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六年级英语上册 期末测试试题(无答案) 新路径

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班级:______ 姓名:______ 得分:_____



( )1、A、boat B、coat C、goat ( )2、A、classroom B、classmate C、class

( )3、A、bathroom B、bedroom C、living room ( )4、A、teaching building B、teathers’ office C、Teachers’ Day ( )5、A、fairy B、angel C、witch

( )6、A、lantern B、pumpkin C、fireworks ( )7、A、meal B、tea C、meat ( )8、A、drink B、eat C、use

( )9、A、lettuce B、cabbage C、sweet potato ( )10、A、computer room B、music room C、art room


( )Put a candle in it.

( )Cut the holes for the eyes, nose and mouth..

( )Top a tangerine.

( )Make two small holes. Tie string to the tangerine.

( )Take out the middle.

三、听句子,判断正误,正确的“T”错误的写“F”。(10分) ( )1、This is a pumpkin.

( )2、The potato is not big.

( )3、He is cleaning the blackboard.

( )4、May I play the piano?

( )5、Who’s this?


( )1、A、他正在洗杯子。B、他正在洗餐具。

( )2、A、那是一个杰克灯。B、那不是一个杰克灯。

( )3、A、他们是谁?B、他们是什么?

( )4、A、厕所在第一楼。B、厕所在第三楼。

( )5、A、客厅在饭厅的对面。B、客厅在饭厅的旁边。


( )1、A、Water ,please. B、Bread, please.

( )2、A、Tingting is playing the piano. B、He is playing the piano. ( )3、A、Yes, it is. B、Yes, they are.

( )4、A、Merry Christmas! B、Happy New Year! ( )5、A、I’m in Class 1,Grade 6. B、I’m in class 1, grade 6.

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( )1、A、knee B、knife C 、kite

( )2、A、yellow B、coat C、paw

( )3、A、class B、game C、name

( )4、A、floor B、room C、fork

( )5、A、count B、mouse C、would


( )1、What ____ he doing?

A、is B、are C、am

( )2、Who are they?

A、They are bats. B、They are ghosts. C、These are ghosts.

( )3、How are you?

A、I’m fine. B、I’m nine. C、I’m Tingting.

( )4、What are you doing?__________

A、They are practicing English. B、I’m practicing English.

C、I’m practiceing English.

( )5、The toilet is ____ the third floor.

A、in B、on C、at

( )6 、What would you like____ drink?

A、to B、on C、for

( )7 、May I___________?

A、haveing a look B、having a look C、have a look

( )8 、Sit down, please._________

A、Thank you. B、Stand up. C、Yes, of course.

( )9 、Those are potatoes. ____ potatoes____ big.

A、Those , is B、Those ,are C、The ,are

( )10 、_____ a pretty Christmas card!

A、How B、What C、what


( )1、 A B C

( )2、I’m A B C

( )3、 A B C

( )4、 A B C

( )5、 A B C

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1、Let me show you around. A、They are roses.

2、What would you like to drink? B、Thank you.

3、Please sweep the floor. C、No problem.

4、What are these? D、It’s on September 1st.

5、When is your birthday? E、Milk,please.


1、do flowers you send usually what (?)

2、is study the bedroom the opposite (?)

3、tell please something me Mid-autumn Festival about (.)

4、class are in what you (?)

5、our third teachers’ office is on the floor (.)


Tomorrow is Wednesday. It’s New Year’s Day. Look at Sam’s classmates. Everyone is busy this morning. Sam’s good friend Peter is cleaning the blackboard. Sam’s sister, Mary is sweeping the floor. Mr. Black is Sam’s English teacher. He is cleaning the windows. And three boys are helping him. Five girls are setting the desks and chairs.

( )1、Today is ________ .

A、Wednesday B、Thursday C、Tuesday

( )2、Everyone in Sam’s class is _______ .

A、busy B、free C、sad

( )3、Mr. Black is Sam’s________ teacher.

A、PE B、English C、art

( )4、_________ is sweeping the floor.

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A、Peter B、Sam C、Mary

( )5、_________ boys are helping Mr. Black clean the windows.

A、Three B、Five C、Six

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