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五年级第一次学情反馈(Module1---5 )


( )1、Did you come back

A 、tomorrow B、yesterday C、next week

( )2、 did you come back? I came back yesterday.

A 、When B、Who C 、Where

( )3、Please the pencils.. A 、give to B、give out C 、give up ( )4、 water do you want? A、How much B、How many C、 How

( )5、Yesterday I bought ice-cream, but I it.

A、a droped B 、an dropped C、an droped

( ) 6、

A、How B、What C 、Where

( )7、This is cap. That cap is .

A 、my hers B、mine her C 、his my

( )8、 my mother yesterday.A 、and B、with C 、for

( ) 9、I’m sorry.

A 、You’re welcome. B、That’s great. C 、That’s ok.

( )10、 too many books on the desk.

A、 am B、is C、are


( )1、When did you come back? A 、Yes, they did.

( ) 2、Who went to Beijing? B 、It’s Sam’s.

( )3、Does Lingling like bananas ? C 、By bus.

( )4、What did you do at the weekend? D 、Daming and Sam.

( )5、Did they meet John? E、Half a kilo.

( )6,How did you go to the Great Wall? F、I went to LiaoCheng.

( )7、Are there enough pens? G、We came back last Sunday.

( )8、Whose sweater is this? H、Yes, there are.

( )9、How much milk do you want? I、Yes, she does.

( )10、Where did you go? J、We visited lots of places.


Daming: Lingling: What did you do at the weekend?



Daming: We went to the Big Ben and the London Eye.


Daming:It’s a big wheel.


Daming: You’ll see it next week. 四、 阅读理解选择正确答案(10分)

Lily likes English very much. She works hard(刻苦). She reads English every morning. She likes speaking English . She often listens to the radio. She watches TV only on Saturday evening. Does she like dancing? No, she doesn't. But she likes drawing(画画)and singing. Her parents likes her very much. And all the teachers and her friends like her , too. ( )1、 What does Lily do in the morning? A、She writes English. B、She reads English. C、She draws pictures. ( )2、 What does she often listen to? A、 English songs. B、 Chinese stories. C、 The radio. ( )3、 When does Mary watch TV? A In the morning. B、 On Saturday. C、 Every evening. ( )4、 What doesn't Lily like? A、Dancing. B、Singing. C、Drawing. ( )5、 Do her parents like her very much? A、 Yes, they do. B、 No, they don't. C、 I don't know. 五、单词拼写(20分)

1、 (盒) of milk. 2、果汁

3、I sent my teacher a (明信片) on Teacher’s Day.

4、轮状物 5、山

6、 (等待)for me.

7、Look!Lingling’s T-shirt is (干净的) .

8、Sam’s T-shirt is on the (绳子) .

9、How much (奶酪) do you want?



1、There is a desk. Look!Ms Smart bought lots of thigs. There are two apples 、six bananas 、three pears and a bottle of milk. Can you draw?

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