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一、 听音,选出你所听到的单词,把序号写在括号内。 12% ( )1. A. cake B. cook ( ) 2. A. table B. desk

( ) 3. A. doctor B. hot dog ( ) 4. A. coat B. skirt

( ) 5. A. sweet B. chocolate ( ) 6.A tomato B. potato 二、 听音, 把你所听到的句子,把序号圈出来。12%

1. A. Clean the table, please. B. Clean the chair, please.

2.A. Merry Christmas! B. Thank you.

3.A Put on B. Take off

4.A. I like rice. B. Rice is nice.

5.A What are these? B. What are yellow?

6.A.They are ants. B. They are flowers.

三、听音, 给句子标序号。 4%

( 2)1.Good morning, SuHai.

( 4) 2.What are these? They are ants.

( 1) 3.Look at the moon.

( 3) 4. What’s your father?


一、 圈出不同类的单词。10%

1. father nurse brother 2. big small bright

3. desk rice chair 4. tomato hot dog carrot

5. door bread cake


( )1、工人 A.doctor B. worker C. teacher

( )2、星星 A.sun B.moon C.star

( )3、汉堡 A.cake B.hamburger C.bread

( )4、米饭 A..juice B.rice C.nice

( )5、明亮的 A.right B.big C.bright

( )6、蚂蚁 A.ant B.chair C.sofa


毛衣 All right.

糖果 I t’s bright.

谢谢你 sweater

好的 I like rice.

它是明亮的 sweet

我喜欢米饭 Thank you.

四、 圈出划线词语的中文。5% 1.Have some rice(面包 米饭). 2.Have a pie (馅饼 香蕉).

3.Have some juice(牛奶 果汁)4.I like bread(蛋糕 面包).

5.This is a hamburger (汉堡 热狗) .

五、 从B栏中选出A栏相对应的英文选项

( )1、早上好,妈妈。 A. Put the pencil in the pencil-box. ( )2、你好,王兵。 B.These are my books.

( )3、这些是我的书。 C.Good morning, MUM.

( )4、把铅笔放在铅笔盒里. D.Have some rice, Mike.

( )5、吃些米饭吧,迈克。 E.Hello, WangBing.

六、 从B栏中选出A栏相对应的回答

( ) 1.Good afternoon. A. They are carrots.

( ) 2.Clean the desk, please. B. Merry Christmas!

( ) 3.What are those? C. She’s my sister.

( ) 4. Merry Christmas! D.All right.

( ) 5.Who’s she?. E. Good afternoon.

七、 选择,把所选答案的序号写在提前括号内。5%

( )1. The bell is _______ you.

A. for B to

( )2. What are those? They are _________.

A. ant B.ants

( )3. 当别人给你礼物时,你应该说__________.

A.Thank you. B. All right.

( )4. 当别人感到冷时,你可以对别人说________.

A..Put on your coat. B. Take off your coat.

( )5.当你想让别人擦窗户时,你可以说________.

A.Clean the door,please. B.Clean the window,please

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