30.

9. She is going to listen to music after school.(对划线部分提问)

________ _______ she ________ ________ _________ after school?

10. My father and mother are going to see a play the day after tomorrow.(同上)

_________ _________ going to see a play the day after tomorrow.


11. Today is a sunny day. We ___________________ (have) a picnic this afternoon.

12. My brother _______________ (go) to Shanghai next week.

13. Tom often ______________(go) to school on foot. But today is rain. He ______________ (go) to school by bike.

14. What do you usually do at weekends? I usually __________ (watch) TV and

____________(catch) insects?

15. It’s Friday today. What _____she _________ (do) this weekend? She ______________ (watch) TV and _____________ (catch) insects.

16. What ___________ (d0) you do last Sunday? I ____________ (pick) apples on a farm. What ______________ (do) next Sunday? I ______________ (milk) cows.

17. Mary ____________ (visit) her grandparents tomorrow.

18. Liu Tao ____________ (fly) kites in the playground yesterday.

19. David ______________ (give) a puppet show next Monday.

20. I ________________ (plan) for my study now.


sit swim read make run watch sing do ski clean jump come write type go study stop say cry wash 用进行时填空。1、 I ____ _____ (read ) English now. 2 、 He ______ _______ (go) to the park now.

3、 We ________ ________ (have ) an English class.

4、 What ________ they ______ (do ) ? They _______ ________ (sit) in the park.

5、 My mother __________ ________ (clean ) the room now.

一 、单选

1、 Look! He _____their mother do the housework.A. is helping B. are help C. is help D.is helping 2 、_____are the boys doing ? They are singing in the

room.A .Who B .How C.What D.Where

3、 Don’t talk here. My mother _____.A. is sleeping B .are sleeping C. sleeping D .sleep 4 、Danny ______. Don’t call him.A. is writeing B .is writing C.writing D .writes

5 、–When_____he_____back? – Sorry, I don’t know.

A. does,come B.are coming C.is come D.is coming答案:A C A B D

二 、填空

1、 It’s ten o’clock. My mother _____(lie)in bed. 2、 What____he _____(mend)?

3、 We _____(play)games now. 4、 What ____you____(do) these days?

5、 ____he ___(clean) the classroom? 6、 Who____(sing)in the next room?

7 、The girl____(like)wearing a sweater. Look! She ____(wear)a red sweater today.

答案:1 is lying 2 is mending 3 are playing 4 are doing 5 Is cleaning 6 is singing 7 likes ; is wearing 一、 单选 1 _____you ____a doctor when you grow up? A Will; going to be B Are; going to be C Are; / D Will; be 2 I don’t know if his uncle _____. I think he _____ if it doesn’t rain. A will come; comes B will come; will come C comes; comes D comes; will come 3 He will be back _____a few minutes. A with B for C on D in 4 What time _____we meet at the gate tomorrow? A will B shall C do D are 5 He will have a holiday as soon as he _____the work next week. A finishes B doesn’t finish C will finish D won’t finish 6 There _____some showers this afternoon. A will be B will have C is going to be D are going to have 7 It ____my brother’s birthday tomorrow. She _____a party. A is going to be; will have B will be; is having C will be; is going to have D will have; is going to be 8 Li Ming is 10 years old now, next year he _____11. A is B is going to be C will be D will to be 答案:1 B 2B 3 D 4 B 5A 6A 7 C 8 C 二、 填空 1 -“I need some paper.” - “I ____(bring)some for you.” 2____(be)you free tomorrow? 3 They _________(not leave) until you come back. 4 _____we_____(go) to the party together this afternoon? 5 They want to know when the meeting _____start. 6 I _____(go) with you if I have time. 7 Hurry up! Or we ______(be) late. 8What ____you _______(do) tomorrow afternoon? 9 Jenny ____ _____ (do) an experiment the day after tomorrow. 10 If she isn’t free tomorrow, she _______(not take) part in the party. 答案: 1 will bring 2 Are 3 won’t leave 4Shall go 5 will 6 will go 7 will be 8 are going to do 9 will do 10 won’t take 三、 There be结构的一般将来时易出错 例:There_________ a basketball match this afternoon. (B) A is going to be B is going to have C are going to be D are going to have 答案:A 解析:There be结构的一般将来时既要符合There be结构,又要符合一般将来时。有的同学认为have当“有”讲,所以选了B,但There be结构就不成立了,此句中is是be going to中的,是由后边的单数名词决定的. 四、 be going to结构中易丢掉to 例:I’m going _______(go) school by bike tomorrow. (C) A to will go B to go to C go to D to go 答案:B 解析:由tomorrow可知是一般将来时,be going to +动词原形,所以先确定用to go , 在B、 D当中选,而go to school 是固定词组,不能因为前边有一个to而省略,这是一个易错点,需要注意。

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