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Unit2 Where Is the Science Museum单元测试题



( )1. A. horse B. house C. hospital ( )2. A. shoe store B. bookstore C. bus stop ( )3. A. west B. east C. left ( )4. A. north B. south C. mouth ( )5. A. take B. make C. lake

二、听录音,选出你所听到的短语或句子。每小题听两遍。(5%) ( )1. A. by bus B. by train

( )2. A. turn left B. turn right

( )3. A. How can I get to the hospital?

B. How can I get to school?

C. How can I get to the bookstore?

( )4. A. It’s near the post office.

B. It’s next to the post office.

C. It’s east of the post office.

( )5. A. Is there a cinema near here?

B. Is there a library near here?

C. Is there a museum near here?



C. by subway C. go straight

( (

( ) 1 / 4


1. 2. 3.

( ) ( ) ( )

4. 5.

( ) ( )



( )1. A. east B. west C.ear D. north

( )2. A. museum B. post office C. music D. library

( )3. A. plane B. cinema C. bike D. bus

( )4. A. turn right B. go home C. turn left D. go straight

( )5.A.green light B. yellow light C. red light D. Christmas light


( )1. Where are you from, Amy ? _________.

A. I’m Amy. B. I’m ten. C. I’m from America.

( )2. Stop at the ______.

A. yellow light B. green light C. red light

( )3. The Science Museum is near the school ________the right.

A. on B. at C. in

( ) 4. Is there a cinema near your home? ________

A. Yes, there isn’t. B. Yes, there is. C. No, there is.

( ) 5. What does this sign mean? (这标志是什么意思?)

A. Turn right!

B. Don't turn right! C. Turn left! ( ) 6. If you want to buy some books, you can go to the ______.

A. book shop B. shoe shop C. post office

2 / 4

( ) 7. If you want to see a doctor, you can go to the ______.

A. hospital B. library C. cinema

( ) 8. Turn right ________ the school, then go ________.

A. of, straight B. at, straight C. in, straight

( ) 9. How do you go to school? I often go to school_____ foot.

A. by B. on C. in

( ) 10. Excuse me, where is the library? — It’s ________ the cinema.

A. next B. next to C. at

( ) 11. -Where is Shanghai? —It's in the ________ of China.

A. east B. south C. north

( )12.你想知道电影院在哪儿时,可以问:____________

A. Excuse me. Where is the cinema, please?

B. Excuse me. Where is the school, please?

C. Excuse me. Where is the post office, please?


1 2 3 4 5 6.


1. to , the, next, It’s, hospital .

2. to , get, I, How, cinema, the, can ?

3. on ,left, the, is, the bookstore .

九. 情景会话。(24%)

A) 看图,根据对话打“√”或“×”判断对错。(12%) Liu Yun is asking to a policeman.

Liu: Excuse me. Where is the ZhongBai Supermarket, please?

Policeman: It’s west of the hospital.

Liu: Is it far from here?

Policeman: Yes.

Liu: How can I get there?

Policeman: First, turn left and take the No.16 bus at the bus stop. Next, get off at the

hospital. Then, cross(穿过) the street. You’ll be in front of the post office.

3 / 4

Liu: Thank you.

Policeman: You’re welcome.

( ) 1 .The post office is next to the supermarket.

( ) 2 .The supermarket is west of the hospital.

( ) 3 .Liu Yun goes to the supermarket on foot.

( ) 4 .Liu Yun asks a policeman for help.

B) 根据所给情景,选出合适的句子将序号填在划线处,完成对话。(12%)

A. next B. I’m new here.

C. Thank you. D. Excuse me. E. Go straight. F. You’re welcome.

Amy: Excuse me. Where is the post office?

Mike: I'm sorry. ___________ You can ask the policeman.

Amy: Thank you all the same.

Amy: _________ Can you tell me the way to the post office? Policeman : __________ You can see the KFC.

Amy: And then?

Policeman : It's __________ to it.

Amy: Oh, I see.____ ______

Policeman: ___________

4 / 4

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