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一、Listen and draw.听录音,相符的画“”,不相符的画“”(10分) 100分)

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. ( ) ( ) ( ) ( ) ( )

6. ( ) ( ) ( ) ( ) ( )

二、Listen and circle.听录音,圈出合适的一项,(10分)

1. A:Can you see the(monkeys,kangaroos).

B:Yes,they a re(fighting,jumping).

2. A:Where are the pandas?

B:They are(under,in)the tree.

3. A:(Do,Can)you see any animals?

B:Yes.Here come two(elephants,ants).

4. A:(That,This)baby kangaroo is so(small,cute).


5. A:Wow! What a big(zoo,park)!

B:Yes.There is a(river,lake)in it.

三、Listen and write.听录音,把下列句子补充完整。(10分)

1.The duck is ________________.

2.The panda is ________________.

3.The elephants are ________________.

4.The monkeys are ________________.

5.The squirrels are ________________.


四、Read and write.写出所给单词的ing形式。(8分)

1.fly ________ 2.run ________3.write ________4.sleep ________

5.climb ________ 6.walk ______ 7.make ________8.swim ________

五、Put the letters in order and translate.把字母组成单词并写出汉语意思。(12分)

1.bmcil ___ _____ 2.rdkni ____ ____ 3.tgifh ____ ____

6.wlka ____ ____ 4.agkronao ___ _____ 5.wsnig ___ _____

六、Look and write.看图,写一写。(10分)

1.What is the tiger doing? It's ________.

2.Look! The monkeys are ________.

3.The elephant is ________.

4.The fish is ________.

5.What a re the l ions doing?

They are ________.


1.She can't ________a letter.

A.read B.reads C.reading

2.My father ________his car.

A.are cleaning B.is cleaning C.is clean

3.________you doing your homework,Ann?

A.Do B.Are C.Can

4.I can see ________elephant in the park.

A.an B.a C.two

5.What is the ________doing?

A.pig B.pigs C.dogs

6.—________What are the monkeys doing?

—________ are eating bananas.

A.they B.They C.It

7.The elephant is drinking water ________its trunk.

A.in B.use C.with

8.________a big nature park!

A.How B.What C.Where

9.Amy and Sarah ________doing their homework.

A.is B.are C.Are

10.—What is it doing? —________.

A.He's sleeping B.It is jumping C.She is running

八、Read and choose.读一读。选出与图画相符的一项。(5分)

1. A.They are climbing trees.

B.They are swimming.

2. A.She is cleaning the room.

B.She is washing clothes.

3. A.Lili is doing her homework.

B.Lili is having dinner.

4. A.She is watching TV.

B.She is sending an e-mail.

5. A.He is playing basketball.

B.He is playing football.

九、Read and match.读一读,连一连。(10分)

1.What do you see?

A.It's drinking water. B.They are sleeping. C.1 see three cows. D.No,I can't. E.It's black and white. 2.What a re they doing? 3.Can you see the donkeys? 4.What colour is it? 5.What is it doing?

十、Read and answer.阅读短文,回答问题。(15分)

It's busy at the Wangs' house.Mr. Wang is mending his bike.Mrs. Wang is writing a letter.Lucy is reading a book.Peter is doing some sports.

Even the dog is busy.It's running after(追赶)a cat.Poor(可怜的)cat!

The Wangs are busy,but they're having fun(乐趣).

1.What is Mr. Wang doing?

2.Is Mrs. Wang cleaning the room?

3.Is Lucy reading a book or doing some sports?

4.What is the dog doing?

5.How do they feel?

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