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( )1、A、Canada B、Chinese C、English D、American

( )2、A、doing B、evening C、putting D、swimming

( )3、A、first B、three C、fifty D、twenty

( )4、A、month B、October C、November D、December

( )5、A、went B、did C、had D、send


( )1、A.near B.hear C.learn D.dear

( )2、A.kangaroo B.book C.choose D.bamboo

( )3、A.they B.thank C.there D.with

( )4、A.what B.white C.whose D.when

( )5、A.hour B.his C.here D.her


1、惊奇(翻译) 2、special(翻译)

3、笔友(翻译) 4、child(翻译)

5、address(复数) 6、same(反义词)

7、饭馆(翻译) 8、finish(第三人称单数形式)

9、竹子(复数) 10、thirsty(翻译)


( )1、I’m visiting Daming the summer.

A、in B、to C、for

( )2、Here are some stamps China you.

A、from, for B、from ,with C、in ,to ( )3、He is sending a letter Mary.

A、on B、to C、for

( )4、_How do you swim? _I swim every week.

A、long B、often C、many

( )5、Is it big small?

A、and B、to C、or

( )6、The snake is coming the box.

A、in of B、on of C、out of

( )7、I often read stories my little brother.

A、for B、to C、by

( )8、What do they like ?

A、do B、did C、doing

( )9、She can speak ,she is from .

A、China,Chinese B、Chinese, China C、England,English


( )10、It’s the 25 December.

A、in ,on B、on , in C、on , of


1、I to a library yesterday.( go ,went)

2、Can I write to ?( she ,her)

3、He often his mum .( helps ,help)

4、What did you do the weekend?( at ,in)

5、It’s fun learn English( on ,to)


( )1、What are you doing? A、 It’s fifty years old.

( )2、How old is your school? B、 I’ve got a desk. ( )3、Did you do sport? C、Yes, I can.

( )4、What have you got in your room? D、 I’m tidying my room. ( )5、What food do you love ? E、No, I didn’t.

( )6、Can you tell me about America festivals? F、 I love noodle. VII、句型转换(18分)

1、These stamps are from America. (对划线部分提问)

2、I have got a book about China.(变否定句并翻译)

3、child for hours a sleeps night a eight 。(连词成句)

4、The Great Wall is ten thousand li long. (对划线部分提问)

5、do tidy room you often your ? (连词成句)

6、it very is festival important a 。 (连词成句)


John is six years old. He can read and write well. But he can`t tell the time.

His mother,Mrs Brown teaches him many times, but he still can`t tell. He would say “breakfast time”,“lunch time” and “tea time” instead of (代替) saying eight

o`clock, twelve o`clock and four o`clock in the afternoon. His mother doesn`t know how to help him.

One day John`s aunt, Mary comes to see his mother. His mother tell her about that. His aunt says. “Let me help you. I think I can help him.”

When John comes home after school, Mary begins (开始) to teach him.. “Can you count,John ?” she asks him.

“Yes. One ,two three,four ?”John says.

“That`s fine. Now I put the long hand (钟表的长指针) on twelve and the th 2


hand on one -that is one o`clock. If I put the short hand on two, what is the time?’’

“Two o`clock.”

“Good. And on three?”

“Three o`clock.”

Then it is four o`clock in the afternoon, and John`s aunt asks him, “What time is

it now ,John?”

“Tea time, Aunt, and I am very hungry .” John looks at the clock and answers.

( ) 1. John `s mother can`t teach him to __________.

A. read B. write C. tell the time

( ) 2. When it`s twelve o`clock John says it`s __________.

A. Breakfast time B. Lunch time C. Tea time

( ) 3. The word “count” may mean (意思是) ____________.

A. 计算 B. 数数 C. 认为

( ) 4. The long hand is on twelve, and the short hand is on five. What`s the time?

A. It`s twelve B. It`s five C. It`s four

( ) 5. From the text (文章), we know _______.

A. John says teatime instead of four o`clock in the afternoon.

B. John has a nice watch (手表).

C. There is something wrong with John`s watch.


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